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Quality Auto Parts has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 98 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 56th position out of 513 companies.


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Resolved: They mispacked the transmission and want to steal money as a restocking fee

Updated by user May 13, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Apr 13, 2023
They delayed shipping over 17 days trying to find the transmission. I requested a refund, and miraculously, it shipped the following Monday. It was received damaged due to their supplier not packing the transmission properly. My mechanic and I had zero confidence in the transmission since the torque converter was damaged, and we requested they pick up the damaged transmission and refund my money. Now they are stealing over 300 dollars as a restocking fee. Their excuse is they did not get much money from the claim against the shipper, when it wasn't their fault and definitely not mine.


I ordered a complete front clip for a 1988 suzuki samarai in July 2021 and haven't recived all the parts yet.

They will lie to you and tell you anything to get you off the phone.Very price poor service will avoid your call


Worst service ever

We ordered a rear axle assembly on 7/2/21 it did not ship until 7/15/21 and is not scheduled to arrive until 7/21/21. Their 7 to 8 business days for delivery has turned into 21business days. For a total of 19 days from order to delivery.


Pissed-off. try to buy a transmission .

the deal is set. We come to a price. I give Sydney my card number, and after a long wait, sydney comes back on the phone and said ;ok so with shipping that comes to;.... an extra $ 300.00...what a freekin SNAKE. hay sidney,, drop dead.



We ordered a part. They said they were shipping. They called one week later and said they needed more money for shipping. I said NO, cancel the order and refund my money! I disputed the charge with our bank. 2 weeks later the part arrives. I called and his response was "we got the ok to ship for free, so we did. We left you a message". Well clearly no means yes with these guys. I asked for return instructions and I was told to call on Monday. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE DECEITFUL JERKS!!


Positive experience

Last year I purchased a replacements side-view mirror from Quality. The person I spoke with on the phone when I placed my order was very methodical in ascertaining that she had my order correct. When I received the mirror, however, it was for the wrong side. It was easy to return, and I and received the correct mirror without delay. Good price. I received my mirror in the time promised. No problem.


Incomplete shipment

I ordered a suspension conversion kit for my vehicle 1. my package came late and 2. when I received my package it was incomplete it was missing the other half of the kit I took a picture of what I received and sent a message to the seller all messages was made within the e-bay site. I thought Quality Auto Parts would send me the other half of the kit this is what they told me we do not have the option to send you missing items or exchange purchased item please return the package for a refund. I told them that I don't want the refund just send me the other half of the kit. I said wouldn't you like to have a happy customer instead of a unhappy customer. they said they're sorry that we can't fulfill your expectations. And then I asked if they would compromise I said when they receive my return instead of giving me a refund keep it and send me a complete kit and they still would not help or work with me they just kept saying how sorry they are. And you know what they are sorry



My husband ordered a part for his pick up truck. This company said that they had a part and it was new. So they charged our account. They when I asked for a tracking number, I was informed that the part was used and it was broken. So they wanted to charge us $49.00 more for a new part. I immediately got in touch with our bank and disputed the charge. These people are scammers Do not give yourself a headache dealing with them!


Less than reputable

Tried to order a mirror for my classic car. "Quality" said that they would email me pictures of said mirror for approval before they charged my credit card. THEY LIED! No pictures and they charged my credit card without my approval. Had to have the bank cancel my card and dispute the charges. They are in Sri Lanka or India or Indonesia. How they can locate and ship parts from 10,000 miles away I don't know.



My Dad ordered parts for his SUV they charged him 500$ plus a 50$ shipping fee. He gets a set amount of money from the government. These people don't give a *** who they take money from. Im reporting these thieves to the BBB. They never sent the part and keep giving him the run around!!



I tried to order a wheel for a 2016 ford fusion titanium(hard to find). This company responded right away and seemed very helpful. Assured they had the rim, they requested our debit card info. and mailing info. They asked for a mailing address and other shipping info. Then insisted on receiving a picture. We sent them pictures in several different ways. They kept saying they were not receiving the pictures. We sent additional pictures VIA email and waited for two days. When checking they still had not shipped it. When we attempted to contact them through customer service a WARNING from Microsoft popped up warning that this was a dangerous web page and blocked it. We found a toll free number and called them back they were very rude and now told us that THEY had sent us pictures 2 days prior and were waiting on us to respond. They have not sent us anything. This is when we started doing more research and found all the other complaints. I also found that one address(main business) was a highrise apartment building in downtown Chicago. The other address was a private home on the lakefront. None of these appear, on google sat. map to have anything to do with auto parts. Contacted bank and filled stop payment and ordered a new debit card. Unfortunately, we can not erase our address or phone numbers from THIER files. As far as photo proof look the addresses up on satellite. Read over a hundred complaints available online. Click on thier customer service contact info and see what you get. IF YOU still feel ok about this business and site, don't say you have not been warned.


Sent Junk !!!

Ask for distributor and received junk!!!


Wont send my part

bought my transfer case on the 6th of June 2019 and they said they will send that day promise they say but still haven't sent. Everyday they said they are sending and then they say we will send tomorrow promise they say!!!!! still waiting



I wanted to buy a evaporator and all the hoses, primarily looking for the suction hose for rear evaporator, this guy was so rude, I could not get my point across to him. I would not do business with them if they were the only supplier in the world. They need people who listen and stop interrupting. HORRIBLE JERKS. DON"Y BUY FROM THEM ***


Sent me wrong parts not even close

This co has a good idea wrong people running.lack of communacation.english lack of understanding of any prod .and very poor customer service.my recomend not useing these people. At all save your self a headace.

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