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Rheem has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 791 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 1th position out of 200 companies.


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Faculty AC unit

To whom it may concern my name is kevin james i bought one of your AC units 5-3-23 and had it installed on 5-6-23 it has not worked properly the tech has been out several times each time it worked for a while then goes out i have been very patient and under standing during this time now it just started blowing warm air again. I will call the tech in the morning again so you know i live in chicago we have not that many hot days but the days it was hot here the unit did not work properly.so it this point i would like either a new unit or a refund on the unit itself because aparently it is defective.


Delay in securing Warranty Part for Air Conditioning Unit

Dear Sirs: We moved into our home 4-1/2 years ago and our builder provided the top of the line Rheem Air Conditioning units for our home. About 2 years ago we noticed that our unit was not cooling--as there must be a leak in the unit. Following several service calls to recharge the coolant in the system--the technician found a leak in the coil in the unit above our garage. We were told that that would be a warranty part and they would turn in the claim to get the warranty replacement part. That was about a year ago. My mother was living in a pool house where this unit was located and she passed away January 16th of this year. We have not used the separate house much since she passed away. Several days ago we tried once again to fire up the Air Conditioner and it is once again not cooling at all. I have contacted the Rheem Service Representative in our area --but it should not be their responsibility to keep charging the unit--when it goes out every 3 or so months. They have been following up with the Rheem parts place in Waco, TX--but after almost a year they still do not have the replacement part. I was told that because this was a top of the line unit--that there were not many sold and therefore they did not stock replacement parts. Honestly, that is not my problem. I purchased a Warranted top of the line Air Conditioning system from Rheem and expected to have a Warrantable product. I can not keep asking your service representative to keep adding coolant to the system without being reimbursed because this is a warranty situation. I would please ask that you follow up with your Rheem Service representative whose name and number I am including below. They have all of the information, the model number, the date the leak was found the warranty information,etc. We need to get this room cooled as we will start having house guests soon--and I can no longer turn on the unit and pray that it will cool--which most of the time it does not. The only reason that it has lasted three months since being recharged is that no one has used our guest house and the unit was turned off. The name of the Rheem Service Representative--who have gone out of their way to help me--but just can not get the warranty replacement part from Rheem is Tim Muegge with Muegge Air Conditioning. Their phone number is (254) 223-****. Their address is 21 FM 107,Gatesville, TX 76528. I have been very patient thus far, but this has pretty much got out of hand. It is not a problem with Muegge Air Conditioning--but a problem with the parts department in Waco not securing the Warranty part now for close to a year of it being diagnosed. Please take care of this for me so I do not have to proceed with further actions.I was going to call--but I needed to have a hard copy of this correspondence. You can reach me at: Randy Martin 11010 Ledge Stone Drive McGregor, TX 76657 (713) 828-**** rand4@***.net


Known Defect Ignored, Felt Reamed by Rheem.

They say that complaints travel farther than compliments and I am hoping this will too. On Saturday, four days ago, the Richardson (Rheem) water heater pilot light went out. I followed the relight directions on the sticker above the control with no success. Tried several more times and finally drcided to call Roto Rooter who installed it two years ago. The first technician made it clear that Rheem could not be contacted on weekends. The second technician called Rheem, explained the situation and how it was a known defect with 2020-21 Rheem heaters. He requested two separate parts to be sent for free to my address. After 30-45 minutes where the plumber and I both talked with the representative. He finally agreed to send the parts. One credit card later, I was able ro pay for overnight shipping.Meanwhile the plumber packed up and left. Shortly after, the Rep told me he didn't want to just "throw parts" at it and refused to send both parts. I felt there wasn't much choice, especially since he had my credit card number and I was losing patience with taking cold showers the last few days. I agreed and thankfully the part came next day. As I type, the plumber is installing the delivered part and the other he was able to track down and pick up a few towns over. Throughout this, the plumber has been great. I wish I could say the same about Rheem. I can't reccommend Rheem ro anyone until they are willing to repair, replace and refund where necessary. I was disappointed with the phone service. Especially when the plumber was expected to justify his reason for requesting the parts. I found it particularly frustrating that this defect has been known for some time and the plumber and myself were given the runaround instead of taking care of the problem.


