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Regus has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 65 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 17th position out of 763 companies.


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Questions on sign up.

To see if I can change some things on my account.-000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Refused late one time refund

Worst customer service. I signed up in May for virtual mailbox paid joining fee plus May, paid June notice they charged me an extra $25 a month to send mail to me I never wanted they snuck it in. I went away in July and couldn't pay as soon as I came back I informed them I had difficulty paying g but paid as soon as I was in America from a European trip. I asked for refund of late feethey said no and refused to provide it. They don't care they are over charging. If yiu react virtual mailbox don't use them terrible customer service and can't get out of contact even though I have been there for 3 months. Very disappointing and terrible way to start a relationship.


Charged for business that i did not use

nesales garant did not inform that i have to go online to make payment.which i am elderly don't know how online works so i missed payment calling them to resolve the situation but seems they don't care


Need to speak about my Buisness

Good morning I just wanted to make sure my account in California get canceled when the time comes I don't want that san bradno California Regus account


Account has been bloke for 3 months

I just want to cancel my account for the past 3 month but they bloke my account I cant login in to cancel it when I call to cancel the account they told me I have to do it online


Customer Service

When you call about a billing question and told to after talking to somone they will get back you in 2-3 days that is not appropriate


Resolved: Zero Service

Updated by user Jun 26, 2023

Explained the bill.

Updated by user Jun 26, 2023
I was sent an explanation of the bill. Problem solved

Original review Jun 26, 2023
I've been paying $132/mo for a nice mailbox. Never missed a payment. I then receive a bill for $400.00 without explanation. I have put in 5 requests over the past week and nothing! This company is owned by IWG plc, based in Zug, Switzerland, so the odds of getting help here in the states is ZERO! Trust me. I'm going to pick up my mail, change my mailing address to one of their competitors. If they prevent me from my receiving mail, then I'll call the US postal service on them. I'll then sue them for business interruption with itemized damages.


Didn’t see my refund back.

I want my refund back. They put in their mini written policy that I couldnt read about not getting refunded after purchase. Who reads today agreements and mobile policy and procedures all the 1000 pages . I didnt see it and now they dont want to refund me for just 30 hr of been with them. I didnt use their anything not even the adress . This is so wrong


Worst customer service experience ever

I paid hundreds of dollars for multiple memberships for multiple businesses. Then the moment I tried to cancel, they made the process incredibly hard and ended up double billing me for months after I had confirmed that I had cancelled. They have a stellar sales process that makes things sound good, but poor integrity and awful customer service. (The pics attached are all from months after I had cancelled. Eventually had to call my bank to block them because they continued to charge mejust look at that and imagine a company doing that and then taking days to get back to you over the phone and then taking 5 phone calls to fix the problem)


Services and membership

Finally reaching end of the contract. Unable to contact site to find oit if there is any mail there. Trying for days. No answer no response to my voice mails .


The worst customer service ever. The help desk is terrible because you can’t get nobody to talk to. The only person you are able to talk to is horrible, he doesn’t have no answer to all your question.

The worst customer service ever. The help desk is terrible because you cant get nobody to talk to. The only person you are able to talk to is horrible, he doesnt have no answer to all your question.


I wish I could leave negative stars

The worst company experience I've had in a long time. Avoid this company at all costs. Incredibility confusing on boarding process, invoice system and customer communication. When you sign up they quote you a price (and accept payment when you sign up), but then starting invoicing you for more money almost immediately - without any clear explanation as to what for. Customer service to even explain the process is worse than poor with zero flexibility to change how/improve their communication to understand the process. I'd never use them again!


Worse company ever - clown show

Regus is the worst company ever. Total scam, they should be given 0 stars but you have to give minimum 1. Zero customer service, total incompetent idiots in billing. I am still getting notices saying I am past due and will have my privileges restricted but yet I have canceled my membership months ago. They even have credited me my last invoice, now they are saying they need more money but at the same time I also had my credit card and automatic payment every month and they couldnt even do that right. Anyone out there looking for office space take my advice and GO SOMEWHERE else they are terrible. I should have known how bad they sucked when even the sales rep after he has you sign the lease agreement you cant even reach again. They should be shut down they are so bad


Locked out

707 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL (Chicago Northshore area) - Shared Office Space Location: Power outages have occurred across 3 Fridays and/or weekends in the past 3 months of Jan-Feb-Mar. Security system went down on all 3 occasions and did not reboot / reset. We do not have a contact for facilities emergencies during off hours weeknights or weekends. On the first occurrence - both the security system and internet access were down for 4 full days. Saturday through Tuesday. We had no way to get into the office on the weekend, and once the week started, we did not have internet access, which was a blocker to getting work done. Repeat the same scenario for the other two weekends. Many of us, as tenants, are running a small footprint business / company. We need our office to be available and reliable, 24x7x365. And when there is a failure, we need to have an on-call number for facilities support and know that it is reliable to mitigate and solve problems. Regus has poor support for our office building, and the national helpdesk falls short of providing any help or back up to our locale. After the first occurrence there were many tenants who provided feedback, complaints, and suggestions on how to mitigate this situation. Regus provided no updates, apologies, alternative plans for the future, a backup plan or any sort of communication suggesting that they were working on the issue. One week later - the 2nd occurrence took place and the same losses were absorbed by tenants. Loss of time in the office, loss of billable hours to clients, loss of promised deliverables / services to clients. Again - no communications or feedback from Regus leadership or facilities management. I made the decision after the 2nd event to leave this facility at the end of my lease, of which I am grateful that I only committed to 6 months to start out. It's sad though, because I like my office and how I have it set up. I like the furniture Regus provided. I like the office building, parking and location. But, I cannot accept the risk of business interruption AND having no lines of communication to be able to get this situation resolved. I have secured a lease with another company nearby. Perhaps this is an anomaly. Other buildings dont seem to have the same issue ... but I would say, be careful.


