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1.7/5 - based on 376 reviews

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Rent A Wheel has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 376 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 18th position out of 513 companies.


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(888) 505-8473

11726 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 400, Los Angeles, California, 90049, United States

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Rent A Wheel Reviews


Great customer service

Thanks for the great customer service Jime I would recommend anyone here they take care of your wheel no hassles


Horrible new management

They messed up my payment schedule and got mad at me for trying to get it back on track. They never called me back after trying to prevent a double payment. They wrongfully took a payment out 3 days early and then said it didn't show up in their system as having been paid which could potentially cause a double charge. Attitude problems all around.


To make sure no one else goes here

Rent a wheel is the a small building but yet full of *** I paid a set of wheels off well I went on line to get another and paid a deposit. Well now you cant live outside of Huntsville. But yet you can pay a deposit and when you call to get it back they tell you that it was a third party. And its not on them even though the deposit receipt says rent a wheel these mother *** are stupid and *** lazy what a bunch of idiots. Do not go here they dont even know how to tell you what tire fits your car *** Ive heard of mumble rap but when you call they speak mumble English. Anyway I dont see how they can send you through a Third party without your permission. *** *** mother ***


Rims and tires

They ripped me out about $2000 dollars.The early option program is a scam.When I made it they told Naw you should have been $3 more than what your $88 a week.Been paying since March every week.I asked them how much I put into they said a $1000 .Wow 9 months .Really


Great place to purchase tires and wheels

Great customer service. Lina and her team are wonderful! Will buy again and again. Love this place. Go see them today!


Ripped me off

Sht place *** your short fat Mexican... I will recommend to no one and have already reported my claim to the better business bureau


Wrong rims and they dont GAF

They said the rims fit my truck. they had the correct lug pattern but do not clear the brake caliper. They told me "oh, you just need a 5mm spacer" which was not stated before purchase. Well, the 5 turned out to be 15 which turned into a 1" ($75) because there was no stud left for the lug nuts. I said you should pay for the spacer. They said that they have no legal obligation to do that and refused. Rims they said fit, don't. The end.


Account information

i didn't get to pick dat to pick up the bike i wanna know when can i go get the bike if i could go tomorrow pick up the bike



This is the worst company ever. Loan sharks with metal teeth. Jody and her staff are there to only con you. They took over 1500 from me on some used rims and tires. They still got them back. Attitudes are terrible. If someone killed them I wouldn't care.


Unlimited monthly plan

How do I set up to get the $90 unlimited monthly plan I was told I needed to call yall to ask for it


This company is bad.

I paid my wheels off early. Now they wont fix what they screwed up. Called district manager. He said he fixed it now in here again and he didnt call them. Wasting g more time. Dint use this company.


Worst customer services

The employees try customer really bad and call them whit out identifying themselves and sign a contract whit you and never said they will go to your house and treat your family member if they dont fin you over the phone that is not the right way to do business


Tire question

They had told me that I had warranty on the tires but wanted to just change two tires but if I had warranty why not change all four so I won't have anymore problems. I believe they are going to uphold their honor and dignity. They give good deals on their products. When I get tires back on rims than I believe they are rated as a 5


Customer complaint

I set up a contract for wheels for my son...he wasn't able to keep them due to problems on his vehicle, one week later I set an appointment to return them my payment due on 20th they tried 2 times before due date to pull out the money...upon return they took all the car stuff back they gave me and did not put my hub back on



Hi, my name is Yvette Burgos I have used Rent a wheel in Tampa before was a good customer paid off my loan I recently got some used tires and rims from the store at 483 N. Semoran Blvd in Orlando Both I and my husband lost our job and fell behind I tried calling one day to make at least one payment and they said no we had to pay all of the amounts I just got approved for unemployment and just did my taxes my husband starts work on the 28 I am just asking for a little more time to catch up I call the store and they treat me like crap we just came out of covid quarantine and it is hard to catch up can we get a little time to catch up I called the store today to explain and they said they would call back and never did they called my uncle and threatened to come to take tires we lost our cell phone contract due to no payment we are trying to get up to date.


