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Remanns Engine has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 104 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 51th position out of 513 companies.


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Remann Delivered Damaged Engine - Won't Replace

Engine was delivered to mechanics shop. Mechanic said the engine had not been stored properly by Remann and was not in good condition when received. Remann is refusing to replace the engine without charging us a TWENTY PERCENT return fee. WE DID NOT PURCHASE A DAMAGED ENGINE. If we are paying $3000 for something I would expect it to be delivered in GOOD CONDITION. We are reporting to Better Business Bureau and contacting our lawyer.


Class action request

Hi my name is Randy and I'm looking for others to join in on a class action against the parent co. Engine Shopper LLC is the parent co. of Remanns Engine and many other entities too long to list here. You don't have to do a thing but give a detailed report of what happened. Dates, order numbers, and amounts are critical. and if you know who you talked to would help but not necessary. you can email me at randyahood@***.com if you're in Calif is a plus. I've got the case put together which I'll send you if your interested. Thanks, Randy H


The list of CONS is too long to list with these guys!

My story is pretty much the same as everyone else's, but I still wanted to document this horrible company's "business practices". Wish I would have read the reviews before ordering our motor. Of course, the warranty was attractive, and of course, you say to yourself, this is great, nothing to lose. WRONG! Ordered an engine, they wouldn't send it to WI where the shop is that my mechanic works at, because the credit card we were using was from IL. That seemed odd for sure...but ok. So we had to pay $150 more for a liftgate truck to deliver it to a residence in Illinois. It came within the 14 days, but then they had to get the old motor out, etc, and make the time to get the new one in. While they were working on it, I tried contacting them to see what I needed to do to register for the warranty, because it clearly said in the paperwork that we had 10 days to get the warranty going. I emailed, I called, I put in a ticket online...with NO response. So I tabled the issue because I was getting so irritated, and by now, we are past the 10 day mark, so what's the urgency? The motor gets in, THE LIFTER IS TICKING FROM THE JUMP! I was not alerted to any other issues from the mechanic, so I am thankful about that after reading all the reviews thus far. But I don't want a lifter tick...I want a good motor. So I decide to call AGAIN and of course no answer in the warranty dept. I call back and go to Sales, where of course they answer promptly. I tell the dude my story and he goes "Sorry about that, I can transfer you" and boom...he's gone. I wait for probably 15 min on hold only to get connected to someone far far away who is clearly at some outsourced call place in another country. All she can do is email me the warranty paperwork. She tells me that once we get the motor back out of the vehicle, they will come pick it up, and after it gets back to their warehouse, they will send me out a new one. Jaw drop! I said "You mean to tell me that I need to take it out first and then wait like a month for another motor?" She simply said YES! She did give me the phone number of 866-319-**** ext 6 though, so perhaps we can all use that number to actually get through to someone (I didn't try it), but I don't know what good it will do. At this point, it doesn't seem practical to have a vehicle with no motor sitting at my mechanic's for who knows how long while waiting on a new motor to arrive, and chance that it's any better than the first one. On top of that, I now have read ALL the reviews, and it looks like I wouldn't get the labor reimbursed anyway, so I don't want to be out MORE money, right?! I feel like an idiot for not doing my research beforehand...that's for sure. We paid $1350 for this engine with the extra for liftgate, and now it looks like we are going to have to pay whatever it costs for the lifter repair too. I cannot believe how long these pukes can still be in business with all the people they have scammed over the past several years. I have to say, I am disappointed beyond belief, another life lesson learned. Do NOT buy anything from them. While you MAY get a quality product, it doesn't seem likely, and if you need them for warranty, you have a better chance of going to the moon than getting anywhere with that.


Zero stars

I was sold an engine that I was told had 85,000miles on it. The engine was delivered quickly to my mechanic. He saw the engine had telltale signs of there being more miles on it than was originally disclosed and ran a carfax report on the vin and discovered the engine had over 300,000 plus miles on it. Contacted warranty department for an exchange jumped through a bunch of hoops to make sure it was done on their time line and requested exchange rather than refund because their warranty sounded awesome and I wanted to give them benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem themselves. Engine got picked up a day later than it was scheduled. 2weeks went by and I hadnt heard status update if they had another engine lined up for me or not. I called and was given a name and number to call I called and that person didnt answer or return my call. I emailed the warranty email address provided and recieved a were sorry for inconvenience but (name) is longer employed by the company try our warranty email address. I tried several times to call and when I was successful in reaching someone I was told your refund confirmation will be sent to you by Friday of the same week. It continued on like this. It is now may 15 and I still dont have engine and they still have my money. Dont waste your time or money on these trashy f@***s. Currently Im trying to fill out bbb complaint and their address is no longer being displayed on their website.


