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RAW Artists has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 16 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 6th position out of 55 companies.


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I'm embarrassed to say I fell for one of their "shows" in Miami. I'm a photographer in my spare time, and they found my work on Instagram. In short, you have to sell 20 tickets ($25 each) to participate in the event, which is harder than it sounds. If you don't sell enough tickets, you have to pay the remaining balance. They provide you with a small, rickety gridwall panel. They promised lighting, but that never happened. The venue was very dark and grungy. In addition to artisans, there were musicians and dancers. I had expected low-key acoustic background music. NOPE! It was all rap music. They placed me right next to the stage, and it was SO loud. I could not hear anything. Forget trying to speak with potential clients, because no one can hear anything over the noise. A group of dancers decided to have a dance off next to my stall, several of my pieces were damaged because they kept knocking into the gridwall. I tracked down the event organizer and explained my situation, she was like "oh yea, sorry". I packed up and left after an hour. I didn't sell a single thing. Every person that stopped at my booth tried to buy on the cheap. Sure, I'm not Ansel Adams; but I put a lot of work into my images. There's skill, post editing, equipment, travel, scouting - a lot goes into it. And when people ask to buy a signed and matted 8x10 for $10, that's insulting. So, tl; dr - RUN, DON'T STOP TO PACK


My last showcase with Raw Artist was in 2016

I am designer I create chic handbags. The last showcase I had with Raw Artist was in 2016. It was an amazing experience for me, to take part in a showcase with creators like myself. I am grateful that I was able to showcase my beautiful pieces.


Too much money not any opportunities

Updated by user Mar 20, 2019
They also had children under 12 @ a show that was 21 and up and people were drinking and kids were running around and it was hot. They told me I couldn't have family under 21 but they had people there underage.

The set up is like a shack in a building, everything about my experience was wired and not beneficial I love being on stage and I haven't been in a long time I got my chance to me on stage and feel how it is again that's all I gained. I don't think that is worth 400 $ from every artist in the show.

Original review Mar 20, 2019
I paid them 400$ through ticket sales and out of pocket. I couldn't perform unless o paid the 400. And the experience is really bad no water provided in hot building of performance no amenities for artists. We don't have any opportunities to connect with people at shows cause most people are just show goers not many people to connect with artistically. Most artists are busy that night so it's hard to connect with a full house when artists are busy selling their image and products. Not worth it and I gained nothing from this performance except some pictures they took and I had family and friends present who took photos professional photos so I didn't gain anything. As well as it's not set up well at all. And communication was terrible backstage. I performed at Phoenix raw artists in 2017



I just did one of these. I fell for it. I was duped. I didn't do my research first and I was taken advantage of hardcore and ignored every red flag and better instinct I had. I paid over $400 after selling $180 in tickets to people I knew (oh, yeah, their prices have gone up folks, $200 in pure profit isn't enough for them per person anymore apparently) in order to go work for an entire night, earn nothing, and now have my name associated with this pathetic organization that does nothing but hurt new naive artistic locals wherever they go. I was lied to over and over and over and then ignored. You won't get photos after. They don't promote you. You will be forced to promote them. No one buys anything from anyone at the event -sold nothing- and neither did anyone else I spoke to that evening. Also, no, you will not be allowed to do another event for free after your first. That's another lie they tell. Good luck trying. If you aren't paying to attend or selling tickets then they aren't allowing you to attend. FACT. The 'event' was pathetic and embarrassing and I'm ashamed to have been associated with it for even one night. It was amateurish phishing at best, dangerous code violations and downright illegal dishonesty at worst and I've never been so taken advantage of in my life. Don't do it. Don't help RAW hurt more people.


Not really recommend

I was found on instagram and thought it was a scam at first. I contacted them through google and it was legit. I was so excited and traveled 2 hours to Portland for this event on the 28th of November and it turned out to be what was like a club rather then for art. The lighting was poor, the music was WAY to load to even talk about art. And most everyone was drunk. I sold One painting to another artist and one to a family member that had to pay an extra 30 bucks to get in the door! She bought a ticket from my link and they wouldn’t except it. NOT OK! The whole thing was just not ok to do. They make it sound so awesome till ur there. The art director that I had was so nice and stuff. When I tried talking to him at the “art club” he pretty much ignored me. I really wish I knew all this before I wasted my time.


Artist scam

I participated in an event that I thought was going to be more of a gallery setting with music in the background but it ended up being more like a club setting. It was dark, so no one could see the art. It was loud, so how is anyone supposed to buy anything if they have to scream at each other. Overall, knowing what I know about shows, it’s a huge scam that preys on artists and their families. Usually a show should charge you 10% of what they project you to make at the show but I ended up making less than 10% of what they charged me to participate in the show.