Criminal activity

Original review Dec 02, 2021
Is it a crime to file a false police report? Can you sue over damages? Please contact me if you can help. I am a husband of four. I'm the sole provider for my family. My family and I moved to North Carolina in May 2020 for a new job after living in Florida for 13 years. On 11/19/19 I entered into a contract to finance wheels and tires for my truck. On 12/1/19 I was involved in a near death accident in this vehicle, totaling the truck. On 12/8/19 my insurance company sent over proof of the accident with all requested documentation to rent a wheel. I signed and provided a claim waiver form to the store manager. I never heard from them again. On May 2020, my family and I moved to North Carolina. On November 20th 2021, I was taking my son fishing on a birthday weekend celebration. I was pulled over for speeding (55 in a 45). The officer was really nice, knew what we were rushing to and was going to give me a warning but needed to validate my North Carolina license first. To my surprise, he had his hand on his gun ready to draw on me and shouted for me to get out of the truck slowly with my hands up. Complying with the officer's commands, I ended up arrested in the back of his vehicle, with my son stranded in the passenger seat of my truck. I was able to call my wife, who gathered my 2 four-year-old twins and my 9-year-old daughter out of bed at 7am, which luckily was only 10 minutes away to rush and get my son, and park my truck on the side of the road. Because Florida is an extradition state, North Carolina was going to hold me to appear before a judge in Florida unless I posted a $25,000 bond or find a bondsman would accept a 10% payment with a fugitive class 3 felony charge. However, by the grace of God I was able to speak with a magistrate, on a Saturday, who let me post a $3000 bond. My wife emptied our bank accounts and savings to get me out of jail before my North Carolina Court date and find out why I was arrested. At this time, I had no idea what was going on. We've had mail forwarding from our Florida address for at least a year after moving in May 2020. There were numerous ways for rent a wheel or Seminole County sheriff's office to contact me regarding late payments and/or a warrant for my arrest. On November 29th I received a dismissal letter from North Carolina stating Florida will not extradite. I also received a letter DATED NOVEMBER 22nd, 2021 from Seminole County Sheriff's office stating I had a warrant issued for my arrest. When I called the sheriffs' office, they said I no longer have a warrant because I posted bond out of state. I have no court date. I need an attorney to get this case dismissed in Florida, and I want to sue Rent a Wheel for actual and punitive damages. My son is traumatized and has weekly counseling with the minister of our church. My heart is crushed because I can never take back this experience. This company should not be in business to potentially ruin peoples lives over predatory loans and extreme debt collection tactics. I've read other people's reviews on this company. After my experience, someone has to read this and help me do something about it. I have zero extra money, living paycheck to paycheck making an honest living supporting 4 children under 11. Please help.


Damages lies and dangerous practices

You are better off pushing your car to and from work or wherever you might go before you would put a piece of anything they had to offer on your car even after all the troubles I've had they bring me out put four different mismatched tires that I couldn't use it all just out of spite and took my good one good ones I told him to put on off my other rims and even took my good tires and gave me back bedrooms and bent one of my rims let's begin by saying. I ordered a set of tires online. I got a call the next morning. Was told I didn't have to wait on the tires that I had originally ordered that they had some in stock that would fit my car which they put the wrong size tires in my car which cost an axle break they also charged me for having a alignment which had never occurred then when I could not get my car back up here because I actually physically snapped a axle while the car was in motion because of the pressure on the tire was putting all my axle they threatened me with charges and when I told them I can't move the car but can't move it and bring youWell they finally came back out after two months. they put my car on jack stands and I live in Florida I told them not to do that please cuz it was unsafe cuz my car was sitting and Sugar Sand. well to top it off after my car not running and me losing my job over the axle incident they Jack my car up leave it on jack stands after I refuse to let it stay overnight. on jack stands and Forest have Thanksgiving dinner with children in the yard with my car jacked up on jack stands. my car actually collapsed on the decks and landing on its side doing a good bit of damage to the driver side now with. not to mention it tore up my axle on that side bent my tie rod. CV joints. gas line exhaust paint job at my door to where I couldn't open it. I came back in jacked up and was trying to jack it up on the side those two high but after they've done approximately $4,000 worth of damage to my car these idiots are trying to not pay for any of the damages and not answer my calls.

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