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PowertrainDirect has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 51 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 79th position out of 513 companies.


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Bad motor

bad motor not can't get anyone the phone need help 336-339-**** with lawyer Thanks brother or sister


Purchased a engine , sent my engine for a refund of $430 havent seen my refund ???

saw internet add about refund for engine exchange .. when you purchase engine .. have not seen any refund spoke to them 2 years ago and they said im one the list for the refund check ,, but nothing


These people are scammers

ken, carol, and ben Lancaster are scam artists. Ive known them since I was a child and watched them scam and lie to every single person they come into contact with. Ben is their son and its new to me that they involve him in their *** but not shocking because hes as bad as they are. They are currently scamming my father who has known them for 30 years, having him invest in a non existent company. I will be doing whatever it takes to take these people down because I have watched these people destroy to many lives to count by stealing peoples money and lying to them. DO NOT EVER buy anything from these people or listen to a single word they say. Not only are thy lying *** bags but they use God and Christian works in their scams. SICK!!


Run away from this company! CROOKS

They never returned the $700.00 core deposit that I paid them.


Never received trans

They stole my 1500. Was told the had one in stock. Waited for shipping info and never got any. After a week i called and they said it was on a 4 week build. After that they said they didnt have one. Was supposed to send me a refund and i never got one.


Company will screw you and lie to you

since I have been screwed out of my core rebate, i have made many attempts to contact someone and get no answers from emails or phone. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH POWERTRAIN DIRECT The government should move in on them! They have hurt a lot of people


Motor warranty

I bought a motor from them and it don’t even have 20 thousand miles on it and it’s smoking and burning oil I need to know how to go about the warranty since they got sued


On Dec. 1, 2016, I purchased a remanufactured transmission for my 2009 Nissan Rogue. It has worked great until about 2 months ago when it now slows down to arount 40-45 mph max. It wont go any fast

After driving on the interstate for about an hour, the transmission slows down to 40 mph & wont go any faster. The Trans was installed & programmed by Superior Nissan in Conway, AR on 12/1/2016. I was given a 3 year unlimited warranty, but the Company wont talk to me. My name is Douglas Wadklins EM: dougwadkins@***.net.


I purchased an F150 5.4L Engine with a lifetime warranty and it has failed

Updated by user Aug 12, 2019
This engine was supposed to have a lifetime warranty, which I took to mean for the time I owned the truck. I understand an engine does not last forever.

Original review Aug 12, 2019
I have an '05 F-150 with the 5.4L engine that had the cam phase changer defect. I called Powertrain Direct and was assured that I would receive a new engine with newly designed cam phase changers as well as a newly designed spark plug port (of which I did not have a problem). I received the engine and within two years the cam phase changers have failed. Now, I don't even see the company is in business anymore. I have put countless dollars into this truck and my faith in Powertrain Direct only to purchase another failed product.


Bought engine and transmission from them and both have failed

Engine failed in less than 30000 miles and inspector with insurance said it overheated and my mechanic disputes this and I drive the vehicle and it did not. The transmission failed with less than 40000 miles and with the last interaction is probably not worth the labor to deal with these crooks. Would join the class action suit if it would stop these crooks from hurting someone else. Thanks


Horrible service

Ordered a motor finally arrived after much aggravation, returned core to the shop stated in the shipping return , contacted core company for my 500$ core return was told that was coming from Powertrain Direct he gave me a phone number and that number was out of service as were all email contacts ! I am out $500


My warranty and extended warranty.

I payed 3,446 dollars for my motor. So far i have not had a problem with my motor yet. I just had it installed this week. My concern is my warranty. 3 years or a hundred thousand miles guaranteed. I also payed the extra $400 for the extended warranty. Was told that they would send another motor out for free even if it was due to my fault because I payed for the extended warranty. Obviously they knew they was going out of business so I don't understand why they just didn't sell the motor as is and lower the price. I'm asking for at least half of my money back just in case this motor goes bad that way I will be able to replace it with another 5.3 it's only right. They also told me they we're going to pick up my core motor. Never did. I only went with this company because the 3 years or hundred thousand mile warranty caught my attention an i new i would not have to worried about another motor during that time frame. Now I'm afraid to drive the truck because if the motor go out now I'll be right back where I started.


Still araound?

A couple of weeks after Powertrain Direct dropped off the radar, a new, very similar site called Premier Powertrain popped up. Just sayin'


No core refund, no phone, no email

I purchased a 6.4 diesel reman motor in feb from salesman Sam Porter, shipped out in 10 days. Returned the core in less then the 60 day time period. Have been waiting ever since, they wont answer phone calls, or emails cant be delivered because they removed or blocked my attemps. Lucky for me i have no issues with motor im just out my $1400 core charge and hopefully i will not need the warrantty.


No return on core charge

Purchase Motor returned the core never received the core charge



Updated by user Mar 26, 2020
Powertrain Direct LLCBen Lancaster Carol Lancaster Ken Lancaster(512) 550-****

Updated by user Nov 14, 2019
NEW INFORMATION ON THE LANCASTER!!!!POWERTRAIN DIRECT & COMPANY ContactKCP.org1904 County Road 128Burnet, TX 78611(9**) **0-1453answers@***.org

Updated by user Apr 20, 2019
PLEASE READ!!!! The Owners of Powertrain Direct LLC, are at this address if you would like to pursue litigation.. Kenneth Lancaster Carol Lancaster 8128 Vine Wood Dr North Richland Hills, TX 76182

Updated by user Apr 19, 2019
Ken Lancaster 972.434.9500 - office 972.890.1452 - mobile Carol Lancaster 972.434.9500 - office 972.890.1453 - mobile Contact KCP.org 1700 E Hickory Hill Rd, Argyle, TX 76226 (9**) **0-1453 answers@***.org

Original review Mar 13, 2019
I am the owner of F.E.R Engine Manufacturing and am very familiar with the situation in which Powertrain Direct has put many of its clients and competitors. We have been personally affected by Powertrain Direct in a dramatic way as well. However, because of litigation that is currently underway, I can not go into much detail in a public forum. I would like the opportunity to help those of you who have been harmed by their unscrupulous business practices. I have the capacity and ability to assist many of you with your core refund situations as well as general questions concerning warranties, and I can direct you on how to proceed going forward. In addition, I would also like to direct you to our attorney's office who is beginning a class action law suit against Powertrain Direct LLC. Note: Powertrain Direct LLC includes the following URLs 1) www.fordtruckengines.com 2) www.chevytruckengines.com 3) www.dieselpowertrain.com 4) www.jeepfinity.com These are lead generators that all flow to the same end: Powertrain Direct LLC. Please address these concerns to the following: Moore Penna & Associates PLLC Lawyer Sterling Heights, Michigan Address: 38600 Van *** Ave #300, Sterling Heights, MI 48312 Attention: Timothy Harrington Phone: (586) 883-****

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