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Renewal By Andersen has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 116 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 9th position out of 170 companies.


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Poor quality

Door with plastic parts melts/warps. Act of god my a&& Andersen. Its a storm door. I bought it to protect the house from acts of god. Tore it out today. Replacing with Larson all metal door not made in China. They ***


To complain about scheduling

I was told when i purchased the padio door that they are about 4 months behind i purchased in jan. Now i was told that we will be there july 14th for installation thats 6 months .so i have no choice . I will never purchased anything else from renewal by Anderson in the future.


One small issue, no response

We had one small problem with the trim around our new windows. Everything else was great, good installation guys, did a fantastic job. But when we contacted Customer Service about the problem they said they'd get back to the crew and the manager, but that's 4 days ago and not a word.


Installer Supervisor not Professional

Updated by user May 13, 2023
Renewal by Anderson's installing supervisor

Original review May 13, 2023
My complaint is on the 11th of May 2023 I had set up for renewal by Anderson to come out to my house at 9:00 in the morning so that they could install my windows on the 11th and the 12th well they came here the installers came here at 8:00 they text my phone they call my phone but I don't walk around with my cell phone on my hip so I walked up the hall and I'll see they were out there so I said to the lady her name was candy and I know it was candy because it was showed up on my phone it's candy I said y'all weren't supposed to be here until 9:00 she said well do you want us to wait in the truck I told her no you here so go ahead and do what you supposed to do they started to put the windows in they took the windows out and they started to put the windows in well me having a conversation about a crank in December of 2022 I had gotten it wrong the window that they had were the correct windows in the process I had called the office and I had called the salesman to talk to him and they he had told me we'll send your contract Miss Chambers and I look to see what it was and he was correct so I apologize to him by text and I apologize to April in the office by phone because she didn't pick up the phone when she saw it was my number so they commenced to put in the windows in well I went outside to look at how the windows looked she wanted to control me she going to tell me oh I'll call you when we're finished when we're finished doing the window so you can come and see well one of her workers looked at me and said beautiful? I said yes they are beautiful she jumped out of the truck ran up to me and told me I will I will call you when the windows are done you don't have to look at the windows and they don't speak English but she didn't know the man that came up to me Unprofessional I'm professional for her not to introduce herself unprofessional for her to go off like she did so I went and I came in my house and I was going towards the kitchen and I was mumbling and what I mumbled was she going to play God she going to act like she going to do some harm to me and step to me and say what did you say and I told her I said you are not God you cannot play God in here you have it all wrong so she went back to doing what she was doing I went on and came in my bedroom and stayed in my bedroom until I heard them getting ready to leave well out of 10 Windows they put in four on the 11th which was Thursday they put in four windows and three screens one of the screens they never even put in I'm not satisfied with that to me that was shawty work and I feel like she did it purposely or had them to take the screen when they did the fourth window she was in that window just keep hearing with the installer everything was funny so I knew that they were planning something but it wasn't a problem they were going to leave out of my house and not say nothing but being a child of the king he put me on the everything that what was going on so when they got up their stuff and took it out I politely locked both of my doors I got a phone call from Eddie the person that had done the second measurements and I got this call in the afternoon but the incident happened in the morning when I got they had been gone a long time when I got the call so this was something that they had planned they hehe on the fourth window or everything was real funny so I knew something was going on just being my age and having common sense I am 71 and I'm not a child I know the games so I didn't have I just didn't like the way that she did things she was far from professional she had the audacity to step to me like in a threatening way like she was going to do something and here in Florida if I'd call the police that would have been a felony but I didn't call the police I came back to my room and that's where I stayed until they they work was done she called him around 2:00 will they left at 2:30 the incident happened at 8:30 9:00 in the morning so all of that was planned I don't want her coming back they need to screen their supervisors better they need to check their their track records when they say something she she wasn't professional she had issues she got issues boy she got issues and when I tried to tell Mr Eddie about it he act like he was snickering while on the phone with me .I'm not pleased with my windows not being completed I'm not pleased with the supervisor I'm not pleased with the screen of one of the four Windows not getting on the window . Mr Eddie told me he could not get somebody to come here by Friday because it was too close and crunch time no problem he don't even know if he can get somebody to come in Monday no problem but y'all got my $7,000 but you don't know when you can have somebody in here so that I have issues with I let him know that Monday Wednesday and Friday which I sent him a text that I would be available for the installers that he sends here to do what they need to do I don't want her back she is not a good supervisor she is not good at what she does I don't want that I thank y'all for letting me write this complaint and have a good one and thank you much


The company itself is a scam.

