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Publix has a 2.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1200 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 13th position out of 289 companies.


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Poisoned food!

Asian lady named Ming put hard old bread crumbs in my wrap for know reason. Had to throw it out. When I came back the next day a white manager was upset cause I asked for 3 pieces of tomato! Ming the day before I also asked for a 3rd piece of tomato. Is this the reason for putting garbage in my food! This is illegal for people to tamper with someones food. This is many times this Ming lady made my wrap. She never had a problem with me before. There are many other things she did wrong! This needs legal attention!


Concern regarding bakery

The policy regarding making hurricane cakes should be reversed. It shoulid not be considered making light of a national disaster. Most hurricanes in Florida are not national disasters. It is part of our Florida culture to have hurricane parties and having a hurricane cake from Publix is part of our Florida culture. The cakes help us Floridians dealing with a stressful situation. Please bring them back!



Hi team. I am a regular customer at this supermarket. I usually buy here, at least 4 times a week for 7 years. BUT TODAY WAS THE WORST OF THE DAYS, just for asking the worker MARIA XIMENA for someone else to help as a cashier. I felt really humiliated by her. And she told me, that this wasn't her problem, that she only is a worker. If any superior of this supermarket wants to confirm the fact, please contact me in , I will go personally to explain everything. Clients deserve respect. It is simple. RESPECT


Horrible Bakery Order

The rating is for their bakery. We've always enjoyed shopping here and never had an issue before, even when I ordered a cake from them several years ago. This time, however, ordering a cake from them was a complete disaster. I placed the order 2 weeks ahead of time. Plenty of time for them to call me if they had any issues with it. Never heard from them; presumed things were fine. Showed up about 15 minutes early to pick it up. Was very rudely told it would be ready exactly at the time I'd asked for pick up. OK, not a problem. Was back at the counter right at the exact time, and literally saw them bring out an UNDECORATED cake, they were just starting on. I had the sinking feeling that was our cake. It was. We watched the lady hurriedly slap the border and side design on the cake. Then another lady came over and asked us if balloons were OK, instead of roses on it. It was for our 35 year old daughter. I didn't think she'd want balloons. They said, since they were just now doing it, and hadn't made the roses earlier and set them in the freezer, as they should have; the decorations would melt in the extreme heat. They finally looked in their back room and pulled out some plain white gum paste roses. I'd asked for red and yellow. The lady threw the cake into my hands and walked away. Upon talking to the bakery manager, the best he could do was to spray paint the roses red and add some rushed leaves. I am a baker myself. Not professionally but have done cakes for big events for people. I, fortunately, had also baked another cake for this; but wanted her to have one really professionally done for this big birthday. That's not what she got in this cake from Publix. We got it home and our granddaughter said it looked like we'd gotten it off the shelf at Walmart!! I was in tears! Then things got even worse. I had requested it to be 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate. My husband and daughter in law can not eat chocolate. Instead of that, it was a layer of each, so those that couldn't eat chocolate, still couldn't have any. Also, the supposedly strawberry filling was barely that. Lots of custard, hardly any strawberries at all. Even with all the issues with the decorations, and knowing it wasn't what we wanted, the bakery manager still charged us full price for it. In hindsight, I probably should have refused it and gone somewhere else to get one off the shelf and just have them or myself write on it. Will Never order a bakery item from here again and, after the way we were treated, I'm not even sure I'll be shopping here anymore.


Me Michael Mattiello

I would like to make a serious complaint concerning your employee, based in one of your Florida stores. He has been harassing me for almost a year now and although I have asked that he cease and desist, he continues online, making fake accounts on Youtube, Instagram and Discord, doxxing my personal information, simply because I want nothing to do with him. This individual is dangerous and threatening and I would ask that his employee addresses his behavior as he has made it public knowledge that he represents your organisation. Kind regards


Deli workers lazy

Delie workers at publix mercado drive venice.are the absolute laziest people unwilling to do their jobs always have unfriendly faces been shopping their 3 yrs since it opened i am done.


, manager refused to give proof item was returned. .

In case of mix up or faulty record keeping the store could claim carpet cleaner was never returned. A contract was in effect the moment rental unit was paid for. If the amount was for a $12,000 loan and the loan was paid off in when it was due (would you leave without a receipt stating the loan was paid in full. Thank you, John W. Wilson.


Prescription services

Cant navigate new app will not install now. Why change simple app?? Who was the genius that thought this up there are people who are quite as knowledgeable so keep it simple. If it isnt broke dont fix it.


Deli Manager Robin Shepherd Fuller having an affair with my husband!

