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2.7/5 - based on 160 reviews

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Plexus Worldwide has a 2.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 160 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 16th position out of 315 companies.


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9145 East Pima Center Parkway, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85258, United States

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Bad customer service

BeI reached out about a charge on my cc and never got a response! I was charged on an EXPIRED cc and want a refund! I received a link to a form to cancel subscription WHICH WAS ALREADY DONE!!! I want my money back and reason why they charged an expired card from two years ago!?!?!?!


Call back

Since I did t get my call aback yet not too good! Ive tried to can third year ina row and keep getting charged yearly.


Not happy

I canceled this order months ago. I can not take it dr. Orders. Refund all my money please refund my money


Cancel my account

Get rid of my credit card and my subscriptions please.! I meant to buy a one time only out of courtesy to my coworker. Nothing more! I dont need to be bugged in getting more. Ill let you know if I like it or not. Do not force me to get more when I still have to prove if Im wasting my money or not in getting this product.


Trajedy happened have to cancel and refund

I got sick from taking this product, therefore I did not like the way it made me feel. I would not recommend this due to the fact of how it made me feel.


Bad product

Watch it this actually gave me an itchy rash on my face and neck and it did not help me. And the 60 day money back, they charge you to ship it back. Still waiting on approval with the refund.P


Did not order. Contacting Postmaster. I’m pissed!!!

Contacting Postmaster! Did not order. Contacting Postmaster! Did not order. Contacting Postmaster. Did not order.


Because you asked me

Im confused by the question you ask me to submit a review and I did so Im confused why youre asking me what happened? As far as the operator I could barely hear her.



I am cancelling my PLEXUS account because I don't understand when my account was charged why the company cannot cancel a pending transaction that has not yet shipped. That I must now wait to receive the package, pay for the shipping rate, and return the goods. This is unacceptable and I will not tolerate being involved further with an organization such as this. I do not wish to be part of such a strict company with unrealistic rules that do not support their consumers. There are just too many better options out there. Options that are flexible. Options that work with the consumer based on need. This has nothing to do with the products and 100% to do with the way my call was handled, which by the way was the first time I'd ever called, after spending thousands of dollars with the organization! Plexus should review these unacceptable policies if they want to retain customers that have spent a lot of money with the company! Again, there are just too many options for better products out there without these types of ridiculous policies that are not flexible and do not work with their custome


I discontinued membership

The Customer Service Rep was very helpful and was able to take care of my cancellation and handled everything very efficiently.


I am out

I started the product in February 2021... i had initial success however i changed my diet and exercise. I was very active and eating well. I will say the last 6 months my diet has not been on par with how it was when I first started, however my exercise is still the same. I have been more bloated and just not feeling good. I think the bottom line... supplements are not the solutions. Diet truly is what will help..


Order was placed without my permission

Plexus is unable to do anything about my order because it was already processed and shipped. Even though my bank account is NEGATIVE, they are unable to do anything about it.


Cancellation of membership

I had to stop taking product. I felt they were making my stomach upset. I have my last couple of shipments I like to return. Please.


Unexplained charge

I have been charged 42$ and no one has a record of this? I sent in bank statements of the transaction. I have received nothing yet.



Cancelled my subscription first of June they just keep charging my card and shipping. So sad it doesnt work for me so please stop sending it


Product problem

I had a package open up in the box. They quickly took care of it and are sending me another. Easy peasy.

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