It's been 1 year since the installation began. Even though we have been charged for the entirety of the installation, it is still not complete. They have repeatedly left the job with sub-par quality, I still have the caulk surrounding a front window that looks like it was applied by my 7 year old. This was AFTER they fixed it once before. I wanted triple pane and glazed windows that were offered in the catalog, but the guy who came out to sell me the windows told me they were not available. So we went with what he recommended. Now I have ice on the inside of my windows, and enough condensation to fill my bathtub. My "old" and "cheap" home depot windows that I installed 15 years ago never had this issue. This is after the company had to come back out and reinstall my windows after they installed them backwards and without the flashing that is required by code. The kicker is that I had installed the interior framing on four windows before I realized that they were put in backwards. I didn't figure this out until the next day, when I could open the windows after the caulk and insulating foam had cured. So I had to tear off the framing, which I had caulked and painted the day prior. I had taken 3 days off work to finish these and now I was left with wasted time and materials. Then, another Renewal guy tried to cover the mess up and tell me that the windows were installed correctly and looked better having them go in opposite directions. How does that work with three windows on one side? I asked for them to replace the materials I had used for the interior framing of the windows and was told it wouldn't be a problem. Three weeks went by, and nothing showed up. I had bought new stuff and installed the frames on my own. Nobody wants giant ugly holes on the inside of their house for weeks. When I mentioned the ice and waterfalls in my windows, I was told that my humidity levels were high. However, due to the medical condition of one of the residents, this is strictly monitored with multiple hygrometers. I called into question the calibration of their equipment, what system they used and if they had documentation, but no one at renewal knew what any of that meant. I have more I could go into, but I'll refrain for now. My final position is that I am left with heavy condensation in my brand new windows that build up with ice on the interior of my house for which I will be battling mold for the remainder of their existence. I was credited 1500.00 which covers my first 3 days off work and the materials, so theres that.


Breach of Contract

Renewal by Andersen of CNY funded the job with the incorrect loan provider after we were approved for multiple loans. I caught the mistake THREE MONTHS after the fact and went through *** and back trying to get the wrong loan taken off my credit report. I no longer wish to move forward with the contract due to this mistake. They are now telling us we have to pay $7000. to cancel even though they breached the contract. They are the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Do not let them come to your home, do not sign anything.


Taking advantage of elderly

Renewal by Anderson of Minnesota took advantage of my elderly mother, whose husband had died two weeks before the appointment. They had her sign things on an IPAD and agree to $42,000 worth of windows and a door without giving her anything in writing. She had no idea she had actually purchased the windows. Now they are saying the windows are made and she can't cancel the contract. Also they did not explain the financing to her. They actually are charging her $42,000 for a 50 year old house that is not worth mora than $220,000. They prey on the elderly, will not allow you to purchase their windows and have someone else install them. I can't even imagine the mark up. Don't buy from them! Do not buy from them


Terrible Experience

Original review Mar 15, 2023
*****Update got offered solutions weeks back and its gone silent again no word on anything. There fix is puttung up mismatched noncoloring matching siding so our house looks like a tetris puzzle. Or bring flashing out over 2 inches more, tacky as *** None of these fixes satisfys us, guess its time for attorneys. My question to them is would you want your house to look that way, i think not. This aint no 50k house this is a 500k property. ***** The install of 7 windows and 3 doors was a complete disaster. Work crew rushed and argued with each other constantly. They wanted job done a day early and were gonna lie about working the last day. So.they would get pd for not working. Shortly after install we had a cold weather front come thru. Every window leaked as did doors, had ice in house etc.. Spoke with Tracy out of Springfield MO and he was rude as *** said everyone is calling with minor leak complaints and its minor. Except ours was not minor, we had ice in our house all over windows and walls. He said that ice is normal, really my house never did that before. Also claimd our product is superior its your house not our products. We had to use hvac tape and seal all windows closed to stop air intrusions. When Sam came and looked at job he said it was really bad install. When Casey came to fix over 3 weeks later , he said its worst install he has ever seen. Said all.he does is go around fixing mistskes instead of doing installs. Says he makes less money fixing stuff because he cant make install bonuseses etc.. Our kitchen sink froze the day before Christmas, we had to cancle our famiy Christmas. Had people in from out of town to include kids and had to do Christmas at a hotel. Because house was freezing cold. My electric bill was over 600.00 two months in a row from this. So the botched job took 3 days of showing late and leaving early. The fix job took 5 more days to complete. We had to cancle doctor appointments and multiple other ingagments as well. Not to mention they had to replace all j channels on windows from bad install. And put silver screws in siding on all 4 corners of windows. It looks like complete crap. This is 50k in work? I spoke with 800 number and they claimed i would be compensated and well taken care of for the inconvenience. Well its been crickets since that phone call. Got a alot of nothing. Someome needs to adress this. Was a terrible from start to finsh, salesmen ordered wrong window and crew installed before telling us. Was supposed to be a drop in keep trim. We lost our good trim and now that window trim looks like complete crap. They could not retrim due to tile work. Reason for drop in window. When we realized that window was wrong and the leaks our salemen would not return callls. When he did , he promised a service tech and it never happened. We had to keep calling. I will be sure to let others know not to buy your junk. My 78 yr old mom also is a victim of your crap products as well. 20k in doors and all of them leak, you have been back twice and they still leak. Please do something to make.this right. Brian