New Rheem unit in new house and for 10 weeks now they have not been able to fix it. The contractor has been working with many different service people and has changed everything they have suggested.

AC unit freezes after a few hours of use and has to be shut down. Need a Rheem person on site to fix or send a new unit.


Lousy products

There was a time when I thought the name Rheem meant something, but now I know that he just means lousy products. I shop for one of these before and I sought them out. I recently had a water heater go bad, but the warranty was honored as soon as I installed it it started to leak and this was from my point that is inside the casing.


New water heater will not ignite

Problem solved water heater would not light just installed called 1800 Reem talk to Reem tech neshion went through procedures and will be getting a gas control so that we can light water heater.


My unit is just 2 years old and again a major function isn’t performing & needs to be replaced only this time I’m given a 2k bill to remedy the problem which is outrageous!

This product has been defective from the start and now at yr 2 its costing me 2k to replace major components. This is unconscionable and not acceptable by any standards! The company needs to step in and make this right immediately!


Extremely upset customer

We have a Rheem, HVAC unit upstairs in our house, its one year old. And it is the worst piece of junk weve ever purchased. Its 84 degrees outside. I have my thermostat set at 68 and it will not go below 75.


No hot water

Wow 2 1/2 years. My mother in law god bless her who does in home dialysis is suffering Im pretty upset. She cant bath or do dishes her life depends on these small things, she cannot just go bath somewhere else as she has a port. I get its the week of the 4th but some people have special needs.


Question on pressure

Wondering why when changing my home water pressure to 70 developed leak only 9 years old. None ???//


Hvac not working

New install hasn't worked since day 1. Cannot get in touch with company that installed it. No return calls!


Hot Water Tank

Hot water tank broke down after 3 months. Rheem refuses to admit the hot water tank is a lemon. Theyve replaced heating elements, control panel, leak detection system components, power panel, and yet they state its just one more part away from being fixed instead of replacing the unit itself. Customer service is probably the worse Ive ever dealt with, my family has been without hot water for over a week now.


Hot water heater question

I have reheem gas hot water heater . The water heater is making noise in side tank . I had. 6 year warranty but the company that installed it said you guys wont cover any it something came loose inside the tank. So I am very confused why its not covered. Also I am being told the quality hot water heater made by reheem but sold by Home Depot is of poor quality and that you sell distributors a better quality water heater.


Unable to start up Rheem Water Softener with Model RHS42 and Serial No. RHS4221-23***-*059

To whom it may concern, This is Mike Chen, Living in Texas, USA. I purchase the Rheem Preferred Plus 42,000 Grain Water Softener ONLINE on 2/3/2023 and registered this product online on 3/6/2023 with receipt of Store SKU # 100570**** Internet # 31444**** and Order No. WE1423**** Here are the data of Model and Serial No. for this Product. Model RHS42 Serial No. RHS4221-23***-*059 On the morning of 5/21/2023 there is no electricity power with this product at all. The power of light of this Water Softener is completely OFF. I ensured all power supply wires are working well with enough electricity EXCEPT this newly purchased product. I fully believe this product is within one year warranty coverage. Could you help me on this critical issue, please? Thanks, Mike Chen 713-249-**** (M) mikezhuoweic@***.com Home address 5518 Cranston Ct. Sugar Land, Texas 77479 U.S.A.


I purchased the water heater January 20th from Home Depot online and it was working perfect until this morning and no one will help me fix it

This is a brand new water heater purchased January 20th through Home Depot online. This morning it stopped working and no one is willing to service it because I am in Tonopah Nevada 3 hours from Las Vegas. I've called every technician I could and no one's willing to service me because of the distance.


Failure after only 2yrs - Gas Control Valve and FVIR Bulb

New Rheem 50ga water tank installed September of 2020 by authorized dealer. After 2yrs of normal use in a residential setting the Gas Control Valve and FVIR Bulb failed. After two trips from technician and 4 days without hot water, the unit was replaced. However, you will be stuck with a $400-500 bill for labor, service call, and materials. This is unacceptable that a complete failure of the product be put on the consumer. Rheem was terrible with customer service and support - and we will never by a product from them again. Check the reviews online and you'll find hundreds of issues with their products (majority manufactured in Mexico). Buy domestic and don't buy from Rheem. You have better and more reliable options.N

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