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Remitly has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 340 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 20th position out of 165 companies.


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Transacción en progreso por más de 1 dia

Óntem transferi 700 euros de Portugal para o Chile diz que está em andamento o que é certo é que ainda não chegou ao destino


Calling for refund

My boyfriend in New Jersey,Gibbstown,tried sending $15 USD,to a cousin in Ghana,but money was on hold and never go to the cousin and yet cant be refund so Im lodging a complain to refund back because this is the second time happening.


To verifyThe money I sent

Hello good morning Remitly money transfer This is Danilo P. Martinez,I want to verify the money I sent 2hour ago it was on hold at this moment. Thanks


Not refunded

Hello , i transferred 750 $ on 29 june and the acount which i sent is not working i requested for refund but still i didnot get my money back


My account is suspended

My account was suspended. But I talked to a customer service representative and got the problem resolved. I hope everything is OK now. Thank you James Hall



I mistakely transfer the amount $750 to the account which is banned so i would like to refund my amount


My transfers are always cancelled

I have been trying to do some transactions my account is not going through, so i want you to help me with ot



Denied access to transfer money, then both accounts were blocked. Called support, but they didn't accept my request to transfer.


I want to send maneu to mexico

I want to send money to casa cerano but in apaceo el alto gto .exico I don't see this situation any more could you please explain how I go back this institution is next door from my family



I had to place a transfer to Tangier ,Morocco last March and apparently it was cancelled. Then I touched base with your office whom confirmed the refund that Ive never received.


My money has not received yet

I send money in Ghana you people have buct in from my bank but the money has not been received yet,and i will like to know why?


Because of my transaction.

My name is Henry watson Amarquaye, I sent money to my brother and was told by the team Remit they are waiting for approval from my Monzo bank, they ask me to send my picture which I just took one sent it to them ,but nothing seemed happening, I want to know why and what's wrong wt my Monzo account


This system is not good

Money transfert without authorisatio after that from my account money transfer so when i will get my money to the bank


I don't receive my money

I can receive the money I send to my account in Africa what is the problem I want to what happens to my money 10 euros


Why is my money not sent yet

I sent money to India yesterday, money has been deducted from my account but till now it has not reached India.


Failed transcation and money not returned into bank

Hi i have tried to make transcation to India but it failed. But my 200dollars are still not back into my bank account

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