Salesman fraud

to whom it concerns we had our windows replaced about a year ago i just want to make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else! your sales rep in chattanooga ( mike dishmon )gave us a price and an alternate deduct of $600 a window if inserts could be used, so when the master measurer finally showed up both mike and her said inserts would work and youll be getting an additional $125 off a window, so i said great signed her little I Pod and moved on thinking we would be getting $725 off a window x 24 windows not to mention we told mike on the initial sales call we couldnt handle the deal financially unless the inserts would work anyway, i signed the I Pod when mike was conveniently with my wife and went got the paperwork, they said it was too late, mike got amnesia and were out some $12,000 yes shame on me but your employees that represented you are very dishonest and corrupt beware!!!


Sales rep is a fraud

to whom it concerns we had our windows replaced about a year ago i just want to make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else! your sales rep in chattanooga ( mike dishmon )gave us a price and and an alternate deduct of $600 a window if inserts could be used, so when the master measurer finally showed up both mike and her said inserts would work and youll be getting an aditional $125 off a window, so insaid great signed her little I Pod and moved on thinking we woukd be getting $725 off a window x 24 windows not to mention we told mike on the initial sales call we couldnt handle the deal financially unless the inserts would work anyway, i signed the I Pod when mike was conveniently with my wife and went got the paperwork, they said it was too late, mike got amnesia and were out some $20,000 yes shame on me but your employees that represented you are very dishonest and corrupt beware!!!


Still Waiting for Completion of Job

At the premium prices charged by Renewal by Andersen of the Carolinas, people generally expect premium service; and, by and large, their work done for us seems to be up to thatquality. The problem is that we contracted back in February of 2022 for the job to becompleted in August of 2022. The job was started in May 2022. It is now the end of 2022, we have had to be home at least five different days and the work still isnt done. Without going into detail about Renewal by Andersens missteps and screw-ups, we are now given an ETA of March 2023 for materials to arrive for completion of the work by ??? Weve had plenty of promises, excuses and even apologies; but, bottom line, it will be over on a year since we contracted for the job before it will be done, and this is in spite of frequent follow-ups on our part and our going out of our way to be available every time that Renewal by Andersen has said that they would show up to finish our job.


No response for warranty issues

Entire windows & patio door project =$40K Have attempted multiple multiple times to contact rba, left multiple messages, been placed on hold numerous times for 15-30 minutes (NO BODY ANSWERS)!!! Now going to file with BBB!!! 1PISSEDDUDE!!!


Bathroom window has extreme condensation Bedroom window doesn’t lineup to lock. Using duck tape to keep cold/hot air out. Poor Nasty Customer Service. Do Not Use This Company

Bathroom window has extreme condensation Bedroom window doesnt lineup to lock. Using duck tape to keep cold/hot air out. Poor Nasty Customer Service. Do Not Use This Company. Contacted Customer Service. Extremely Unprofessional. 8 weeks before a technician can come out to LOOK at the problem. Hung up the phone on my concerns


Company failed to reimburse me for damage that they had caused

Approx. 3 weeks ago I had my front window replaced by Anderson Renewal. When the installers arrived I told them I was unable to take down my vertical blinds because I had been sick with a very high fever. After explaining to them, they replied, "don't worry we can take them down". After they left I realized that they caused damage to my blinds. I immediately contacted the company and their response was that they were not going to pay for anything and that I violated the contract, which I stated that I did not violate anything and that your people violated it. I can not believe that after I spent nearly $12,000.00 for this window that they were not willing to pay me the cost for repair, which was $327.00.


