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Placeit has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 26 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 18th position out of 236 companies.


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Purchase trouble

Original review Aug 17, 2023
Hi I purchased a logo I made but because it was zoomed in too much yall sold me one that I cant zoom out of and part of my logo was cut off I went back and zoomed it out so that you can see the words but its wanting to charge me again. But its the same logo. Computer error. Can you get back with me please and let me swap back the files for the correct one. Ive included a picture of both. But the one that I purchased when I try to send it to show people it comes up with a black background and my entire logo is made up in black because there was no option to change the color of it.


Billing questions

Hi, I've been trying to use my Placeit ... on downloads. It keeps asking to subscribe for unlimited .. and options to choose from? i've been charged every month for a least going to 2 years .. My back always gets auto drafted $14.99 Can please help me with matter ASAP, I appreciated. I just had the chance to contact you all today.


Bs! It automatically puts your subscription at a yearly rate!

I only wanted a month subscription and it automatically chose a year. So it billed my card 120 bucks instead of 14 bucks.. WTF?!


Account issue

I want a monthly subscription!! Not a yearly please help me 915-996-**** and you charged me a yearly please help me



They were very good in responding and took care of the refund quickly. I was satisfied with the customer service.



Please refer to my email. You all will not do what I ask. Please remove old card so I may update with new card.


Help with an intro video

Im using a template and Im trying to make a total of four slides three with text and one with my logo. That doesnt seem to be an option or Im something wrong.


Issues with my subscription

Ive been using placeit for my mock-ups and i am subscribed to the monthly plan but as of yesterday even tho i am subscribed it has been charging me for every mock-up i dont understand why it clearly states that it is unlimited access to all subscribers and i am subscribed to the monthly plan and its charging me for my subscription and my mock-ups so someone please reach out and help me!


For you guys to get back to me for not refunding me back my money , it went from $7 to pulling out $80 really dumb send me my money back

takes so long to respond, or not even respond at all . i dont know whats hard to give back a refund and how their prices arent specific


I am not able to get a response

I paid the annual membership and have used the app 3 times. Now they are asking me to paid for each design I make.


To get customer support at place it

I purchased a template on there website just for it to say my payment didnt go through. So I tried again and it said the same thing. But then I saw that the money got taken out of my account both times even though it said it didnt go through. Furthermore I didnt even receive the template I was trying to buy. So I emailed customer support about it. Luckily they got back to me and refunded my money and gave me my template that I wanted to buy!!


I didn’t even get my product

I went to purchase a template and the first payment said it didnt go through so I went to try again and it said it didnt go through again. But then the money still got taken from my account. Also I didnt even get the template i bought and I cant find a way to access it. I want a refund because I didnt even receive my product but the customer service is super confusing. I just want to talk to someone


I paid for an annual subscription and want to use it

I subscribed to placeit but im still being charged to try to use a mockup and still trying to charge me to subscribe

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