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Ray Ban has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 520 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 8th position out of 657 companies.


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4000 Luxottica Place, Mason, Ohio, 45040, United States

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I want a refund

Hello i purchased a pair of ray bans about a month ago, towards the middle to end of july. I got them as a birthday grift for my girlfriend. I ordered the wrong ones and tried returning them at sunglasses hut but they told me they couldnt do anything about it. After about 2 weeks of trying to get a shipping label sent back to me my girlfriends mother sent the package back to the wharehouse in hopes they would contact me. I still have not gotten a refund or anything concerning the glasses. I paid $166 for these sunglasses and just ordered the wrong ones. At this point I literally just want my money back because this is ridiculous. I would appreciate it if someone other than an automated customer assistant could help. I just want my money back. Thank You, hope to hear from somebody soon.


Customer service sucks

I tried to file a claim and because you cant speak with anybody they have no idea that this is a them issue not a me issue. If youre spending $300 for sunglasses they should NOT break in a couple months of owing them! Waste of money and will continue to tell everybody to not buy their products.


Refuse to refund

What a joke! I spent $150 on a gift card on May 31, all I got was a confirmation email and no gift card. I eventually used their website to send a message asking for the gift card and they said it would be about 48 hours before I heard from anybody. It was closer to five or six days. Within that time, I called, and the woman I spoke with said she would escalate it and I would hear back within 5 to 7 days. Eight days go by and what I finally hear back from somebody, its to tell me that they will re-issue the ELECTRONIC gift card and that would take 7 to 10 days. WHAT THE ACTUAL *** July is almost over, and I spent $150 on May 31, and STILL have nothing to show for it. Its a digital gift card, that should be INSTANT delivery. Never shopping with them again. Im only sorry the recipient of this gift card (assuming I ever get it) will have to spend it here.


Sunglasses repair

Nothing to complain about, it was an error on my part.I punched in the wrong key on my phone and couldnt back track. Please proceed with my request. Thank you


Broken ray an sunglasses

I am at Kohls in brewster Ny where I bought two pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses last October (2022) after LASIK surgery. One pair is broken at the hinge. Kohls refuses to do anything as it is not their policy after six months, even though they agreed to seek these brand name sunglasses. I came here after being told by Ray ban last week to go to this store for help as I bought them here! Nobody is helping! Will you? My name is Irina Malichek. I need a replacement pair now during these sunny summer days. Hope that toy will answer! Forget about dealing with kohls - almost bankrupt anyway!!!



I dont want to screw around by email or AI. I want to talk to a REAL person. Call me at (859) 420-****


Scratches on glasses

I got Ray Ban sunglasses from my aunt before she died n I went to clean the lenses with a very soft glasses cloth that I use on glasses all the time n never had any issues till I used it in these glasses n now they are scratched n Im very upset is there any way they can be replaced


Unsuccessful Return

Good afternoon. I purchased a pair of Ray Ban glasses from the Al Ventura store located in Miami on 5/25/23. I was not satisfied with my purchase and wanted to return the item and be refunded my money. I am a resident of GA and wasn't able to go to an actual Ray Ban store to do so. I tried handling the matter online but my order number kept showing no record found. I then tried going to a Sunglass Hut to get the return handled. Unfortunately I was told that store policy was no returns after 30 days even though Ray Ban timeline is 45 days. So no I'm stuck with a pair of glasses I don't like and out of $239 I don't think it's fair and I will most likely never purchase from this brand again. I even tried calling the Miami store I purchased from and the store rep was really of no help. She directed me to call customer service. I did that as well and couldn't get the help I needed either.


I received the incorrect product from what I ordered

This is the first and only email I have received in reference to my issue I have not received any communication in reference to this issue and have contacted you twice for the issue that I need resolved at this point it appears there is no process to receive help and I want my money back you can have your product and I will ensure you that I would never purchase anything else from you Company ray Ban and or Luxottica


Terrible customer service. Fully automated and difficult to locate contact options.

I need a replacement screw. I went to three places that sell your product and they dont carry your very specific screw. The website buried the fully automated contact options. Once I got the chat link - If a customer dosent have an order number they are not serviceable. Pretty uncool dorks.


Lentes con defecto

Tengo un caso abierto en servicio al cliente y no hay forma de que me resuelvan nada. la Atardecer rayo prohibición Veneciaa nariz quiantes Delaware resoluciónponsabilizardy un terrible error cometihacer pocuéntame VendiRon unos lentes con el doble de graduación que yo necesito y además el aro lleir todo rayado. si No se que hacer porque nadie me ayuda.