They lied about the facts of the motor I purchased

I have a repair shop a lady came in ask what was wrong with her car I explained to her that it needed another engine. She asked if I could find her a used one. I called remanns thay said they had one with 44,000 miles for $1945 and it cam with part and labor warranty 5 years or 50,000 miles. I purchased it and installed it for her. I charged her $3,145 parts and labor for changing it. The motor didn't even last her a month she drove it to work less than 30 miles and the top half of the motor was knocking so bad then stranded her on the highway. I contacted remanns about the warranty all they did was refund $1845 and stiffed her on the installation and fluids. The best advice I can give anyone take your business somewhere where they don't lie just to make money and treat there customers better


Never got the Transmission

I bought a transmission back on February 26th costumer service was very rude gave me a felling not to buy from them but I need it a transmission so bought one from them. After 14 business days I called the mechanic to check up how everything goes and mechanic said transmission hasnt came in yet. Then I called Remanns and ask whats going on they said is on the way and when we hang ultra that they will email me the trucking number witch I never got lying to me for 2 months. I got tired waiting instead calling them and asked for a refund I called my bank and have it dispute the transaction back on February the 26th and 4 days later I got all my money back. The sad part is on their website has nothing but positive reviews. We gotta do something to safe other people from getting scammed


Resolved: Join Autoparts Rip off on Facebook, to hopeful try to get a class action lawsuit

Updated by user Jun 04, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user May 05, 2023
No they use one company name then when sued used another name. Professional scammers

Original review May 04, 2023
Ripped off by Remanns. They have the engine I sent back and got a refund from the person who sold it to them and also took my 1395.00 and have my engine to sell. Scammers


Engine didn’t work, returned but no refund

Updated by user May 01, 2023
No refund but contacted States Attorney and an attorney

Original review May 01, 2023
Bought engine, it was locked, sent it back and followed all their rules and they wont give refund. I have no engine but 1395.00 later I have a bill. Discover card says theyre saying I didnt fill out warranty paperwork so they cant help me! Im pissed off so I contacted Illinois states attorney and federal protection agency. Lawyer is next! I found 79 reviews of people saying they didnt get money back. Class action lawsuit is needed. Im interested!


No motor

I have not got my motor month and1/2 payed March1 and keep saying its on truck I think the truck got lost


Bad engines on install and no response. Scam

Ordered and received 2 engines. Ford ranger 4.0 and a Subaru 2.5. Waited almost 2 months for both. Got them installed and both have knocks. Multiple tries to contact for warranty and no response. POS company dont buy from them ever. Emailed invoices odo everything they want and they ghost you. Called sales instead of warranty and they answer immediately but as soon as you mention engine warranty they transfer you to space. I may take a trip there to say hi


Lost invoice

When I called earlier today, and was transferred to Customer Service (2) was hung up on. Dont know if I have a warranty problem or not. No one has called back. Dont want to act like a pissed off customer, because I am happy with the product. I would greatly appreciate a phone call back or give me a number to call directly. Thank You


Wrong engine shipped twice

I ordered an engine for my 2009 Nissan Maxima on November 19th of 2022 invoice #406687, the engine was delivered to Rudi Auto on December 12,2022. After the holiday my mechanic began to work on swapping out engines and noticed the engine that was delivered (invoice #406687) was the wrong engine. I called the warranty department on January 11,2023 of the error and began the return process, I submitted the requested pictures and warranty documents to commence the return/pickup process. The engine (#406687) was picked up on January 27th, the replacement to this engine was shipped invoice # 234708 the same day. Engine #234708 was delivered on January 31st, my mechanic opened the crate and noticed it was the same exact engine as #406687. I notified Mr. Brian Morris via email and text message and he advised he will look into the matter and get the engine #234708 picked up, additional pictures and documents were sent. Engine #234708 was picked up on February 6th 2023. I've attempted to follow up with Mr. Morris on several occasions between the dates of February 6th to current. Mr. Morris responded to me on February 7th via email, he found out the initial order was submitted wrong, he noted and forwarded a request to be reviewed by his production and warranty management, as indicated above I continued to follow up with Mr. Morris since then via email, phone call, and text message and have not received any follow up or information regarding the proper engine being order, any additional findings or how this situation will be rectified. In the meantime my vehicle is inoperable, holding up my mechanics lift, costing him time and money. I've attempted to contact the warranty dept on numerous occasions as well, speaking with Megan 414-677-**** who provided minimal to no information regarding my inquiring on the status of my claim/order. We are approaching over 2 months dealing with this issue, I would appreciate someone contacting me to advise on what is going on with this matter, and how can we get this situation closed, I sincerely and with an open heart pray my information reaches the right individual that will take my matter seriously and see this through to completion. Thank you for your time.


Order rebuilt engine from website - never again.

