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Rite Aid has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 892 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 3th position out of 351 companies.


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My local 24 hour store is never open anymore

I am a big fan of this Rite Aid location on McGregor Street in Manchester New Hampshire, right next to our hospital Catholic medical center. However, they are supposed to be 24 hours and lately they seem to be closing early and saying its due to staffing. They usually have a security officer there, who is very nice and sometimes seems to even work in the store and theres another older security guard there at times overnight. There is also been quite a lot of traffic in the area and in the parking lot area surrounding the store from homeless people. Im not sure if this is why theyve been closing down in the evenings but recently I was at the store walked right up to the door and both security guard stopped me and said that they were closed. They recognize me know me Im a customer that regularly shops there. Im a nurse and I rely on it to be open.


Wrong dosage more than once...

Diabetic medication was dispersed twice with incorrect dose .. Corlanor heart medication also given with wring dose ... Definitely could be a dangerous outcome... Theybneed to be more careful while filling.. Also they always give me trouble With a coupon program my insurance participates with and tried to bill far to much money..


Dog in store

A customer brought his leashed dog into the store. Why is this allowed? I feel a dog sniffing at medical supplies is not sanitary, safe, or healthy. Perhaps a sign saying no animals except for worker dogs? Also, why is there no Longer a carpet at the entrance to absorb water, collect ice/dirt, and prevent falls? The floor looked awful today. Theres a build up of dirt and wax from the cleaners (according to the employee). A slip and fall about to happen..



I am visiting Pittsburgh to move my daughter into college. My 94 yr old mom was traveling with me and she suffers from arthritis. We were staying at the Marriott Hotel in the downtown area and she needed to have some arthritis strength Tylenol. It was approximately 9:35 pm and I searched for a drug store to get the medication. The only drug store that was open was Rite Aid located 100 Forbes Ave. I retrieved my vehicle from the hotel and arrived at Rite Aid at 9:54pm. It would have taken me no more than 2 mins to find The Tylenol and head to check out however the employee had already locked the door and refused to let me enter. I spoke to him through the glass and confirmed that the store was closing at 10:00. I held up my phone to share that the current time was now 9:55. I was still refused entry. There were also other patrons still in the store. I fully understand that stores have closing hours as I have several years experience in large retail settings. I have never refused a customer access to a store prior to the posted store close times. If given a choice, it is doubtful that I will return to any RIte Aid store if this is a condoned practice. Thank you. Sonya Nelson 904-735-****


Horrible and unprofessional service at pharmacy

The pharmacy at the Rite Aid located at 701 Governors Square in Bear, Delaware is TRASH. The workers are incompetent and the service is substandard. There is no service between 1:30-2:00. Has Rite Aid never heard of staggered lunch breaks? So a customer coming to retrieve a prescription on his/her lunch break receives no service because all of the pharmacy idiots are at lunch at same time. Then customers have to yell or bang on the window because its past 2:00 and they still havent reopened! Lets top that off with a brain dead cashier who needs help from another brain dead cashier and meanwhile there is an idle cash register that NO ONE bothers to use. Did I mention that there are 6 people behind me wondering whats going on? This branch should have closed down ages ago. But for the convenient location, I would have NOTHING to do them.. I purposely have my prescriptions filled for 90 days just to minimize the stress and aggravation to only 4 times a year. Rite Aid should just wave the white flag and surrender.


This is only regards the pharmacy and staff. After calling Rite-Aid Corporate, who could care that I even called, They still don't answer the phone after redialing opt #3 for over 47mins!!!!!!!

I have been calling for over 35 mins and no one answered the phone. This is how is always is trying to get through to any of your pharmacies in Antioch!!!


Prescriptions not being filled

3 days ago a dr sent prescriptions in to the pharmacy in Everett Pennsylvania hasnt been filled yet I called the pharmacy is closed do to no pharmacist this isnt the first time having trouble getting prescriptions its been that way for about 3 months or more


The pharmacy in the store is very flaky and I have to go through *** to get my prescriptions. I'm a heart patient and a cancer survivor. I cannot stand the way this store of yours makes me feel when

For months now, the store at Milwaukie Marketplace, in Milwaukie, Oregon 97222, has been seriously understaffed in their pharmacy, leaving me in a very stressful situation. Every month, I have to go through *** to get my medications. I am a heart patient and cancer survivor. My elderly mother, a 30 year customer there, finally changed to a different pharmacy because of all the stress. The manager, Tracy has become very rude to deal with over these issues. Please help us!


