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2.1/5 - based on 65 reviews

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ReliaBilt Windows has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 65 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 17th position out of 170 companies.


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As soon as installed springs popped out of 2 windows when opened an one of the glass panes broke

Have called about warranty several times with no action taken as of yet. Installed in June no response by mid August


Get what you pay for

Turned to reliabilt when another suppliers windows were coming in with no quality control. These are just as bad. Of 16 windows two came in with damaged balances. All look like they're built by Monkees covered in silicone. I spent approx 15 minutes per window trying to get them close to clean. Three others are so sloppy I fear the homeowner will complain the first time they open them. Half were not plumb and a single hung window is almost impossible to straighten the frame since the fixed upper glass is glued in place. Two windows arrived without the purchased expansion header and none had the still extender.


Cracked window

We bought brand new windows from you 4 years ago 5 years now and the one for our bathroom the glass cracked from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner and we were told that it's guaranteed window replacement and when we contacted reliability we got nothing back from them and when you try calling their customer care service number it does not give you anyone to really talk to it dances around what you try to do I would really like some help with this


The single worst purchase ever

Is there a class action suit we could join? Windows ordered in march. Arrived in june. Half of them shattered and those that were not broken did not shut. Now almost December. Still have same broken windows and mist do not close correctly. The worst part is that no one cares. Cant get to anyone to assist. What a nightmare



My new window has a defective mechanism on one side that allows it to sag on one side when the window is in a raised position. I've been told that it can be repaired in place since it has been installed. Please advise. It is at the lake house located near Tahlequah ok


You asked for a review so that’s my reason for it. I found it extremely difficult to get any help

In fact I never did talk to a company representative at all. I couldnt even figure out from the directions exactly how to unpackaged the sliding glass door. I could not find a video on YouTube that would show me how to unpack the door much less give me tips on installing it. Then I found little cracks and some of the vinyl. At this time were still trying to get it properly installed but its not opening very well. Im not thrilled at this point


Wrong window size

I have used lowes to order window last year in 2021 Jan. Since then the window has been ordered 3 times and each time has come back wrong size.Can someone please tell me why its so hard to get the measurements right.I need someone from your company to send a installer to measure and reorder window.


No reply, bit I got the answer I needed from a YouTube videoem with Reliabilt Window

We just installed a window, but the two side sliding things that keep the lower window up and keeps the window from falling out when tipping it in to clean will not move with the window. Is there a trick to getting the pins to stay in the sliding things?


Inept and Unresponsive - Zero Quality Control or Interest

Existing windows, 18 years old are falling apart. Specifically, plastic tilt latches are breaking on several windows showing evidence of fatigue. We have a window broken, we are at 20 months and counting. Going on 2 years ago (20 mo), I contacted customer "service" who referred us to Lowes, ReliaBilt's only distributor. Lowes contacted their Reliabilt corporate representative who talked the Lowes Windows and Doors sales person through the ordering process. I took accurate measurements, backed-up with pictures of measurements. The order was placed and Lowes was told it would take 5 months for ReliaBilt to send the replacement window. 6 months later, Lowes advised that the window had arrived. Upon inspection, the width was 2" off and the height was a full 15" too small. Lowes store management was even appalled. Lowes management was unable to get Reliabilt to expedite a correct replacement. ReliaBilt told Lowes that they could not estimate replacement time. With Lowes buying power and business partnership with ReliaBilt, they were unable to achieve customer service from ReliaBilt. It's now at 20 months, and I'm still waiting for the replacement window. I haven't canceled the order because I really want to see how long this can take. IF the window ever arrives, it will be a replacement in storage. I've had the broken glass replaced over a year ago. There are ZERO redeeming features about ReliaBilt. The cheap product price comes at the cost of early degradation and no recourse for factory support in repair or replacement. The fact that this experience represents ReliaBilt's business relationship with a national distributor over several months indicates serious, deeply systemic corporate failures at ReliaBilt. There is clearly no interest or desire to meet customer needs.


No response to submitted warranty form

Getting more pissed. No response yet. I have a home torn up with a window half installed. With an inoperable lock on the wing casement, I cannot get the window open to complete the installation!!! Homeowner upset as am I!! The home owner has the receipt right now. I am a Millwork associate at the store the window was purchased from. You have the sales order number and warranty number already submitted. Heres the info again - s/o #0977**** and warranty # 4332****. Please respond!!


Discoloration window No seals

Discoloration Seals a broken The windows are uneven. They wont close. Scratching are in the inside panel.


My basement windows leak around the window at the opening part.

I called Lowe's and told them about the rebuilt windows for the basement. They leak around the opening part of the window. I was told this is normal! I talked to the store manager and she had no clue about the windows. I called customer service again no clue! Somebody needs to pay for the Damage Done to the basement.


2 windows i ordered are damaged, I would like to get them fixed please

Please let me talk to someone , I need to get new windows fixed . One window on the side near the bottom is bent and paint is chiped . Screen is ripped. On the other window the weather striping peace of mounding at top of window is cracked


Terrible windows

This is our second winter with these windows. Bought brand new from lowes. Sometimes trying to save money bites you in the hinney. These are double pane windows however during the winter almost every morning we wake up to frost and ice inside the windows. The seal job on these is terrible. You feel cold air coming out from where the vinyl us over the glass. Also, the windows don't all close right. If you're smart you'll spend more and not get reliabilt.


Broken lock on slider door

I called and got a call back. Gave information and was put on hold. Then transferred back to the automated beginning and it stated an hour and ten mins to an hour and a half called back wait. No one ever called back and not theyre closed. ON

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