I didnt get my order

Hello, I bought eyeglasses from ray ban italy that should have been in my country (israel) about 2 weeks ago. I have a problem because i wont able to reach the ray ban service in italy. And the order number dosent show me the order status. I have the receipt. I paid a lot of money and the seller assured to me that i will get the glasses to my country.


Ray-ban cancelled my order

16 days after placing an order with the website I received an email that my order had been cancelled due to "unforseen circumstances". Called in to customer support and didn't get much additional information. The glasses are still available for sale on the website with the configuration I had wanted. But no idea if I ordered again if the same thing would happen.


Worst service I’ve never had!!!

I am writing to file a formal complaint against Ray Ban regarding an unresolved refund issue that has persisted despite my multiple attempts to contact their customer service. I have encountered significant difficulties in receiving a refund for six items that were returned to Ray Ban's warehouse on 05/18/23. To provide a clear account of the situation, I initially placed an order with ray-ban.com for six sunglasses, using Order Number: 5307****. I specifically selected the option for store pickup at the Manhattan location. Unfortunately, Ray Ban distorted my delivery information and sent the package to my residential address, which is an unsafe place to receive such valuable items. Upon realizing this error, I promptly contacted Ray Ban and requested a correction to the delivery information. However, they did not take any responsibility for their failure. Consequently, I had to take matters into my own hands and reached out to UPS customer service to arrange for the distorted delivery address to be changed to the local UPS store as the new pickup location. To my dismay, upon receiving the package, I discovered that one of the sunglasses was secondhand and came in an old, dirty box. As a result, I had no choice but to return the entire package on 05/16/23. Despite following the necessary procedures, Ray Ban has been uncooperative and has refused to issue a refund of $2038.30, which is the total amount of the purchase. They insisted on shipping a replacement package to my residential address again, even though I clearly expressed my concerns about the safety of this delivery method. Unfortunately, the package was fraudulently received by someone named WILLIAMS on 05/24/2023. Ray Ban's outrageous behavior not only constitutes a breach of my consumer rights but also demonstrates a complete disregard for customer satisfaction. Therefore, I kindly request the intervention of the Better Business Bureau in this matter. I urge you to ensure that Ray Ban addresses this issue promptly and provides the appropriate refund of $2038.30, as Ray Ban charged me. Enclosed with this letter, you will find supporting evidence, which includes the following four photographs: 1. Ray Bans replacement order number: 5332**** and the total amount of $2038.30. 2. Proof of UPS Access Point receiving the return Package Receipt on 05/16/23. 3. Proof of Ray Ban's warehouse receiving the return package on 05/18/23. 4. Evidence showing that the package was fraudulently received by someone named WILLIAMS on 05/24/2023.


Sunglass demage

Dear Ray-Ban Customer Support Team, I am writing to express my disappointment with my recent experience with my Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (001/515**** *** *N). I purchased this product a few months ago, and I have always taken great care to ensure that it remains in good condition. However, I have noticed that the colour of the metal on the frame has started to show damage, possibly due to oxidation and rust, which is quite unfortunate as I always keep it in the sunglasses case that came with it. I am a big fan of Ray-Ban products, and I am confident that this is not the kind of quality that the brand stands for. I am hoping that you could assist me in resolving this issue. I would like to know if a possible replacement of the frame would be possible or if there is any other way to fix this damage. I have attached a few photos of the damage to this email to help you better understand the extent of the issue. I would be grateful if you could review these and let me know what can be done to address this. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to hearing back from you soon and hopefully finding a solution to this issue. Best regards, Jessica Cruz


Companies that still do business in Russia

Since Russia has invaded Ukraine, PissedConsumer.com cant stay aside. With this review, we present our teams opinion only - nothing more than that. We as an organization always defend the freedom of speech by providing a platform for consumers to voice their opinions and to talk about any problems they may have with various businesses. Today, we want to give voice to the tragedy of the people of Ukraine and let the world know the truth. A lot of major companies suspended their business in russia not to support the war. However, there are still large international corporations that continue operating and paying taxes in russia. Taxes that are used to finance the army of the aggressor. With this video, we want to show the consequences of such a decision for civilians in Ukraine and ask these companies to stop doing business in russia.

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