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Preview Models has a 3.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 136 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 5th position out of 72 companies.


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7047 E. Greenway Pkwy STE 250, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85254, United States

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Preview Models Reviews


Preview Models are scamming still they should be stop

this company is money hungry just like another scam modeling Agency called VIP IGNITES they are on Facebook ads. stay away from these two agencies they are a joke


Great networking

People clearly need to know the difference between an agency and an LLC company. Yes, you never pay an agency. Preview Models is NOT an agency. They clearly tell people this upfront. I guess people hear what they want to hear. Preview Models coaches you and gives you the opportunities, it's all up to your personality to shine thru to get the agencies attention.


Scam Scam Scam!!!

This company recruited my daughter and had her believing that she was about to become the next big thing. They tell you in the first meeting that you should never pay have to pay a penny to become a model but then send you home with a pamphlet that states in fine print that there is a 6k charge for their services. They are literally just trying to get your hard earned money and nothing else. This is horrible and heartbreaking to these young people that arent reading the fine print and are naive to these kind of scams. Dont waste your time!



You are NOT supposed to PAY a PENNY!!! If they want you, they PAY YOU! NOT the other way around. This Is A Scam to get you to pay them (money)!!!


I paid for their service

Paying over $3k for this company is the biggest regret of my life. I wish I could turn back time and I did not sign their contract. Their so called models are not even near average beauty standards because they pick whoever willing to pay for their scam. Their fees and charges are ridiculous and unreasonable. I am only writing this so that their life does not get ruined by this company. I paid for premium service which offers 2 photoshoots and 2 runaway walks. When the casting started, nobody gave me option to walk twice because the spots were filled already given to the ones who walked before me. Their photoshoots are convention photographer quality. They also charge extra for giving you more than 1 photo (guess thats how they make money). Their presentations are *** and I regret hearing every single word from them. After the runaway that barely any person came, I got a call back from casting company. And preview models promoted it as ~70% of our new models got a call back! It's a scam, believe me, they will tell u that they are not looking for u at this moment and never call u back.



Preview Models is a PRODUCTION company- not a modeling agency. Like Barbizon, they give you experience, exposure, and education, but on an adult level. People are saying they didn't get signed and seem super upset, but in our meetings they literally TELL you that you have to put in the work and that it's NO guarantee you will get signed. They even said you should neverrr pay for an agency to represent you . So im not quite sure why everyone is so upset. They never guarantee you instant fame or fortune, or really anything besides their willingness to work with you and prep you as best as possible for the show. (I just started the process with them) Some of y'all need to learn to read carefully and ask thorough questions to prevent any confusion/let downs in this industry. In the entertainment industry, your confidence WILL be ripped apart, it's all cutthroat.


Super sad this happened to me

I lost an immediate family member 3 days before I was supposed to leave for LA for the March Production. I had to plan a whole funeral and attend one, I asked if I could attend the June production with them considering how much I paid and how extensive my issue was and why I couldnt attend as I was heart broken. They told me id be an extra $700 to attend the June production.. Its just sad, they want me to pay more with the 3k I already spent because I couldnt attend the march one because of an ACTUAL reason.


I took a risk it really was a scam.

It's just an agency that isn't an agency they get agents together give half people call backs only 3 get signed out of a hundred. The 3 are probably hired models. They have you pay close to 5000 say you'll get an experience and get to walk more if you pay more but it's not guaranteed it's up to the designer has to pick you. Then they pressure you to buy their cloths they make you bring your own makeup. They pressure you to buy pictures, and they also make you pay shipping for the comp cards to that are bad quality but your own outfits. They pretend you are their superstar, but they are only out for money. Preview models doesn't even feed you for the price you pay you will wait around all day with just water and wasting your time unorganized. you will have pay more than 1000 to stay at hotel, plus flight everything else so experience is about 10,000 to have your hope shot down.if it's worth this to cry. Also they say you get good seats for parents and put you in the back where literally you can't see. The just give you basic unedited pictures.go to local agency



I'm so happy that Preview Models gave me this opportunity to do something that is completely out of my comfort zone. So grateful for the teachings that helped value myself. So thankful to the people who took their time and efforts to help each model. This experience was memorable! I'd highly recommend it!


So grateful I chose Preview Models.

I was chosen to participate in the October 2018 Preview Models runway event and I’m so glad that I chose to trust the process. When I started with them I only had a couple of months experience with modeling, after Preview local designers, photographers, and shows were dying to work with me. Preview, whether you get signed with an agency or not, puts you on a fast track of knowledge, training, and experience that puts you leagues ahead of the rest. What you choose to do with that knowledge, training, and experience is up to you and your own work ethic. It also gave me the confidence I needed to really grow in the industry. I now work for a modeling company and I literally have Preview Models to thank for it. Does it cost money? Yes... it’s an investment. What you do with that investment is all up to you! The team is amazing and makes themselves very available to the models for any questions or concerns. They are a trustworthy company and I not only had a blast at the show and in LA, but am so thankful for the experience and training!


Preview Models Experience from personal experience!!!

I had an amazing time on this adventure. This gave me the opportunity to know what it feels like to be in a live action show, I really felt like I was apart of it already! It was a real life experience. The whole team was so supportive and understanding and I met so many amazing and talented women and girls!! Going into this I had absolutely zero knowledge about how things in the industry worked. Having gone through this whole experience I now feel confident enough to say I have the basic tools I need to start putting myself out there! It was a great investment for what I am aiming towards and I couldn't be more stoked. I went into this with a positive attitude knowing my chances of anything are only as good as I made them. After all the meetings and sessions I definitely felt confident enough to meet with the various agencies present! Hard work made for a great and fun experience. THANK YOU PREVIEW for an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and gain confidence. All my love Elizabeth Mary!


Great experience

I think this was the best experience ever,having an opportunity to talk to agencies face to face was the best thing ever.the organization team offer the best services.i appreciate taking part in preview models


Positive review

What am amazing experience my daughter had the staff of preview models are wonderful, helpful,and awesome. This is our first time in California with the preview model agency. I love the setup that was done and my daughter says all of the models was nice so it gave her a chance to network with all different models. We enjoy preview models yal rock.


Preview Models Praise

Great production... with plenty of opportunities and great experiences for anyone who is looking into modeling and acting. As well as just helping you build your self esteem and confidence. My daughter had a wonderful experience.. made life long friends and would do this all over again. Very rewarding week. Thank you Preview Models Agency for making us a part of your family. Cindy Taylor...daughter Jade Taylor


Great weekend!

My daughter had a wonderful experience and she learned so much. It was a busy weekend and everything was a great experience. If you are interested in the modeling and acting industry this is a very good first experience.

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