Can't get my medicine

I have a script from my heart doctor for veripamil 3 times a day. It has 1 refill on it. Good till2024. Doctor tried to put me on an extended release a few months ago. Riteaid called said insurance wouldn't pay. I said no problem I will stick to what I have. I called it in Thursday for a refill. My husband went to pick up today and she talked to me on the phone that I would have to get a script from my doctor again. Why? Now I have to go all weekend without my high blood pressure pills. That's not right. I have to call Monday but I'm so sick of this company anymore. And I know what will happen. I'll get the script and get a call they have to order it. Happens all the time with inhalers that I need. Believe I will go somewhere else not that you care.


Disclosure of my PHI

Updated by user Jul 10, 2023
No reply.

Updated by user Jul 09, 2023
I have not heard anything from Rite Aid regarding my disclosure.

Updated by user Jul 05, 2023
Repeatedly lied to.

Original review Jul 05, 2023
I have repeatedly have reported this to your company on several occasions. First I was lied to stating that I never got this prescription filled at the certain store when in fact, I got my OARRS report and verify the information that I was stating to begin with and Rite Aid headquarters also had the same information as what my orders report stated yet your company lied to me and told me that I never got this prescription filled at the store until I came up with my orders report and proved that to be incorrect, and still even after that, Ive been lied to repeatedly over and over again my personal health information was disclosed illegally by Rite Aid pharmacy. They broke HIPAA laws by releasing my information without any authorization form being signed by me. I didnt even know about this disclosure until four months after the fact when I went into my local courthouse and requested to see my records and when I did that, its stated right on the indictment the name of a medication that I was prescribed during this time. I was not taking this medicine, but that doesnt seem to matter because I still was indicted and serve jail time over this. October 7, 2021 until February 13, 2022 incarcerated over a prescription medication that I wasnt even taking that my pharmacy released illegally. It is against federal and state laws with this pharmacy has done yet. No one is going to step up to the plate and do anything about it. Whenever my information was disclosed to an assistant DA without any authorization from a judge as in a subpoena or warrant, like the federal and state laws say is required for a disclosure to take place to begin with, all of my information was not safeguarded by this individual that your pharmacy released my information to, and as a result, I am the victim of identity theft, and for different data breaches, because all of my information was sold on the dark web because of your disclosure. I have all kinds of documentation to back up what Im saying and to know for a positive fact that you guys did disclose this information. I also have the individual that the information was released to, his statement and 3 people that heard this man admit to this disclosure including my public defender. I also have an indictment that list the name of the medication that it was on and I never had this assistant D.A. over for any Sunday dinners, so how would he know what prescription or medications that I was prescribed??? Im tired of being ignored over the situation is this is cost me over 500,000 . That is not even counting the identity, theft and fraud and its not counting the time I spent in jail and its not counting the pain and suffering that Ive had to go through because of this, and had to move out of state because of this disclosure. I contacted your office for an accounting of disclosure over this and was told that there was no disclosure. Really?? Yet again, another lie. Your attention regarding this matter is urgent.


Returned product

I returned a hearing aids I ordered on line through Rite Aid order #11028**** last March to Gorges Navarro at Hearing Assist. I have called you and Hearing Assist multiple times and have been told I should see my refund soon. No one returns my calls and I still after 3 months I have not gotten my refund. Im really frustrated by the lack of service . PLEASE can someone help me!!!


Boycotting store

High Prices, product sales ,trickery,marketing practices descriminate against people without phone ( Low Income)


Horrible pharmacy customer service every visit

This rite aid has the worst customer service . Every time I go there my prescriptions are never ready know matter when they were sent. This time the pharmacist actually told me I didn't need all my medicine. I just got out of the hospital could barely breathe and had to pay for a ride and they have the audacity to tell me I don't need my things. What!!?! 56th and Chestnut is a horrible Rite aid and I stand on that.


Rude repeated encounter with pharmacy aid and almost complete impossibility to reach pharmacist by phone. Many busy people in the pharmacy but interest in serving people at the counter is slow and la

Deterioration of pharmacy service over the last 8 months. Rude counter people in pharmacy and constantly new faces who don't relate to customers. Have been going to pharmacy many years and despite more people in pharmacy service and manners are very bad.


It's your profiling racial profiling

Good morning good morning upon entering rite aid on g Street I had several people tell me that this pharmacy doesn't open till 10:00 I'm very aware of this since being here I had a tall Caucasian gentleman and harass me asking me that I need help at the three people ask me that I need help I may be an Afro-American hurt him over the loud speaker say security scan off floors so I said black lives matter the Caucasian guy came all up in my face being really disrespectful saying things that he shouldn't say as a customer sales representative can you please make a documentation of this and leave this on record for this thank you and have a blessed day I'm not aware of his name he's a tall white guy with glasses with a twitch in his right eyei7ñj I'm


Pharmacy tech is absent while working

Pharmacy tech is a drone. Does not answer questions, does not say hello or thank you. I've had to deal with him many times and I'm sick of it. I do not know his name.

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