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1.4/5 - based on 61 reviews

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Project Casting has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 61 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 11th position out of 72 companies.


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3350 Riverwood Parkway, Suite 1900, Atlanta, Georgia, 30339, United States

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Project Casting Reviews


I was charged an incorrect amount

hello. upon cursing my profile and checking out the site, upgrading my account checking out paying 19.99, didnt go through the first time then once ii check my account, which shouldntve gone through, charged me 220 something. very upsetting


Because I can’t contact anyone from this place and y’all charge me without my approval and I want my money back

Dont care to share just want them to correct what happened ASAP because you cant get in touch with anyone, from this place at all they is no phone



can you help me i want to do *** what should i do to get this job so i can do *** easily thanks . Xxx


Need help

I need a refund I want to cancel my subscription I put for monthly and it took 239.99 out of my account may I please have a refund


They took too much money out of my account

There is simply no rating to be given. I have been paying for services and no one responds. I canceled and they still took my money. Refund or my lawyers...their pick



They charge your card unlawfully without your consent once your information has been entered, then avoid you liken the plague


Cancellation and refund

Hi I Cancelled this transaction as soon as it was made and I was still charged. Please refund my $119.99 asap.


Problem with Account & Unhelpful Customer Service

Aside from a ton of scams, my account one day said unactive but I have a paid subscription. Customer Service does nothing to help.


239.88 charge

Hello, I received a notice from my PayPal that you guys are charging me $239.88. That charge was not approved and I definitely do not have it to spend right now. I dont use the website and I thought my account was in active, please advise on next steps Id like the charge reversed. Thank you.


Unable to submit to job through app keeps trying to get me to pay over and over

This Company is a complete scam .. I havent not been able to reach one person on the phone to talk to them . They charged me $239.99 for an annual fee which suppose to allow me to submit to jobs unlimitedly instead it keeps trying to get me to upgrade and pay more .. I have send numerous emails and no one has called me back yet .. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE


You lying piece of *** you all are scammers I’m going to get my money back

You all took my money I didnt give you all permission I said cancel my membership wrong number liars


Refund, lawsuit & attorney general

On September 1, 2022 I paid $239.99 for a 1 year membership for Project Casting. As I navigated the site on my cell phone, I attempted to update my profile. The site would only accept/show 1 photo although I repeatedly uploaded at least 4 photos. The site had no fillable area for me to add details about myself, work experiences, interests, etc. I applied for 2 jobs, but there was nowhere on the site where I could track the progress or contact the job owners to follow up or not area on the site to view "jobs applied for". On September 2, 2022 I attempted everything on the site again that I tried to perform the previous day with the same results. So, I messaged my concerns and request for a refund to the site's "live agents" who were supposed to reply immediately, which never occurred. I attempted to cancel the service on September 2, 2022, but the site would not allow me to cancel! I received a unintelligible response from a site representative about 5 days later. As we communicated it was clear that the site employed foreign contractors with little command of the English language. They offered no concrete help or resolutions. I requested that they call me and my request was refused. I continually messaged the site regarding the same issues. I finally was contacted by someone claiming to be the site's owner. He stated that my account was canceled. However, when I logged into the site on my cellphone my account was open and the site still would not allow me to close it. Project Casting is a complete scam!!! It is unfortunate that the owner is a scammer!! I demand a 100% refund, deletion of my account and confirmation that my credit card will not be charged at the 1 year renewal mark!!! There is enough information online from upset consumers for a class action lawsuit against this fraud of a company! I filed a complaint with the BBB and they stated this company does not exist and cannot be contacted!! I also filed a complaint with the Georgia Attorney Generals Office and with the U.S. Artorney Generals Office!


They are taking peoples money

They billed me 239 without my consent making fake propaganda for their subscription. Be careful with this people they are cheating others. Even they charged me and reimburse 3 times.



They did not notify me of subscription renewal and more than doubled yearly fee. Scammers If you subscribe use a credit card otherwise you are out of luck with the this scam


Delete pics on my account why can't I do it

Delete my pics off my account y isn't it so east to delete pics off tour Acct but easy to upliad please please please please please please delete my photos

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