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PureVPN has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 42 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 8th position out of 279 companies.


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Updated by user Apr 30, 2023
PureVPN did not reply nor answer. I will most likely change providers.

Original review Mar 31, 2023
Mexico is not on your list anymore. What happened? I want Mexico because of the best connection. Please reply On the internet, you say that Mexico is included. Please make sure to add Mexico like it was a month ago.


Auto payment

Although PurePVN stated someone would be in touch with me, no one has ad yet. They have not returned my money despite me not using PurePVN in a long time, they have no right to automatically take money out of my bank account. Will take legal advice end of next week Regards


Cannot connect

Not able to connect. Says oops something went wrong with the server area code 5014. Status says active



Can't connect. Can't get anyone from customer support to help. They have no telephone number. They say they are available 24/7, thats not my experience with them. WASTE OF TIME< AND MONEY! Their chat is a total joke. I foolishly bought a 3 year subscription and now can't use it, can't get anyone to respond to me. Very frustrating getting ripped off.


It's a fraud

They didn't return my money. I am sending the messages and emails but they are not responding. It's ridiculous


I would give it minus 1 Trillion Stars if I could!

Too much to list, avoid this deplorable company. VPN DOES NOT FUNCTION, the customer service pathetic.


I Paid and can not sign on

Help! I had an account with you and it expired. I have signed up again and paid and can not log on! Not sure what more you want to know? I have spoke to 'farina before and done every thing he asked except clear my cache. I do not want to do that..I just want to sign up. I don't see the problem??? What do you want all these "symbols" just to help me. ?


Won't connect on my fire stick

I uninstalled and reinstalled Pure VPN on my TV have had it for 6 months. Never had a problem. It says not connected and I try to refresh the list of states to connect to and it doesn't do anything


Request cancellation and a refund for your subscription. I have 2 accounts: purevpn0s567**** Triennially Apr 19

Please cancel my 2 accounts and refund my money, this site has never work for me, all the time my service is deactivated and I have to contact customer service to reactivate the account, I have 2 accounts 2purevpn0s1055**** Biennially Aug 17, 202****, purevpn0s567**** Triennially Apr 19, 2024



I cancelled my subscription but I didn't receive confirmation that I will be refunded. This is very unprofessional and bad customer service. It was so quick to take the money and then as if you didnt exist


Billing dispute for cancelled trial

I loaded this app by accident. The cancellation link on the website was not functional when I tried to cancel. I did a live chat cancellation and cancelled the account. I was still charged at the end of the trial period Please cancel this charge. Otherwise, I will post a negative review on your website. I will also open a dispute with PayPal Thank you Richard Kelley


Very upset please train your online support staff

Greetings, During the during the beginning of the spring 2021, I got a nasty letter from my ISP regarding my internet use. I then contacted PureVPN regarding this letter. The VPN tech mentioned it could have been due to the version of my PureVPN app. I was introduced how to update the PureVPN app on my HP laptop. I then noticed my other Dell laptop VPN version was outdated. I then contacted PureVPN again and they updated my Dell laptop with the latest VPN version. I been using these laptops this summer &; a few weeks ago, I got an email and letter of ISP suspension. My services was bumped off. I then contacted my ISP, they sent me to a web page and my service kicked back in after agreeing to the message link. The beginning of the week I mentioned I might have a VPN leak on my Dell Laptop (then after the fix was going to mention my HP laptop). A tech spent about an hour helping me but could not get the VPN to show connected in the Windows 10 network and sharing. A couple a days ago, I went to my HP work station's desktop. The VPN version was from 09/20/2020. This version allows the VPN connection in the network and sharing to show it is connected. Luckily I had version in my downloads folder. I installed that version it on my Dell laptop's &amp; it's network and sharing center is snowing the PureVPN is showing is connected. I spent a lot of time on this. But still a little nervous. Been hitting the coffee shop for internet use. What can you do for me? Can I please get a free extension on my Pure VPN membership? I am not trying to cheat Pure VPN, but at least three VPN online techs did not even look at my network an sharing center until the last support tech. "He was very good for trying and giving me the idea to check the HP workstation. This station has an older version of the app + a good network connection in Windows 10 network and sharing" Please cut me an extension on your VPN service for an extra 9 months on the house. Thank you, H


Trying to get my account deleted

I had a subscription with Puervpn, which I left after the time expired. However I was bombarded with emails about their latest "offers". I was simply not interested as their service was around the average mark and I bought a Nordvpn subscription. I asked them to delete my account, on numerous occasions, whereupon their emails suddenly stopped. Heck I even received an email from their CEO, so I asked him, no replies. I can still log into my account now, it has my payment details on there. Surely this can't be right for a company that's supposed to safeguard your privacy, instead holds onto your personal details.


I want to cancel my subscription and get a refund

You took my money forcefully and without my permission and I have saved the money for something else

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