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PureKana has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 143 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 19th position out of 315 companies.


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To discuss the refund of $264.00 !

The product side effects itching me all day the first time I used the product, I didn't like it,and I am having felling issues of like getting high felling of smoke Marijuana I thought it will help me to lower my body sugar context that was the advertisement I saw on Facebook advertisement, but unfortunately it was an the opposite.


Double charge on my credit card

You sent me a double order I called and they told me to return to sender. I returned it today. 8/7/23


I want to cancel my order

I am trying to cancel and I was on hold for 40 minutes and they you hung up on me I am try to call again


Cancel orders

Have not found it effective . Did not realize it was a subscription and only wanted the first order . Please discontinue delivery from now on . Thank you


I only ordered ONE bottle of the gummies and I did MOT sign up for monthly subscription!!!! I called to cancel and was told I could NOT get money back for some kind of OILS I did NOT order!!!

I was charged for oils, which I was careful NOT to order. I had a really hard time finding a phone number for your company! I know for sure I did NOT sign up for a recurring monthly subscription and when I asked for my money back for the oils I did NOT order, I was told that was not possible. I was duped!!! This is going to be reported to the Better Business Bureau, the Governors Office of Consumer Affairs, and the GA Secretary of State as a SCAM company!!! I ordered this online, and I was very careful when ordering only ONE bottle!!! I am going to post this on Gacebook and I have over 1,100 friends!!!


Cancel my order

My order was pumped up by at least 100.00 dollars more. What a crooked bunch of *** Cancel my order I made 30 minutes ago. CANCEL MY ORDER NOW. RONNIE LESTER 3436 N FM 1752 SAVIY TX 75479 903 782 ****.Stay away .


It's no seal on the bottle

Received item without safety seal I would like to get a replacement because it is unsafe to consume something like this


Return and refund

Made me horribly sick, my Dr told me to return it. I am sending product back after you send me via email a return label.


Refund not issued they hung up

They hung up. My refund was not paid they transferred me to another person and hung up after I was on hold for 1/2 hour


Over charged

I was offered deal online to buy one bottle and get two free. I was then charged 213 dollars on my credit card. I made a call to talk to the customer service ,but I could not hear the lady very well. My hearing is not very good. I think she said order was already processed and I could on delivery return the product and get a refund if I did not open package . I hope your company will do the right thing and refund my money. Thanks for reaching to get my opinion.


Not happy with your bait and switch tactics.

Dont show amount till after check out went from $39.95 to $267.00 after you hammered my card. Will refuse product and return. I expect my full refund immediately. If you expect to stay in business you need lessons on transparency. Will never look at your web sight again.



I clicked on the PureKana advertisement and I wanted to try their product for pain, tiredness and insomnia. They had an offer: 3 bottles for $29 each + 3 free bottles. I filled out my information on the order form but I couldnt submit it because a pop up showed up urging to order something else, too. There was No option to x out or deny it, neither to go back and finish the form so I closed down the page unfinished. I googled their phone number to report my experience but I only got a chat option. I asked their phone number bur, for $10 the operator wanted to connect me to an expert, so I also closed that one down immediately. Two days later I found out from the Capital One that they charged $260 to my credit card. That time I got their phone number. The Arizona based co. had a representative who barely spoke English and transferred me to an other one. It took about 15 minutes while that agent found my account, and told me, that the (advertised) 3bottle and 2 extra would costs me in full price $420 and Im lucky that the price was discounted to $260. When I told her about their ad, she said, its $39 (not $29 as it was advertised) and, according to her 3X$30 is $190 (not $120 as any normal people would calculate it. I asked to cancel the whole order what as I said didnt place anyhow (I couldnt submit anything and didnt even get the final calculation). I should get an answer right away about the refund but I didnt. Thiss the most uneducated and dishonest company I ever dealt with, a complete scam. Anna H.


Return requested

The online affiliate hung up on me . I was advised by a doctor not to try this. I was traveling so I didnt get the product and my doctor advised against this.


PureKana is a rip off

I purchased the product for my 50 year old daughter to help with chronic pain. It did not help so I exercised my right to return for a full refund. I returned the product certified with a return receipt to the return address listed on their website with a cancelation request. Then I received another shipment so I just wrote cancel on the package and the post office returned it as I rejected the package. I was charged again. Out 432.96 I decided to call them. I was then told they don't give refunds unless I have a tracking number. I found my return receipt and called with the tracking information. Brooklyn in customer service was no help and hung up on me. I called back and she called me back and asked why I was calling. I explained I wanted a manager and was transferred to Sebastian W. Magically after I give him the info and explained I could prove the address mailed to was on their site and wanted his email to send it, he could not hear me and his voice was going in and out he said he would call me back. Guess what? No call returned. I will call back...

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