Worst service

No option for early termination. All they send is a "Courtesy reminder" for a two year contract without shame and auto-renew it without consent. Then they charge more than 10% every month for non payment of dues, even though it was their faulty card system that failed to charge. Just stay away. I wish I could file a lawsuit against them for $1000, it's better than paying them more than $3000.


Refusal of Early Termination

Do Not Use Regus Virtual Office Services!!! 04/21/22 We contracted for 5 Regus Virtual Offices with Account Manager Ravi Ramnauth. (Regus Miami Blue Lagoon, Regus New York Broad Street, Regus Chicago Magnificent Mile, Regus LosAngeles Sepulveda, Regus Seattle Ballard)The entire process took less than 24 hours and although we signed up for 5 different offices in 5 different cities, we had ONE Account Manager for the entire process. Credit card information was provided at that time, and all 5 locations confirmed card payment setup on the same day. (04/21/22) On 4/26/22 We received an email from the Regus Chicago Magnificent Mile virtual office thanking us for our recent purchase and asking us to setup our payment method. While this was odd seeing that we had confirmation of card setup for each location AND confirmation of initial payment, we added the card again. Between 05/18/22 and 05/21/22 we received confirmation of our second month payments had been processed successfully. Between 06/18/22 and 06/21/22 we received confirmation of our third month payments had been processed successfully. On 06/23/22 we received 4 emails saying they had made changes to the website security that would require us to add our credit card information again. Which we did. We only received confirmation of these updates from Regus New York Broad Street and Regus Los Angeles Sepulveda. Between 07/18/22 and 10/30/22, we received 88 emails from Regus mostly related to service overdue notices, restriction notifications, final notice notifications and late fees assessed to go along with payment confirmation notifications. During this time the only assistance from Regus was screen shots of where we could add our credit card to the account profile of that location, and WE played wack-a-mole paying overdue invoices separately to each location and requesting removal of late fees. I reached out to each Community Manager about the issue with all of them telling me that our card was no longer on file. We would add it, and before the next invoice, it would be removed AGAIN!!! It became so infuriating, that I requested early termination of the Regus Virtual Office services with each location. All responded with a location to complete this request. Regus New York Broad Street Jazmyn Outler, Regus Community Manager Team Lead Regus LosAngeles Sepulveda Priscilla Swanson, Regus Community Manager Ilan HubbardRegus Community Associate Regus Miami Blue Lagoon Amanda Orihuela, Regus Community Manager Regus Chicago Magnificent Mile Margie Saenz, Regus Community Manager Debbie Duran, Regus Community Associate On 11/02/22 Regus Seattle Ballard Community Manager Natalie Hayes reached out to me personally to help resolve the nightmare is our Regus Virtual Office experience. Natalie is a shining star in what has been one of the worst customer service experiences in my 23 years in business. She took ownership of the entire problem where all other Community Managers simply send canned responses and screen shot instruction on how I could fix "my issue." It took 2 months to get someone above her to respond, still with no resolution while my company had the privilege of paying for each location. On 12/06/22, I went so far as to document what happened as I attempted to add cards to each location and/or pay outstanding invoices. Regus Miami Blue Lagoon, Regus New York Broad Street, Regus Chicago Magnificent Mile, and Regus LosAngeles Sepulveda all had cards on file, but requested I provide the security code to pay the outstanding invoice. Regus Seattle Ballard did not have a card on file AGAIN. I added the card to default billing and went to pay the invoice. The card was not there. Attempted to pay the invoice directly and the system looped me back to the select invoice area. I wasn't even able to pay the invoice manually and notified Natalie of this issue. On 01/03/23, I received an email from Natalie letting me know that Regus IT assured me that our card would stay on file. On 01/06/23 Community Manager Team Lead Jill Dayton sent me an email to discuss our account issues. We spoke on 01/10/23 and I received an email from Jill on 01/20/23 that the Executive VP she discuss this with had denied our early termination.Solutions provided were to give them all of the remaining money due in the contract, so I wouldn't have to deal with the credit card removal issue anymore. Regus IT requested I YET AGAIN add the credit card to the 2 profiles that no longer had it, AND send all of the email confirmations that I added the cards into the account. If you are a small business looking to setup a Virtual Office for your business, do not risk the frustration or time required to resolve their issues. Once in a contract with Regus Group Companies they will not let you out regardless of the service level received. On 02/17/23 I requested the name of the Executive VP that declined our early termination from Community Manager Team Lead Jill Dayton by close of business 02/20/23 without response.

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