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Rinnai has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 81 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 10th position out of 200 companies.


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Im looking to replace our 2532 rinnai tankless hot water, was wondering if the rianni 6.6 160,00 btu high effencency is adequate and if so do i need anything else? Its a outdoor unit and i beleive condescending as it has a pipe it drips from. Please let me know as i just need to replace it asap. Thanks Carrie kirby


Request For Reconsideration Of Warranty Coverage Denial - Serial No. KM.BA-143719

We purchased a Rinnai tankless water heater in April, 2019 and it was installed by Mains Systems Inc. (304-575-****) and the installation was approved by the local gas company before gas was turned on. Mr. Mains advised us that he was Rinnai certified for installation and he had attended classes for same. Recently, we began to experience some problems and Brandon from Childers Inc. in Beckley advised us yesterday that the system needs replaced. Childers contacted Rinnai by telephone and discussed the situation. We were not a party to that conversation. Childers then advised that even though the unit was registered and still under warranty, that nothing was could be covered due to improper installation. Some of the improper installation that Childers is claiming, is due to regulation changes since our unit was installed. How can a 75 year old, disabled man with no plumbing knowledge have known this and/or even been aware? We purchased the unit in good faith and even had Childers service the unit less than a year ago. We were told everything looked perfect with the system and was "clean as a whistle". We are totally at the mercy of both of these Rinnai certified installers and technicians. We are asking that this issue be reconsidered for coverage as it was totally beyond our control. Does Rinnai not advertise "endless quality and support" and the "highest standards of quality"? We have been victimized and now are looking at an expense on our retirement income that is just not right and will be difficult to handle. In light of all this information, please reconsider our eligibility for coverage under the warranty.


Want to raise water temperature

When they came to repair it under warranty they locked the temperature at 1:10 I'm trying to unlock it


Big regret by replacing Navien tankless water heater that I had for 17 years with no problem until 2 years ago when heat exchanger went. Rinnai has been in for only 2 years cost me $500 already.

Rinnai tankless water heater already costing me $500 in only 2 years while Navien tankless water heater lasted me 17 years with no extra cost besides maintenance. Big regret.


Just install rinnai a year a go and it's giving code 71 with no hot water

First of all i would like to say thank you. Yes, the technician who is specialized in Rinnai came to diagnose and could not solve the problem. he was not sure which part is the problem. All he said was either or . I told him to contact Rinnai because at 1 year there should not be a problem with it. Now i am already out of $200 for diagnose and still have no hot water. I had Navien before and worked for 17 years with no issues and Rinnai only 1 year. Help please.


No hot water on demand

Do you want to have hot water when you turn on the faucet? If so, do not get this product. You will run the water till the cows come home and maybe after wasting gallons and gallons of water it will get hot. Or, you could use an appwait five minutes, and then get hot water. If this is your idea of fun..get this Rinnai tankless water heater. It is truly awful I cant understand the positive reviews. Everyone in my entire complex of 125 townhouses hates it.


Tech issues with water heater

The wifi module was not working, so the rep sent me a new one. Now it works great! Thank you for calling back when we had phone problems; all of the reps that I spoke to were friendly and helpful.


R85 tankless

Great heater that lasts and lasts but filter needs replacing. Please help and we need filter replacement instructions


My tankless gas water heater was beeping

Customer service was contacted because water heater was beeping. He advised how to handle and information to give to plumber.u


Tanklesswater heater was beeping and showed a #12 where the temperature is usually visible.

Why would my tankless water heater beep. Do I have reasons to be concerned about any dangers? I do not have receipts. The water heater came with the house I bought last June 2022.


Opted out of the tech service monthly $45 bill 3 months ago an am still being charged

Rinnia was not working called an got your tech support an repaired problem Opted out of farther support due to cost an am still being charged


Cost of operating rinnai boiler

Our house was custom built in 2008 by a previous owner. That owner spent a lot of money initially installing Two Rinnai boilers, one for heat, and the other for hot water. The entire system failed in 2022, after only 14 years of use. The estimate cost to replace was $17000. The cost to troubleshoot the problem came in at $3200. Total cost would be $20200! I had the Rinnais removed and replaced it with a new gas furnace, and electric hot water tank for a total of $11000. It may not be as efficient but will save me a lot of money with minimal maintenance required over its longer life. I saved $6000 right from start by not getting Rinnai. Do not be fooled into buying a Rinnai. Jack


Hassle of original box

I bought a new Rinnia waret on 2/08/ 23 manager of store told me I had to have the original dox to return defective unit brand new. Was told the installer didnt know what he was doing, the installer heard him and was hurt he has been installing for five years, and is a certified gas technician. Will let everyone know tomorrow how it goes and will tell the business name after they make a final decision, Doug Sandifer,all I want is the same unit.


It cost me nearly as much to claim under warranty than buy a new unit

Hot water service rusted after 4 years. Trying to claim under warranty. Will replace unit but not giving new warranty of 10 years continuing from old unit warranty. Can not use own plumber as then there will be no warranty on new Unit. If using their installation people will cost me labour of $725. And still only6year warranty. What a ripoff. Money making concern.


Tankless water heater leaking from vent

Customer service is not as your name. Agent didnt help and told to call installer!! What is installer going to do? He did good and worked good for 3 months then got problem so company should cover warranty


Inefficient. LENGTHY waits for parts. EXPENSIVE labor.

Waiting a month on receipt of 3rd of 3 parts. Parts are under warranty for 2-year-old unit. Labor bill is more than $300 and isn't even complete until after installation of 3rd part which I hope will finally resolve the problem. The water bill is massive. $100 extra this month because the recirculating part is a problem and the water runs down the drain for 3-5 minutes awaiting the arrival of hot water from the faucet. Waste of natural resources and lots of money. The only good part about the unit is that WHEN IT WORKS, the supply of hot water is endless. Otherwise, it is extremely costly and inefficient.

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