I wouldn't recommend it

A few years ago I took part in a RAW event in Australia. At first it was exciting. I was excited to participate and our first (and only) meeting made me psyched. Do you know how hard it is to FORCE 20 people you know to buy tickets and show up to your event? I remember this lovely lady was in full panic mode because she was having issues selling tickets which meant the price of the $400 would ultimately fall on her. On top of which, marketing falls entirely on your shoulders too. They recommend print outs (which I did) and lots of nights were spent taping posters to poles with no results. A week beforehand I had the deadline due of the $400 and I felt embarrassed putting up a pleading call for people to purchase tickets just so I could meet target. I think if you're going to make your artists literally do all the work, it would be good to at least provide the visitors with a booklet actually explaining who is showcased on the night and where they could find you. People also don't expect to part with money to buy your work because people didn't actually know what was going on. Surely, they make a significant cut in bar sales that night that $400 from 20 or so artists doesn't seem remotely necessary. It makes you a sucker and then let's you pay for it.


Resolved: Raw and you tube

Updated by user Jul 30, 2017
i decided that im happy and they can do what ever they want to do... if you put a hundred dollars in a slot machine you might win a 1000 or you might loose it all either way the machine is the same. what i think is not important what i do is my responsibility

Original review Jul 30, 2017
so go to you tube its like the *** twilight zone all the videos are of them no personal vids posted so i go ok scroll down NO COMMENTS no diabled NO COMMENTS just one one several vids that video is *** really ? i dont think anyone ever said that on you tube ever so how do you get you tube to act like that?its *** weird go see I would need at least 100 feet to show Marvin PhiRatio ..FB YT Underground Artist they have that in print and then they do Not underground Interviews head shot Im fuckijng underground that means no general admission and it also means we are the cool kids under ground is where main stream gets the leaf without true underground movements you have hearts sculls and blood on everything and you all be wearing your sisters jeans hahahah words words words words words words words really a hundred words


RAW is such an evil concept. Stop them. NOW.

YOU provide the crowd, not them. YOU stand alongside YOUR competitors selling to people who are YOUR friends and therefore, kinda not interested. RAW recruiters only have to find a venue and they guarantee nothing. I was a sucker for the hype but luckily, I was smart enough not to pester friends to purchase tickets by getting a sponsor to pay for all my ticket sales and all my printing. Needless to say, RAW offers a crowded market where nothing sells,populated with a lot of people milling around with drinks in their hands. I would never, ever pay money to anybody--- not a gallery nor a market stall nor 'creative event' again to show my work. You want me, ya pay me.


Raw Natural Born Artists - Review in Advertising category from Nashville, Tennessee

I am extremely concerned about Raw Artists. This type of marketing is deceptive and should be illegal. I am embarrassed and ashamed that I almost fell for this scam. Luckily, I caught it before I spent a dime on any promotion. They offer no contract, that is reason enough not to be involved. Never agree to show any works without a contract. Never enter a show unless it is curated by a reputable person. Don't be fooled they want your money not your talent.


What a joke RAW is

Pay to play, Ponzi, Waste of Time.... All apply. RAW is poorly staffed and poorly promoted. They have a great concept that is being executed in a way that can only be interpreted as dishonest. I spent over $300 on tickets and another $300 on booth setup. The music was loud, the staff rude, and the consumers were not prepared to purchase, leaving many artists upset. Participate only if you have the extra cash to mingle for a night. What a complete disappointment. I did enjoy meeting the other artists, so here's my suggestion. Flip the script. Go to the meet up, make friends, and bail! Don't sign anything!


"RAW natural born artists" is the Fools Gold of the Art community

They contacted me based off of liking my fine art on Instagram (email account on my insta) Then they explained the whole thing to me. -Its a "pay to play" scheme -It sounded promising at first, but the catch 22 is that you have to sell 20 of their $20 tickets(a 5 dollar increase from the past). If you don't meet the required amount, you will be stuck paying the remainder. -The show is real, that part is legit, but its not a buyers show or market so having art to sell or perform in doesn't really matter when . I learned from Facebook, tumblr, an article from Cincincatti, wordpressblogs, here, counterparts who have been in the art community for many years as well, and so on that its disingenuous to the very core. -even curators have stated it wasn't legit... -they are taking advantage of hopefuls,and extremely talented people who don't have to pay nearly as much to actually be in the gallery setting. -This is more about making sure they are getting money vs. the artists making money. -the woman made it sound like she was doing me this huge favor, like I was so underground and tried to say I started recently when I've been doing fine arts on the professional level for an extremely long time and succeeding without "RAW". Anyways, it didn't take long for me to find out that it was more like RAW that needs the favor. -As one always should always do with anything they aren't familiar with, whether it be education, business, or an opportunity- I did my research first. My findings were horrific. I backed out at the last minute based on my findings that ended up being very real. When I told the woman she asked me why, I told her point blank why, I never heard from her since(ROFL-wonder why).