Dissatisfaction with service

Updated by user Jun 17, 2022
Awaiting cancelation of contract

Original review Jun 17, 2022
Contract signed 12/18/2021: installation of two patio doors, a single door, and a window: $46,100. Delivery specified to be "twelve to fourteen weeks". Contract modified 01/12/2022: single door on separate agreement; single door scheduled for installation 03/23/2022. Andersen does not show up, calls to reschedule, at which point we are told that larger portion of project has been rescheduled for June! That is, we were forced to endure unfinished doors for entire winter and spring. By 01/12/2022 project site has been inspected by both estimator and "installation supervisor". Supervisor states that a contractor will need to undertake any required dry rot repairs-- we understand this might be beyond scope of original contract, but it would be Andersen responsibility to secure any needed subcontractor. Supervisor agrees. Months pass without any contractor. Andersen crew shows up for door installation 06/13/2022, begins removal of old doors. Workers walk off job, saying cannot do the job because of dry rot. Project left open with trim with nails left by door , debris left about, doors not even closed. Installation supervisor now denies that he was to provide contractor, says he will find resolution. We wait entire day with no response. 06/14/2022 new workers show up unannounced, surprise and alarm wife ,film her without permission refuse to leave premises--we had no reason to suppose that anyone would be present, since we were told that job could not be done. Promised contact with local boss of company never happens. Andersen pattern : lax scheduling, arrogance, false claims, aggressive behavior. Example: Andersen sought a form: work on initial door had been completed.. Finance company for project took this to mean that entire project had been completed. Finance company stated that Andersen procedure not in accord with accepted practice. Andersen complains of problems with phone contact, but always had email. We cannot work with these people.


No follow-through to repair damage caused by sloppy worker

Updated by user May 29, 2022
Renewal by Andersen has not responded to any of my attempts to contact them and resolve this matter. They simply don't care.

Original review Apr 28, 2022
Time Line of Events 8/28/2021Contracted with Renewal by Andersen in Reno, NV, to replace one window and one sliding glass patio door in two installment payments: $6836 up front and $6837 due upon completion for a total of $13673. Installments would be paid on my Citi card ending in 4336. 8/31/2021Received introduction email from Toriano, Concierge Specialist with Andersen, for questions or concerns. 1/21/2022Window and sliding glass door removal/installation. Frame and finish work to be completed later. 1/25/2022Worker arrived to finish frame work and stucco around sliding glass patio door. We found that the worker mixed his stucco powder and water directly in our backyard lawn, and had not used a drop cloth over our paver patio, rinsed his tools directly on our paver patio and rock flower beds, tracked mixed stucco and powder across most of our paver patio, and allowed his mixing tool to fall against the side of our house slightly damaging the exterior wall and leaving its imprint in the stucco. Photos taken. Renewal by Andersens supervisor Don was working on another project on our street, and we showed him the sloppy work and problems. Don attempted to talk with the worker, who spoke little English. Don explained to us that the worker was an Andersen subcontractor. Don apologized for the mess and poor quality of the subcontractors work, and said hed report the problems to his boss. Photos were emailed to concierge Toriano, who acknowledged receipt. 2/26/2022After not hearing back from concierge Toriano for over a month, we emailed him asking for the project completion status. 2/28/2022Concierge Toriano emailed an apology and wrote that hed follow up and find out whats going on. 3/3/2022Called the Renewal by Andersen office at 702-912-**** to find out whats being done to clean the mess. Was connected to manager Yvette and explained that stucco and stucco powder mix had now bonded to our patio pavers, and that concierge Toriano was unresponsive to our communications. 3/4/2022Finish work including the painting of interior and exterior house frame around the sliding glass door done by Renewal by Andersens Scott. We showed him the problem with the stucco mix and powder having bonded to patio pavers. He said his boss would contact us that same day. His boss never called. 3/7/2022Scott used his power washer to attempt to remove the stucco and powder mix that bonded to the patio pavers. Some stucco came off, but the power washer also ablated (eroded) the pavers and blew out the polymeric sand used by paver installers as mortar. The paver patio is now discolored and stained, eroded in places, and without mortar between pavers. Photos taken. 3/8/2022After hearing nothing back from concierge Toriano, we again emailed him for a project completion date. No response was received. 3/8/2022Renewal by Andersens Scott left a voice message with transcription on my cell phone. He said I was just giving you a call back about this picture my boss those pictures again this morning and I think our best bet is just to replace your pavers. If you give me a call back when you can we can talk more about that and then I could have my management give you a call to see what the best route is or something like that. Just please give me a call back so we can get this resolved as possible. 3/9/2022Called Scott after receiving his voice message. He once again said his boss would call me. His boss never did. 3/10/2022Text messaged Scott stating that I hadnt heard from his boss. 3/17/2022Renewal by Andersen charged the remaining balance of $6837.00 to my CitiBank credit card. 3/23/2022Called Renewal by Andersen manager Yvette at 702-912-**** and left a voice message re-stating that stucco powder had bonded and discolored our patio pavers, that Scotts power washing eroded the pavers and blew out the mortar, that I had Scott Pauls voice message stating that his boss felt the best thing was to replace the damaged pavers, and that nothing had been done to solve the problem. I told her that until this was resolved, the project could not be considered complete and that we would be placing Renewal by Andersens charge to my Citi card into dispute. 3/23/2022Renewal by Andersens Scott called to say his boss just left but that his boss would call me in the next few minutes. Once again, his boss never called. No one at Renewal by Andersen has responded to my communications or contacted me since.

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