Deli Manager Robin Shepherd Fuller has been having an affair with my husband for 3 years. I when we got married I begged this woman to stay away from my husband and give my marriage a chance. Then I find out their at Publix in conyers eating lunch and engaging in sexual acts in their vehicles on the property and on Publix time. All I wanted to know is this something that Publix condones their Managers dont have respect for the sanctity of marriage. Who are yall hiring. This women have been to family functions I did not attend and lied!!! I thought Publix was about serving the community, but wow!!


Complaint re: Robin Shepherd Deli Manager is sleeping with my husband.

Deli Manager Robin Sepherd Fuller has been having an affair with my husband for three years. We just got married in December and I asked this woman to stay out of our relationship, she told me there was nothing going on. Then March rolls around I find out they never stopped sleeping with each other in his truck, her car, in your parking lot at Conyers crossing they were able to carry on their affair. I contacted the store Manager and put asked him to have a conversation with her to stay away from my husband. She got transferred and I thought the affair was over and then I get videos and pictures of them at movies, red lobster and she kicked it up a notch since she got transferred. I just wanted to know if Publix condones affairs on your property and during company time. I reached out to your corporate office and was told I would receive a call back. This lady has ruined my life and she refuses to stay away from my husband even thought she got married 8 days after me and my husband. I am going on every social media platform and tell people how they were allowed to carry on an affair at Publix where Publix was supposed to be based on family and core values. You have people in positions that are immoral, unethical, and Robin Shepherd Fuller is that person. Had we not spoke and I not gone to her job when I found out and called her store manager to beg him to talk some sense into her, She told anybody that would listen shes not going anywhere and shes not going to stop intervening. I beg of you to please speak to this woman. My health is declining dealing with their infidelity. There is already a post that is getting attention and next I will go to Tik Tok. Im trying to get this lady to stay away from my husband. Thank you in advance for your time and attention as it relates to this matter it is greatly appreciated. Cynthia Bassett-Robinson 678-497-****


The worst employment interview ever.

I recently had an in store interview with Luisa at the Dadeland Publix. When Luisa got to the customer service desk she was so unprofessional looking at me with so much discrimination. She obviously did not what to conduct the interview, she treated me with her body language like I had The Ebola virus/ COVID. The interview only lasted about 9 minutes max. I thought it was the first time doing interviews. She did not take the time to make the interview the most important thing. She was very quick and dismissive. Furthermore, she opened with I still need to interview more people. Making me feel unimportant. She mentions that customer / people are the most important for this company, but in this 9 mins she was making me feel miserable. She stated that she would call. The kiss of death.


Complaint finding more and more products missing from shelves. Covid is for the most part over.

Publix plays price gouging to offer bongos. 8.49 for any 12 pack of soda. Outrageous. Many products missing. 6 today. Have to shop at another store to purchase the ingredients needed to cook what I planned. Already purchase meat from another supplier. Tired of Publix prices for tough meat. The people of Publix are very pleasant but I go there for food items. If its not there I have to go elsewhere. We already but most sundries from Walmart.The items on the shelves in the pharmacy are really marked up. Overall many store wide products are close to 2.00 more than other stores.Why do I keep going there.


Rude Cashers.

My wife and I were checking out at Publix at Goolsby Point and the casher and bagger were engrossed in conversation and treated us rudely, we are seniors and have shopped there and Fish Hawk for 20 years this was the worst ever. As a retired manager I would keep Jayden and Sydney away from your customers.


Publix Employee Complaint

Alyssa at the Publix on NE Capital Circle in Tallahassee, FL has a serious attitude and one day it will catch up to her. Publix will no longer be able to protect her because it will be the wrong customer she *** off. I had an interaction with her, and now she avoids me at all costs. It's kinda funny in my opinion, but it doesn't keep me from shopping there. Its only a matter of time before she quits or gets fired.


Publix Work Experience Review from Bessemer, Alabama

I just walked away after 8 1/2 years with Publix. I worked my butt off and did everything that I thought was expected of me. The management at Publix show zero interest in coaching and training employees that you are pretty much responsible for digging through the RPG guides to learn anything. Then, they try to use this as a reason to not give you a raise. The truth is they have their favorites that they will bend over backwards to please, but if your not in the click then you are looked on as just being a labor issue. While I don't mind giving my customers the service they deserve and treating them the way I like to be treated, I WILL NOT KISS UP TO MANAGEMENT JUST TO GET AHEAD! The annual AVS is a joke because they don't really want to hear what employees really think, they just want the employees to tell them how great they are.


Owner? Yeah right!

I work at Publix also and I'm on a Workers Comp case and they treat me like dirt. They give me less and less hours trying to force me to quit so I will settle the case. They are literally a billion dollar a year business and they want me to settle a back injury that I will have the rest of my life for a MEASLEY amount of money! You are absolutely right they do not treat you as family or like they like to say "owner" because of my stock. BULL! Terrible company and it's all about the DOLLARS, and bonuses for the managers!!

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