False Advertising. Waste of Time for Performer

I was super positive about this show and happy to dance as a soloist. I advertised myself a lot and sold all of my tickets. Usually I get paid to perform, or do it for free if it's a good cause, but I have never had to sell tickets. i actually didn't mind as long as I received professional video, photos and networking. Raw does not promote their artists. I did all of my own advertising. I was mentioned once on their LOCAL facebook page (only engagement is from other artists) and they told me one shoutout was all that was included. They told me my Raw profile had hundreds of clicks...yeah likely from the people I sent there to buy tickets! During the show My biggest source of frustration was not having a private area to change. The models were occupying the green room despite being on hours later than me. They were also quite rude and demanded I change in the washroom which is highly unprofessional and actually quite gross as I do not want my costuming near a washroom floor. When they did concede and allowed me a square inch of space I was taking off my bra and a photographer came in and started to take pictures!!! I asked if he was the official photographer and he said no. So basically, a man with a camera had been granted access to the change room!!! Hello, RAW employees? wtf? I ended up changing in the washroom and by then guests started coming in, talking to me and asking me questions, including a colleague I didn't know was coming! I found it extremely embarrassing that she saw me getting ready in the washroom. This company does not have professional protocol in place to recognize that a female soloist needs a private area to change. I didn't even think to ask if this would be provided because I really thought something like this would be a no brainer for a company that hosts performers. I have never had anything like that happen to me and it really put a damper on the evening. When I wrote to the director about this I received a condescending reply about how she changed in the washroom too. The difference is she is an employee and I'm essentially a paying customer! So here's the kicker. The headshot date was changed for hardly any reason at all and rebooked to the big day of pride in Toronto. I was in the parade and had a gig so I did not get my headshot. The 'professional" photography from that night was atrocious. In most they were taken from so far away I look like a dot and the only close up I ended up using I had to crop and I think any pro photographer would have done the same. I have uploaded one of the 'pro" shots that were released into the public. I was also under the impression I would receive a video of my performance. Apparently not. It's just a compilation. Even that was promised after 6 weeks and it has been 12. Really though, what kind of show doesn't film performances? So basically I have no photos of videos to show people that supported me. There are actually a number of other complaints but these are the main ones. If you are a performer I urge you to not do this show!


Pay to play? No Way!

I was contacted by an incredibly courteous staff member, and told about this opportunity. I thought, why not. Until I learned that this was pay-to-play. But, as a musician, we see our fair share of 'pay-to-play' schemes out there. You invest a lot into it, and you get little in return. They charge you $600 just to be in the event and then they give you some tickets and tell you that if you sell 20 of them for $15, you'll break even. What do you get out of it? Almost nothing. Maybe you'll sell a T-Shirt or two, which you could do at a local bar, and get paid to play. What does RAW get out of it? $600 per artist. Nobody say that "it takes money to make money." Because you already spent money and time on perfecting your craft and for your tools. Exploitation at its worst. This has an excellent conversation about it: Google: raw-artist-scam-warning If you've had a bad experience, make some noise! https://www.facebook.com/rawnaturalbornartists?sk=reviews


