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Rebates International has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 556 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 3th position out of 763 companies.


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PO Box 99, Elk Mound, Wisconsin, 54739-0099, United States

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Didnt recieve rebates

I have not received several rebate from july 5 I have been shopping there weekly I am redoing our bathroom our floors in the second bathroom we spent a lot of money there and I really dont think I should have to wait more than six weeks to have a rebate come back in thank you you can call me at 859-512-**** please let me know if they are on their way I went into the store and they told me this is how I have to do it. I have three receipts and three rebate offers which I sent to you video. Thank you.


Have not received rebate in over 120 Days

I have called before about not receiving rebate checks and someone was going to check on it. I have never heard back. I have about 350.00 in rebates that I have not received. I am very frustrated as getting through to someone about this is next to impossible. I need assistance in getting this matter taken care of.


Terrible service

Your phone number needs to be updated. It no longer works. Have a representative to call me. At your convenience. 417-545-****


Did not receive my rebate

Phone disconnected immediately and was unable to speak with anybody about my rebate issue. Did not receive my $21.21 rebate for photocopied receipt attached.



They never sended me my $100 rebate even I did all what they asked I do.They charged my bank account for sign up and they are SCAM!!!When you try call them ,phone calls doesn't go true!!!BIG SCAM!!!BIG SCAM!!!


Didn't get my rebate

Didn't get my rebate $100 even I did everything what they asked from me to do it.But they charge my bank account for sign in and never return money for anything!!!This is pure SCAM!!!


My tracker says my rebates were mailed out in May I still have not received them

No the mother effers will not answer the phone I have not received my rebates and they owe me about $38


Missing rebate check

I have not received my rebate The usps informed delivery said it would arrive 2 weeks ago today but I never got it. I suspect it was stolen somewhere in the process. Below are pictures of the email from usps and my receipt. style="background-color: rg > 228** ** ****. 05/22/23


My report card has been folded and they can’t scan it. I need a new one.

My rebate card was folded in my wallet, and they won't issue me a rebate because I can't read it scan it


Missing. Not received my rebate

I sent in a rebate from Menards Hardware store over two months ago and have not received my rebate postcard. I attempted to contact Rebates Intn'l, but found the website difficult to navigate and did not reach or hear back from a customer service rep to look into the problem. Sadly, I did not keep a copy of the bottom portion of my receipts, just the upper portion, so I have no way to resubmit them. It wasn't a lot of rebate money involved, but for a senior with a fixed income, any rebate or savings is welcome. I have appreciated receiving rebates from Menards through Rebate Intn'l in the past. However, I may rethink where I shop in the future if I am not going to receive the promised rewards.


Want to know where my rebates are.

Waiting on my menards rebate since April 2023. I want my rebate or all the 11 percent back! I'm going to start going to Lowes for my building materials if I do not receive my rebates. This is ridiculous on how long I have been waiting!!!


Terrible customer service

Not Receiving requested follow up to four of my emails regarding not getting rebate for purchase made 2/17/23 Patio Heater $107.73. I received the rebate #8804 for the same Patio Heater purchased on 2/18/23. Both of these purchases were submitted on one rebate form mailed to rebate international on 3/3/23


Did not receive 11% rebate as advertised

I went to Menards in March during the 11% rebate they advertised and purchased 2 toilets, gas range, sink and dishwasher totaling $2,363. Submitted receipts as required. Calculated rebate should have been $259.90 of which I only received a check for $23.11. As far as I am concerned Menards and Rebates Internal should be turned into the BBB for false advertising. So much for thinking Im getting something on sale! Menards owes me $236.99. Unable to get this resolved with RI.



Original review Jun 02, 2023
I have already confirmed with Menards rebate support via email that my refund was corrected after hundreds of dollars incorrect! After weeks of waiting, it arrived with no adjustment and was previously voided to be issued correctly. I have filled all the forms, uploaded pictures and once they send me code to call a representative, it states, your call cannot be completed. I cannot reach a representative and this issue is so difficult to resolve, I have pictures of ALL rebate receipt numbers with amount to be issued as well!


Rebate not received

I bought eight dog kennels eight and sent in the rebate information and did not receive my rebate. The kennels were paid for in Homewood Illinois and picked up in Wichita Kansas. I had to re-purchase the dog kennels because I try to get a tax exemption for Oklahoma and I was unable to get a proper receipt. Here are the new receipts are received. Please honor my rebate. Thank you very much.


Never recieved rebate

I never recieved my rebate do too you sending too wrong addrress so please resubmit too correct address 110 N Arch st Po box 244 Monon IN 47959

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