Original review Feb 09, 2023
I ordered an engine from The next day they messaged me it was not in stock. So I called the following day and Joe said wasn't in stock; they may get an engine in 2 weeks at the earliest. I called back an hour later and told Joe I found an engine so please cancel the order. He screamed at me and wanted 25% restocking fee. On their website, restocking is charged when returning the part/engine. I never got the engine to return it. So why the restocking fee? Canceling an order after receiving a tracking number is a 10% fee I did not even receive a tracking number as the engine wasn't even in stock. If they are this hard up to steal, good luck if you have a warranty claim! stay away from them! I have been in the automotive industry for 50-plus years and it is companies like this and the people that work for them who give this industry a bad name. shame on you. A company is only as good as its customer service and warranties me I could never treat another person the way they treated me. Also, they were only supposed to charge $2,680.00 instead they charge me $3,355.00 had a bad feeling. Refunded less $838.75 ripped me off yes ripped me off for $838.75 for a 1-hour order that they didn't have in stock.


Improperly crated and freight damaged engine

Purchased a used diesel engine. 4 weeks to arrive and the engine was not Properly crated for shipping. Damage to engine by shipper. Rejected shipment and requested refund. After 8 weeks have received int 50% refund. No communications from Used Remanns and totally unresponsive customer service. Avoid these clowns


Poor Condition Engine that I did not accept delivery. I still paid over $1,500

Im writing this review to help you avoid the ordeal and hassle that you may experience working with this business. I purchased an engine from Used.Remanns.Com over the phone on August 4th, 2021 for my Dodge Ram 1500 5.7-liter truck. Three weeks after I ordered I called to see the status of my order. They said they had no information. I continued call each week to check the status of my order; it was after over two and half months later that I started to hear they were getting the engine palletized for shipping. It took them about three months to get a used engine no requiring any rebuild, and they pushed past their own deadlines and sent me the engine late. When the engine delivery arrived at the Dodge dealer the mechanic called me to ask if they should accept the engine. He recommended that I do not accept the engine due to the poor condition, rust, and the risk that it could have problems. So I did not accept the engine. I never heard from the company about getting my refund or any other needed information in the return process. So, after waiting for several weeks I contacted my credit card company to contest the charges. Several weeks after this I got news from Used.Remanns.Com had appealed to my credit card company and filed to contest the refund to my card. They sent a bunch of return and purchase policies to my credit card company to support their appeal that I had never seen. I ended up having to pay Used.Remanns.Com over $1,500 for the engine that I returned and had never accepted delivery of due to the shipping and a restocking fees. So, how am I supposed to know all these policies if Used.Remanns.Com did not have the decency of communicating them with me? Please stay away, they will do whatever they need to do to not refund your money for selling garbage! I had the worst customer service Ive ever experienced with Used.Remanns.Com. I am not only not be buying from this company again but telling everyone I know about them, so they do not suffer as I did. Used.Remanns.Com has poor quality parts, horrible customer service and communications, and no integrity as business.



CROOKS! I bought an engine for my Ford f150 that was supposed to have 83k miles on it. Got it, looked like someone wiped their butt with it. Mechanic installed it and 2 of the cylinders were low compression; engine totaled plus crank shafts are toast. This is after they took 3 weeks to deliver it because they were doing such a "thorough" inspection of the engine or probably cutting it out of some piece of garbage at the junk yard (arrived looking like they used a cutting torch on some pieces). I emailed them and spoke with the motor refund guy and he said "engine worked fine, we have a video of it running". Dude obviously trying to weasel his way out of the refund. I asked him to send me the video with the serial number of the engine in the video to cross reference as well as a test showing compression was good. He didn't address that and said he submitted the claim. I demanded he pay for my 2.3k labor costs for my mechanic to put in the *** engine and he gave me a number to contact the support person for the labor side of the refund. I called the refund number and this lady answered and said "we don't refund initial installations of the motor, we only pay for the labor if the motor blows and you have to have a new one installed.. So now I am stuck with a $2.3k installation bill on top of the $2k I spent on the engine. Too boot, now I have to spend another $1k to remove the installed engine to send back to them to MAYBE get $2k refund. They tell me as well shipping isnt free if they find anything wrong with the engine, which based on all the reviews about their corruption, I am sure they will try to find a way to weasel their way out of paying me the full amount. After doing some research I found out that their parent company was sued by the state of Wisconsin in 2017 for ripping people off as is apart of a parent company that runs this scam in many different states under many different LLC names. STAY AWAY DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM OR YOU COULD END UP IN $4-5K IN DEBT LIKE ME! Definitely getting my lawyer involved.{{Redacted}}{{Redacted}}{{Redcated}}



Updated by user Apr 09, 2022
I’m waiting 155 days and still no motor. After 30 days with no response I posted negative comments on FB and got response within thirty minutes. But nothing from FB team since

Original review Apr 09, 2022
My engine went 155 days ago numerous attempts the contact with no response they advertise a no fault warranty but they could advertise whatever their claim is no good theres plenty of dissatisfied customers and hopefully this gets out the more people that they quit buying from the company they are good to get your check and once you need anything after that they are unreachable they go by another name also the engine shoppers and its a scam company I mean granite you get the motor but you dont get the warranty that they promise or nothing else anyone else that was scammed or hasnt received their warranty they should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

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