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Relaxium Sleep has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 383 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 7th position out of 351 companies.


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Want my money back

They ,took money out of my bank account that I didn't tell them to take,and it's been over a month and still haven't got my money back,and all's it does is make my wife and I feel sick


Annoying commercial

The older couple -absolutely cannot understand what the "crying" woman is saying. What is the point if you can't understand a thing they say? VERY ANNOYING. Please help us and ditch that commercial. Thx.


How stupid the fat lady crying about saving her marriage

That husband on the relaxium commercial sounds like a idiot. Why can't he go to another bedroom or the couch. If he says it saved his marriage he didn't much of a marriage in the first place. Does he not know how stupid he sounds.



How do I get the order stopped? I never had a subscription and you continue to send 6 bottles repeatedly at a time. We never agreed to a subscription. How do I get a refund? How do we send these six bottles back that we NEVER requested.? We are unhappy about customer service and product! We expect an immediate answer regarding return and refund! If we dont get results our next step would be to to file a formal complaint with the FCC. Enough is enough!


The worst customer experience I’ve encountered

I continue to receive additional orders of Relaxium Sleep though I only ordered a 6 month supply. I just received another 6 month supply and am having trouble getting credit and stopping out of any further purchase. The product doesnt work for me. If I continue to be delayed in a credit and stop future orders Ill have no choice but to consider filling a formal FTC complaint!



The first night I took this product I had the worst weird nightmare I have ever had in a long time. I am worried to try it again. It was frightening.


Very disappointed

I ordered it and I only got 2 delivered. But the company took 5 withdrawals from my checking account. Ive tried several times to contact them and of course I cant get a response. It did not help me sleep at all. I will definitely let people know about this


It’s a scam.

Does not work as claimed. Still taking it but it has not made a difference in my ability to sleep. Basically its just a sales scam.


Did not like the product and absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with

Ordered product did not find it helpful at all but kept product. Called and canceled further orders still came. Called wanting to return customer service was very insistent on keeping and continuing to try. I told her I didnt want it then she became very rude.


Order cancellation and refund

My husband was told when he placed an order, on the phone, that our credit card would be charged $119.00. Well, we were charged $179.85. We want that order cancelled and a refund of the $179.85 placed on our card IMMEDIATELY!! I want an email sent to my email address when the refund has been completed: nanasdell@***.com Bud & Linda Stinchcomb


I bought it at Costco. Quite frankly…. First night I took it was a horrible nights sleep

I have used all the ingredients that are in this product but for some reason, the first night I took it was the most horrible nights sleep in a long time. I usually take natrol melatonin plus magnesium oxide but was waking up too early, so I thought I would try relaxium. I REALLY WANTED IT To Work!!! It didnt. I called the company and they told me to keep taking it for a couple of weeks. So I did,, eventually it seemed to be working but I didnt understand why it needed to have a cumulative effect unless it was addictive, so I quit taking it. A couple months later, I tried it again for one night, again I had a horrible nights sleep. I dont know why, I am pretty healthy and dont take medication but for some reason it doesnt work for me. Back to my natrol melatonin and mag oxide.


Tired of phony infomercials

Fox seems to carry more than its fair share of phony medicine doctor supplements. We are all stupid if we believe infomercials touting weight loss, sleep products, capsules of fruit and veggies, and that *** my pillow guy selling pillows, sheets, mattresses, slippers. We the people are sick and tired of criminals selling snake oil and defective products. Our government allows supplements to be sold using false claims of health benefits on the ignorant public. Stop buying their lies and products and put these crooks out of business. Put away your credit cards and eat healthy and walk a block a day! Mute Fox on every infomercial or better yet change the channel!


Incorrect Billing bordering on Dishonesty

Original review Mar 14, 2023
Potential Relaxium Customers: I trusted Mike Huckabee and tried the product as a one-time buy. I tried the product several days in a row. I had to stop because it had side affects I couldn't tolerate. Later, I'm going over my credit statement and I see Relaxium billed me every month, sometimes multiple times, to a total of $763.97 in 6 months. This is unacceptable. I spoke with Customer Support on 13-Mar-2023. The representative said she would send this issue to your Fraud department for resolution (to credit back) all unauthorized charges. She confirmed the Fraud department will resolve and may contact me for additional info. I've heard nothing and I got none of my money back


Rachel needs to go

Please get rid of Rachel crying commercial. She is a detriment to your campaign ad. No matter the product success people like that on commercials are a huge detractor.



The commercial with the woman Rachel, as she FAKE cries how much Relaxium Sleep has improved their implied sex life...OMG please make the constantly repetitive commercials stop! I'm wearing out my Mute button and promise I'd never order this product if I hadn't slept in days! I'm not alone. There are SO many complaints that mirror mine!


Stupid crying older lady

Will not try turned off by an older lady crying in commercial how stupid can someone get to use that

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