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1.9/5 - based on 84 reviews

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ReliaBilt Doors has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 84 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 13th position out of 170 companies.


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(800) 445-6937

P.O. Box 1111, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, 28656, United States

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ReliaBilt Doors Reviews


Gentlemen helped program deadbolt

The installation of lock was easy compared to programming. Instructions not good in my opinion. Customer service was a big help


Don’t buy this junk

Finish is junk dont last at all even if it is covered by a roof Windows rattle in doors Screen does not close tight Seal on door leaks Pure junk $1500 Also Lowes is a joke for warranty They should quit selling this junk


Missing parts

I'm not calling about a lowes credit card, I'm calling about a missing part from my sliding door purchase


Replacement glass panel

I have not got called back! My cell number is 336-342-****. I would like to talk to someone. It would be great. Thank you


Broken window warranty

Reliabilt company does not exist and theres no phone number or address for it just scam. Basically they will transfer you to lows and lows dont do anything to help or stand behind this cheap quality product


Customer Service Experience

I have a problem with a Reliabilt patio sliding door lock I just installed. The key is stuck in the lock. I googled Reliabilt and then called the listed Reliabilt customer service number which connected me to a Lowes customer service rep (after 1 hour). The Rep then suggested I contact customer service for the company that manufactured the door. I explained that is the number I called putting me in contact with her. Reliabilt must be owned by Lowes. She had no idea.


All I want to do is get parts for the door and can’t speak to no one and going into the store wasn’t any help either

I recently purchased a reliabilt patio door and it didn't have a hardware kit to it I'm trying to reach someone to get one



Cannot get thru to them to get an RA# so I can return the slider I have and purchase a different door. Unreal



Used contact Reliabuilt online because all contact # for customer service were useless. Sent my issue via email on March 31, I expect response no later than Tuesday April 4. Ill update


I’ve been trying to call customer service. No one is available to take a phone calls. Why is that? How do you resolve questions? If no one will answer a phone call

All Im trying to do is speak to someone at reliable built doors. I just purchased one and Im about to take it back. Why canI not talk to customer service??


No customer service

No way to contact customer service . Bad at Lowes Bad at your 1800 I still need help . Need talk to somebody My ph 936-672-****


Bad construction of doors and frame.

The issues I've seen in the last 20 doors that I've installed in the last month. *** holes improperly drilled. Trimframes falling apart on prehung doors with trim. Staples on Trim not set properly. If I'm expected to pay 140 to 180 for a framed doors that is supposed to be ready to install I shouldn't have to reassemble the frame uprights due to poor manufacturing and poor quality control.


Frame detail question

I previously bought a sliding door with flange which was the vendor mistake. I received the door to my home and I realized the issue. After the complain with Lowes they picked the door from my house from and I paid to Lowes 427.24 more to get a new door with box frame. The 2nd door arrived I was not at home and when I inspect it before get it installed I realized they sent me the same king of door or the same one with the 2 sizes and the top flange cut, I had to cut the bottom flange to get it installed. I had very bad experience and I am trying to get the extra money I pallid back.


My door lock will not engage and lock

Reliabilt exterior door locks are cheaply made. There were two brand new sets on the doors of the house that I purchased in July 2022. About a month ago, it became very difficult to get the key into the lock, and once in the lock, it was difficult to get the key out of the lock. I spend three hours bouncing between Lowes and Reliabilt, trying to get support. Neither customer support agent was willing to take responsibility for the cheap locks


Parts kit missing

I bought 2 bifold doors and there are no parts kit in neither one. The doors are 6 panel texture molded 24 x 80 doors. #0010757 Upc 733263****46 Jeff sawyer


Missing doorhandles on sliding door purchase

I purchased a reliabilt Sliding patio door and it is missing the door handle assembly. Ive spoken with the people at Lowes and they recommended that I contact you for a replacement.

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