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reimage has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 356 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 20th position out of 1129 companies.


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I don’t need or want it anymore

why is this so difficult to do? All I want to do is cancel my subscription. I no longer have a computer, therefore I have no reason to clean anything. Make it easier for me to cancel this subscription so you stop getting my money.


Lousy service

I am unable to cancel my subscription. I am also unable to reach the company by telephone. This is ridiculous.


Reimage is a scsm

Reimage service talked me into buying an expensive packag. E. I said I woul try once but I did not ws t to have automatic re registering for it on yesrly basis. The service was terrible. And they just recharged me $288. I cannot reach them and I cant access the service.


Cancel product

I got billed 69.95 through PayPal and wanted it canceled and a refund because I no longer have a PC. I have sent 5 e-mails with the ticket # that they requested and have had no response.


Billing question

They billed my PayPal account $69.95 for a one year subscription w/o my permission and then sent me an e-mail with a special deal for 29.95. I signed up for that deal and then found out they already billed my PayPal account. I would like them to refund the $69.95 they charged me.


Refund please

I cannot get help returning a new pair of Rockports that have not been worn more than 10 min on carpet only Bob Wilson***.com


Ill fitting

This is my second attempt to get info on how to reurn my newly purchased shoes. purchased new pair of rockports and need to return - they hurt my feet. Worn 1/2 day only on carpet. How do I return? bob wilson***.com


Resolved: I have received an email thanking me for my order and charging for 2 year premium product. I have not placed said order!

Updated by user Dec 20, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. The unsolicited order has been deleted and they have unsubscribed me as requested.

Original review Dec 19, 2022
My email to the address given on the statement was returned as undeliverable. Ive also sent an email to another address on the statement.



I do NOT like your program & am cancelling it & I want my $27.00 refunded. It's NO good and won;t work in my Dell laptop with other other software. Cancel permanently.


Company excuse for user problems with the Reimage application.

It was upsetting when Reimage deleted my Malwarebytes and my registry cleaner applications as PUPS. Their way of solving the problem is by remote tie-in. This will not solve the problem. I already made the recommendation to allow for exclusions. However, when a company's mind is made up, giving them facts will only confuse them. "The platform won't allow us to view your account." In other words, "Something is wrong with your computer, and we need a remote tie-in to fix it." IT'S NOT THE COMPUTER; IT'S THE APPLICATION! Recommendations: Reimage should remove the Real Time Protection. That should be a separate application instead of being part of the Reimage application. It's ok to warn the user of a PUP, but not ok to delete it without user verification.



i do not have enough money in my account to cover this charge! Please cancel the order billes 11/08/2022 for $69.95! Thank you for your help, sincerely


The product suddenly gave loading errors.

The ReimagePlus computer scan software product had been working. However when I had to renew the current license I noticed it was being renewed a month early. Three previous times I checked the renewal, they renewed the license one month before the license renewal was due. After renewing the license this time, the program suddenly stopped working. It wouldn't load and scan the computer. I called their technical support service and described the problem to a technical support/customer service person. She talked me into signing up for their technical support which, once a month, they would call me for remote access to my computer to check an fix any bugs and check the operating system. We negotiated a price that I thought was fair. After one month my computer began having issues. I tried using their software scanning program. It wouldn't load. That's when I called their aforementioned technical support service. I told the technical support person that their program was lousy and wanted a full refund. The tech person contacted customer service. I spoke with a customer service person and told them I wanted a 100% refund as guaranteed in their website. She told me she couldn't authorize a full refund. She called her manager and said they would only refund 2/3 of the price I paid. She said she had to charge me for the work the technical support department did on my computer previously. After negotiating for more than an hour I finally agreed on a refund that was well below the money I initially paid. Check out their websites and see if their phone numbers and software downloads work!


Horrible support

I bought the class and access code and still cannot get into my class. Anytime I email them I get no response back. Waist of time I would rather drop the class than deal with this piece of garbage.


Cannot get help for missing license key

Paid annual fee on 23 Sept 2022 Product ID 839674 but cannot complete computer repair as I have not received License Key.


Return of £250.00

I rejected your your software and requested a refund, you refused and offered me £250.00 which I accepted, I have still not received my refund yet. How long will this be ? I`m very angry with the way your company acts. Regards Dave Jones


Did not solve my problem.

Their service did not solve my problem. Now they keep sending a notice for a $350. charge. I have told them several times I don't want their service but the keep sending notices. It appears this may be a scam. Tried to call number on their email but was told they do not answer calls.

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