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PSA DNA has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 102 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 9th position out of 763 companies.


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Check status of my cards being graded

Id like to talk to someone about my cards being graded as you last emailed me. Im a retiree and I usually wake up late. So I hope you open your phone lines much later for older people. But if its not possible, Ill try again until I wake up earlier. Thanks.


Not a review my question went unanswered

I noticed that you have an address in Santa Ana California can I bring my items in person? Or anywhere else? Or is that only way is to mail in?


$800 in cards vanished

On November 29, 2022 I mailed 20 sports cards with a total value of $800 to the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) in Newport Beach, California. According to the tracking information the package was delivered to their company on December 2 2022. PSAs website showed that my submission was received on December 5, 2022 and entered into their system Your submission has arrived at PSA.. This particular order had a 120 day turnaround time. At that point I didnt check on the order because I knew that it would potentially take 6 months for the order to be processed. I checked PSAs website to get an update for my submission on May 22, 2023. I noticed that the status of my order had not changed since it was entered in their system. On May 25, 2023 I sent an email to their customer service department requesting information regarding my order. I finally received a response from a representative on June 2, 2023. I was eventually informed that my package had arrived empty. The representative sent me pictures of the package but all of them showed it was still sealed. The company claimed they opened the package from the bottom but didnt have a picture of it. I was told that another representative sent me one email on December 19, 2022 to inform me of this situation. Ive repeatedly stated that I did not receive such an email from their company. When I requested to receive compensation for my lost cards they denied any responsibility or liability for this situation. The representative requested that I file a claim with the USPS. However that wasnt possible since the 60 day timeline had already passed. The representative apologized for the situation and told me that I had lost my $800 worth of cards. PSA still refused to accept any negligence on their part nor compensate me in any way. That response is completely unacceptable.



Can you please send me multiple forms for grading baseball card boxes? I have a few, and 4-5 friends need them too. Thank you for your understanding. Our internet in Arkansas is crap out here.Trying to send in boxes.



Is there a phone number to this company I have lots of cards I want graded but dont wanna risk the mail would like to drive in person and drop them off in further was wondering the process and how long a card


Graded questionable authenticity

I know the card is real I was with my grandfather when he got it out of the pack. PSA graded it a N4 questionable auth. So PSA is sell they don't know. Why does the company exist and we rely on the so much when they can't tell if it's authentic or not.what a dam joke. I called them several times to card back because it was taking way to long. I seriously think it made them mad and they graded it like that. The card was great shape. What a


Lost cards

I can no longer find my submission online. Its just disappeared. I followed my submission for a couple days, and now it is gone.


Pathetic - Joke

Original review May 31, 2023
I submitted a Warren Buffett autograph dollar to PSA in Feb and received a online notice stating that it was questionable authenticity. I paid these jokers $150 for there service. When they returned my item there was letter that stated the item was not authentic. Whats funny I have known Warren for 47 yrs and been over to his house many times. Warren autographed this dollar and a couple others when I have been with him. I submitted this dollar and others to JSA and all were returned authentic. I dont know what PSA is using and who is qualified to authentic autographs but they have know I idea what there doing. As I read other reviews it seems as though they have a quota to make to have some authentic and some not authentic. I dont think they even look at the autographs. This company should be shut down. Its a scam and when trying to get a refund from them they say we performed the authenticity process. Very Sad. Will never use this Crap company again.


I found mistakes damage on some Gem 10s, few times not many, PSA should not set the standard, they are as flawed as anyone else, I have examples

Buyers and Sellers should speak up, all graders use the same basic system to create the grades, Speak up and even the playing field No Monopolies,same concept (price fixing)


PSA is a JOKE!

I stood in line waiting to get the autograph of a very famous man for 5 hours. The person in front of me was a man that looked t6o be less than 30 years old. He bragged about autographs the entire time. I asked him what made him an expert and he said that he worked for PSA in NJ. I just laughed about that and told him I held little regard to the blood sucking get it wrong authenticators/graders. I have been doing it for 47 years. I think my experience & exemplars are better than PSA's people in comparison. I asked him if someone put a Mickey Mantle autograph in front of him how long would it take for him to be able to tell if it was genuine or not. He said he could just glance at it and know it!!! Do you see his response??? I broke out in laughter. I then asked how long he spent authenticating the autographs he had to work on. He said they have quotas and he has only seconds to look at each signature. Anyone that trust these *** are helping them ripoff novice and professional collectors.


They are ***

They ruined my 2k Lebron *** gold! Graded it a 10. Then the *** *** working the welder, dented the thing. Sealed it up and sent it to me, still as a PSA 10. Card is cooked. They wont reply to emails. I cant get through on phone. Absolutely devastated by these crooks! I demand answers! Ive spent over 5k its them in the last 8 weeks. Fkrs!!!


They over charged for services

I paid for expedited services which is 15 day turnaround for an extra $50. They charged my account and it is now a month later and I still do not have my items returned to me they claim because they did not put it on the expedited services. Its going to take me two months to get it back however they already charged my credit card over a month ago for the 15 day turnaround. You cant talk to anyone when you call. For some reason every day when you call at 10 est there are always 40 calls ahead of you and you have to wait for them to call you back. This is not what I expect from a so-called reputable company.



Updated by user Sep 06, 2022
PSA is unwilling to do anything except have me resubmit the item at the full authentication fee. I instead submitted the item to another reputable third-party authentication company and it passed authentication.

Original review Sep 06, 2022
I rarely write negative reviews, but feel that its warranted in this case. I submitted what I believe to be just about as typical a set of a particular bands signatures as youll ever find. In fact, the exact item I submitted was scanned for use in their legendary frontmans exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It was used to make a glass etching in the main hall, as well as being prominently displayed on the wall in large format in the exhibit. Its also featured on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fames website as a representative example of his signature. To top it off, the signature is very clearly and obviously consistent with an exemplar included in PSAs own AutographFacts database. Despite all this, PSAs conclusion was Questionable Authenticity, and the signers name is misspelled on the rejection letter. I understand that autograph authentication is difficult and that mistakes are to be expected, but not to this extent.


Terrible Experience

Poor authentication process on items I submitted. Not worth my money. Better authentication companies that will actually give you value for your $, and refund your questionably authentic items. You could waste 1,000$ dollars just for them to neither deny or certify your item. Pathetic experience, I regret working with this company.


They switch cards out 100%

I sent them 25. Cards have pics of all Of them And they sent back 24 cards instead of 25 and they literally switch out my fool card for base same card its sick I have reported this and DONT USE THIS PLACE THERE AS BAD AS SGC IS .


Trash Graders

They have got to have the worst graders ever. I submitted a card that should of definitely got a 9 at the least. They gave me a 6 on it which basically makes the card worthless. I can't believe they get away with basically robbing people. I looked the card over and it was definitely higher than a 6 which is why I sent it in. To bad they decided to screw me over. Total waste of money. Its funny because I sent it to BGS first and got a 9. Then cracked it and sent it to panini because it looked like a 10 to me. I will be sticking with BGS from now on because PSA has no clue what they are doing.

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