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QuickBooks Intuit has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 161 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 39th position out of 1129 companies.


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QuickBooks Intuit Reviews


Cannot access Quickbooks Online

Good day, I have been having challenges with accessing Quickbooks online and I am getting an error message. Are you able to assist?


Cannot log in to my account

I am so upset with this particular situation where I have verified my acct, but cannot access it because I cannot access my mobile phone. This is particularly frustrating because problems I've had with deposits to my Quickbooks checking have been a big problem for four months now. The customer service agents are kind and seem to want to be helpful. But they have no power to solve my problems. And if I ever have to go to Green Dot Bank's customer service, it is a total hassle. I'm deciding what I need to do from here because I don't have time to waste with customer service issues.


Duplicate billing

I need to talk with a person please. I just paid my payroll renewal In April & now charged again in July



I was on the phone for over 5 minutes just to find out how much it would cost to go from Essential s to Plus and the length of the discount. Prettier simple answer if you ask me


Soliciting merchants without filtering them and knowing they cannot qualify

Offer pre-qualifying on new business with short credit history, then declining that business due to short credit history. Very unethical


Terrible company

worst company liars beyond belief Extortionists as well Bait and switch artists. Never buy their products ever again


Customer service office is closed-again but not Sales!

Ive tried to call several times during open office hours and I cant get ahold of a human. Its 0800 CST on a Monday! The only phone number that is EASY to find is SALES once Im navigating though quickbooks online, and they cant help me-said to call back. Someone has logged in with my password and no one will help me, my current password and reset options wont work, its says to contact chat service but no one is there! Im literally locked out of my account all weekend still to Monday!


Took a week to change my phone number. While holding all funds.

I've been on the phone with so called customer service since Monday morning. Every day all day long I wait for an answer then when they do answer they give me a bs story about there privacy and security policies! That they obviously do not hold up there end of the deal The telephone number on my account isn't even my phone number I have no idea how it was put on there and I can't verify my number if I can't receive the number. My telephone number is on my quick bookw account in other ways the number I need changed to. It's just not in the merchant side. Any way this has been one one of the rudest companies I've ever dealt with. I've been with quick books for over 20 years! Change my phone number now please so I can stop losing out on thousands. I'm getting charged every time someone sends a payment to my account. I'm meeting my attorney in the morning and legal action will be taken for the losses I'm having to take. 3 days and countimg I'm waiting on any competent person in the quick book Jerk Crew to please change my number on my merchant account. Sincerely RTH One pissed off customerIf the person calling has all info required to verify his or her identity. Then let the number be changed immediately so the new bank account can be added to receive incoming payments Thousands of dollars being held up and sent bqvk because you *** won't change a number that's not mine to q number that's on other departments of quick books Ridiculous and unprofessional


Customer support and lost of money

I am writing this as I am on the phone with QB customer support. Intuit's net worth as of July 18, 2023 is $137.48B. How can a company not be able to run efficiently and effectively making this type of money? This is 100% my fault. I have been with QB for close to 11 years, I will be honest I should have left them years ago. Being able to obtain any form of service is like asking our federal government to show up and do their job. It is just not going to happen. Never. I call and ask to be transferred to a department for support. I am told no. I ask to talk with someone in the United States I am told no and that I have to keep calling up until someone from the US answers the call. I get hold of the corporate switchboard want to talk to someone in customer resolution I was told No and that I need to call up customer service again. I make the call, and someone answers they transfer me to a department that has nothing to do with the scope of work that needs to be completed. Sir, what is the Issue, Can you please transfer me to technical support? No, I cannot, please tell me the issue maybe I can help you out. Mam, you are in Payment processing, not technical support, I really would like to talk with someone in technical support, Sir I do not have the ability to transfer you. What is the Issue? OK, mam I want you to *** do you know how to do that? She hung up. I do not care, as this company has just literally cost me $800.00 in 2 days. They created a quick book checking account without my permission, then started depositing payments in this bank account instead of my Business banking checking account as it has been for years. My professional business checking account has now been overdrawn -$435.55 with my customer's payments being deposited into this QB checking account, which I never authorized, Of which QB has apparently unlinked my business checking account from QB, So my customer's payments are now going into QB checking account of which I have no access to. I was on the phone for 2 hours and 42 minutes with merchant services and payment processing to get my money back and was directly told they cannot transfer the money to my business account, and that I cannot get the money unless I order a QB debit card, of which I still won't be able to transfer money to my profession checking account. Today all I wanted was to talk with someone in Technical support, to help me transfer out all my invoices, and customers so I can quit QB and go with another invoicing system and merchant services. I know in doing so I will lose the money in QB checking, however, not having to deal with QB, their cost, and their stakeholder relations may be worth losing the money. Qb Intuit's net worth as of July 18, 2023, is $137.48B. Can you imagine a company generating this type of revenue, and not having the ability to properly train, mentor, or inspire the workers to do the right thing? In reality, it is US capitalism at its best. It is all about the money, from our politicians to our corporations protecting their financial integrity.