False Statements/advertising of Promises that were never kept

I submitted my work on the RAW site after just searching for art shows and organizations and no where on their site did it say I had to pay to participate. I being a fine artist saw it as a decent way to get recognition in my area for I have not participated in any art shows accept those at my college. But, I had to wait to be contacted if they wanted my work is what the site said. So, it was about three or four months after submission that I was finally contacted. The lady on the phone talked a huge talk about how much I would get in return if I were to showcase. This information was that I would receive my advertising poster link a week in advance of my show, they would be advertising the event, that they would provide support for setup and the run through would be two weeks in advance of the show, that I would receive a head shot and video interview, I would be announced in what they call a features slot, she also stated there were to be over 800 people at the event not including the artists in the show that were already professional artists, and I could put any business related information on their RAW site so they could promote me as an artist (mind you with no mention of having to pay for this feature). It was not until after all the pure talk was done that she mentioned I had to pay $300 to be in the show. I had some doubts at the beginning and wish I had acted on them instead of being in the show. It was not until I said that the $300 was a bit much that she tells me about the other option to sell tickets to supporters. But, all those that I managed to get to support were people in my family and therefore feel ripped off and factor in all the other expenses that I did not know I would have to pay for. My totals came out to about $1000 because I had to drive four times in a row to get to the venue which was two hours away, the time I spent, the amount I had to spend to get my own business cards (which isn't this part of the promoting system that RAW is stating they would give me? No promoting done by them at all), had to buy my own tools to hang my own show on fencing that came in late (host stated she had none because people walked away with them and didn't get them replaced, and had to call out of work four times because the walk through date was rescheduled twice and was not informed. The problems did not end at the show I enjoyed the atmosphere but if I wanted to just enjoy the atmosphere I would go to that bar to actually dance and drink and not spend $1000 to do it. That day I was asked to come at 2pm to setup but the fencing did not come in until 3:30pm last minute and the host and the interns poorly constructed them so they were shaky. I had previously asked the host how to hang my work on these fencing a week before the show and she never answered me. So, I wanted to make sure my artwork was going to be protected and so I also had to purchase equipment to tighten the fencing. I had to go the day of to purchase hanging devices and screwdrivers. Show was to start at 8pm but I was told to be back to check in by 7pm, and so I did not get back from the store until about 4:30pm it took about two hours to setup. I had to eat so I only had about 30 minutes. The staff did not seem to care about the fine artists all they seemed to worry about were making sure the fashion artists were going to be ready in time for show start. After checking in I stood near my artwork and the show did not start until an hour after 8pm and they never even made an announcement that the doors opened. The schedule for the show kept changing first I was told that I would be announced at 10:30pm then I was told I would be announced at 11:15pm and would receive a text message to let me know when to go up on stage. I never received a text and I was standing near the stage pretty much the whole time from 10:30pm to close at 12am and they never mentioned any of the fine artists' names only the fashion artists, musicians, or performers. One of the fine artists even left three hours before the end because he was so disgusted that he was never announced and the only people at the event were people in the show and their family or friends. I waited because I was hoping that they would call us at the end and plus I was the latest scheduled person in the features section. The video interview is ridiculous as well as the head-shot because they never provided me with the links and I even looked on their channels Flickr for the images and YouTube for the video and neither are even there. The images were supposed to be available a week after the show and the video four weeks after and they are not there. Only the larger cities or those that make RAW look good are shown on these platforms. I was also told and it is listed on their website that I could receive one free RAW Showcase outside of my hometown if two hours away from where I live is $1000 I would hate to see how much it would cost to go to a completely different place to showcase. RAW is a rip off, artists do not give your money to them, what they promise is lies. There may be some cities that yes you could end up stumbling upon a break but this is one in a million. They did nothing for me but take mine and my family's and friends' money.


They claimed to know and care about art and artists. all they did was take my money and time and throw an art party in a bar. a bad party at that.

Ok. I don't pre-judge anyone or talk bad about things ever. that said, I put a ton of effort into my RAW event, I offered immediate criticisms on the RAW Survey Monkey in hopes that they would address the issues I found so disappointing and discomforting. I don't tell folks to do RAW or not do RAW. I will tell them the Truth and that they can expect, what they get and what they are on the hook for. It may be worth it for some artist to pay 200 clams to get some 'exposure', and if they sell something attendees will buy perhaps they can brake even or make a few bucks. But they at very least should be told upfront that they are responsible for 'selling', pedaling $200 worth of tickets to their friends or paying the whole tab themselves. {that's what I did because I didn't want my friends to pay, I'm an Artist not a sales person} I never got my coveted 'Professional Video Interview' and worse the schlep 'Faux-tographer' they had shooting the event, snapped a dozen photos of my 6' paintings with no mention of Me, , the Artist who created them; worse yet and most unforgivable, and illegal they slapped their (C) opyright Joe Blow Faux-tography across MY Art images...wtf? you'd thing they made the paintings. { this was rectified immediately when the LA RAW heard of it and had the images pulled, so now there's no images of my work.} As Artists we all work hard. I put a ton of work into the RAW event, it was like a 20 hr day.. here's the video I did of exclusive pieces I created to help market the RAW event ~> http://youtu.be/o_EaLag7L38 I am not ranting, I'm over it. These are just the facts how they went down. I felt like an over-educated Artist in a room full of kids who I couldn't even talk Art with. The staff is not Artists they're party planners. {well, now they started showing their stencil work at their own shows} Any how If you win Artist of the year, Great! that is good clout, it may add up to something. For the vast majority it is a pay to play plan. Writers do this too, they hire 'reviewers' and pay for 'book tours' whatever. If it's worth it to you do it. for me and my Art friends it is ALL about the ART! it either comes from the Heart or it isn't worth a ***; and all the pay parties in the world won't make bad Art good. You can bank on that.

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