Quickbooks support +1-88*-***-****

QuickBooks Support is a smooth, extraordinary and solid bookkeeping programming that satisfies the interest of all private ventures through overhauling all records in climbing requests. Programming for receipt creation, cost checking, stock age. All times, it vows to their clients to surrender the faultless and to date record. All times, it vows to their clients to surrender the flawless and to date record. QuickBooks support issues can be settled with the assistance of an expert group of experts. Our QuickBooks support group is exceptionally qualified and accessible to help you with every minute of every day client assistance accessible for issues, mistakes and component disarray with running software. This is the most ideal way to contact the perfect individual to get the assist you with requiring. Assuming you actually need assistance, you can call us at +1-88*-***-****


Unhappy Customer

I have had several calls I made to support and the last one today assured me the problem was fixed but not true. This is a program problem and is very annoying since the program crashes in several different places and makes me start all over. I have had three different long conversations but no fix yet. I paid over $800 for this program and it has problems. I guess that you do not care that I have been at customer for more than 15 years and at this point if I could find an alternative I would be gone, None of my prior QB programs had this problem. You not only raised the price by over 200% but I had a program that worked for years and now I have spent over 6 hours on the phone to get no results. If you cared you would get me a program that works. Fred Deeb 828-620-****. fdeeb1713@***.com


Tried calling about another account attached to mine.

My account was accessed by an unauthorized person by calling in acting as myself. I filed complaint and now they have attached an account to my existing account and it so hard to reach someone to help me.


Pissed off no help

You all started a credit card taking account that I never started. 8 charges have been made by you all . I have tried to have you stop sucking money out of my account. About 3 months ago you said you would take care of it and refund my money but I am still being charged for the account and have not had my money returned. The 10 hours I have spent on the phone has been a waste of time. I will be taking this to my state officials, stay away from quickbooks and filling a case.


Unsatisfactory service -

Look waiting time of phone - long waiting time with. Representative - no response of Business issues - call back feature is not continent land page and home is not useful Over all experience is not good - Service can be improved Naveen


Can’t give me a reason on why my bank account was charged

I received a charge on my bank account on May 17 for $12.18 into it pay me star in star cowbo and also for $53.24 on the same day and they cant tell me why I called the bank and they said they had charges on my account on 11 2222 from into it I dont know what that was for either so I want to know why they keep charging my account for nothing


Intuit is a horrible software vendor

I have used Intuit's Quickbooks product since the 1990s. I have been a loyal customer. About four years ago, Intuit decided to stick it to their loyal customer base. Instead of providing relatively affordable upgrades every few years (and no longer supporting prior versions), Intuit decided to try to compel its customers to switch to a far more expensive online version. For many months they sent customers urgent messages about switching over so that service would not be lost. Well, what they did NOT say is that if one is not using some of the features of Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019, then no functionality would be lost. In my opinion, omitting this information was an attempt to compel users like me to pay far more money for no good reason. I believe that to be an unethical business practice. Well, Intuit is at it again. Now, Intuit is warning as follows: "Critical alert. Support for your QuickBooks & Internal Explorer 11 has ended. Upgrade Quickbooks now." Well, it is true that Microsoft no longer supports Internal Explorer 11. However, when you click to find more information about this alter, Quickbooks says that it can use Google Chrome (or several other alternatives) instead. However, Quickbooks offers hothing on its Help system to describe HOW to replace Internet Explorer 11 with Google Chrome. So, I called Intuit support -- the people who lied to me in trying to upgrade to their online system a few years ago. Here is what I learned: 1. Contrary to what the popup information says, one cannot replace Internet Explorer 11 with Google Chrome on my software. Let's be clear, their popup was an outright lie. That is another unethical business practice. 2. When I asked more questions, I learned that none of the functions of Quickbooks which I use rely on Internet Explorer 11. Said differently, they claim that I needed to fix this was yet another lie. Intuit could have published WHICH functions rely on Internet Explorer. Instead of doing that, they try to scare people to spend HUNDRED OF DOLLAR PER DAY to upgrade to an online system which a customer like me does not need because I do not use those function. This is yet another unethical business practice. Intuit is a large company, and they certainly have enough talented people to HONESTLY describe the effect of changes so that their customer can make INFORMED DECISIONS about upgrades. However, they repeated fail to do so. Instead, they send out messages with words like "urgent" to try to get people to buy something that they do not need based on some deadline after which a customer is led to believe that Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019 wont work any more. Again, Intuit could describe what features would not be available after a certain date to HONESTLY inform their customer. Instead, they try to get their customer to make uninformed decisions which benefit Intuit's profitability based on an uninformed customer response.

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