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Piercing Pagoda has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 273 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 14th position out of 657 companies.


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Went to fix my tangled necklace. I had a insurance so thought to exchange it. The girl there at store switched the piece and put it in a box and gave to me. That time i didnt notice but when i came home i noticed and went back to the store. Now she is not admitting that she switched. She said that thats what i gave it to her. And i remember never buying anything like that from anywhere. I buy stuff from here all the time why would i lie for 100 bucks? She is store manager here in lincolnwood mall. Didnt tell her name. I need help that is so unfair.



The order was shipped back through ups and I was advised that they don't show a record of it and I afraid that if I can't find the tracking number because it was over a month ago and I'm going to be very upset.



I pay $1,300 when I go to pawn shop they say No gold{{Redacted}}


Never received order

Hello, I have contacted your company several times about earrings which I ordered on 10/29. I paid for expedited shipping and to date the status of the order is still in "label created". These were for my daughter's birthday which has come and gone. I have been told twice that the online team would reach out to me with a resolution which still hasn't happened. The reference# I was given is #0463****. I need a resolution to this, as I've been very patient but have gotten no results from your customer service. I would like for the earrings to be sent out overnight shipping and to be reimbursed for the shipping I paid for the extreme inconvenience. Sincerely, Michael Valerio UPDATE: The company finally contacted me just to let me know the item was no longer in stock and they would have to issue me a refund. They also offered a $20 gift card for the inconvenience. That was on Nov 18th. The gift card was issued immediately via email but I have yet to receive my refund. It is now Nov 30th. I have reached out by email to no avail. I tried calling the initial representative back but I cannot get through. Whether I choose the option to enter their extension, look up by name or contact a customer service agent, the system just hangs up. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever gone through. It feels like someone is running this business out of their garage instead of being a legitimate, trustworthy company.


Horrible costumer service

I was at your location in the Edison Mall and spent 1100 under the impression that his gold was 10k solid gold because thats what the expert told me. I proceeded to get my jewelry cleaned and the person cleaning it realized my necklace was sticking the the magnet. I proceeded the give that location a call about the situation I talked to Liz and she became very irritated and started screaming through the phone; she then hung the phone up in my face. I called back and Tiffany began to speak to me very irritated as well l. I am a frequent customer with you guys. They also refused to tell me who sold my jewelry to me and as well as giving me my purchase number. I am very dissatisfied with this outcome.


Poor customer service

My son lost one of his earrings was told I couldnt just purchase one which is fine if thats the new policy but Ive brought one replacement in the past so Im unsure when this policy has changed. Even after that the employee walked away from me after I was inquiring about a new pair and posted up on the counter with his foot up like I wasnt even there. Very distasteful if you ask me!! Wont be back again and Ive brought plenty of jewelry from here in the past but I wont be going back after this experience


Complaint on refused return

I went to the piercing pagoda in Mayfair mall. I bought a nose stud which ended up not fitting for me, and it was very dainty. Furthermore, I went the next day to get a refund and multiple associates told me that they cannot do refunds, only exchanges if you have the additional protection plan. Which at the time didn't make sense, but I went through with the exchange anyway. Now Im finding out you can do refunds within 30 days of purchase with no issue. I will not being going to pagoda again besides to get my money back. Is that illegal? Plus I ended up paying $15 more..it has to be equal to; or higher to exchange


Poor Merchandise value at a high price

I purchased a chain and a pendant for $1115.85 plus the extended warranties for both items..52$ for chain warrany an 36$ for pendent warranty.. I needed to return them 6 weeks later due to a emergency an thought the "extended warrany" would extend the refund time but nope... So i brought this 1000 chain an pendent to a local jewelry store to sell an they only would give me 60$ ..WTF .. P.p rippin people off rippin


Ear piercing gone totally bad

Janet at the Appleton Wisc tay away from sstore attempted to pierce my 6 year old granddaughters ears. She marked her ears and the first ear was a disaster. She majorly missed the mark and got the gun stuck in her ear. It took about a minute to get it unstuck as my sweet granddaughter cried in pain.


Ear piercing

my husband got his ear pierced he is 65 not a child, he does general work like paining .he came home from work and said his earing fell out got it pierced on the 3 and the 17 it fell out without him knowing it. called the store not a good response called cs it was worse the one girl said maybe he took it out what a stupid answer that was since he purchasesd 100.00 just on him all they said was they are sorry and the company policy, what made that earing fall out and not feel anything. i am done with this store and gave this purchase a big fat o fir customer service, am returning the other earings he bought and will shop some where else i know you could care less but thats how it is. i can be reached at 610360**** if someone can talk but im almost sure no one in this company cares, what a awful experience this was . just 100.00


Could have been robbed

On Fri June 11 in Greenville Sc at the Haywood mall i goes to do a return which would have been 106.45 something in that nature so i pick out something else which the necklace was 54.99 the ring was 39.99 and bracelet was 39.99 which your sale says buy one get 2 for 50 % off so tell me how i need to pay 50 something dollars i need an explanation from the corporate office cause i guess black people are dumb and we can do whatever to them and charge them whatever my phone number is 864365**** my email is ZADAIYA9@***.COM


Surprisingly A Great Experience

First, let me be clear- I am not one to leave comments and reviews, but I feel obligated for this one today. I have been to 2 different Piercing Pagoda locations- the first one was absolutely one of the worst in store experiences I've ever had. The second store was not AS bad but pretty awful still. Told myself and my wife we would never stop at another location ever again. Not worth the hassle and incompetence. Today, I was surprisingly caught off guard with one of the best experiences I never thought was even possible to receive from the company. Our stop was in Dothan, Alabama at Wiregrass Commons Mall. I honestly was trying to not even look at the poor girl working there but she did go out of her way and got our attention in a subtle and polite way. I was very hesitant to even begin conversations but she just started talking and I didn't even think of myself at Piercing Pagoda. I found myself buying from this employee. She could not have been more helpful. I would have never stopped at your company again but before we knew it she had us drawn in and I felt like I had known her for years. She knew exactly what to say, what to do, her suggestions were on point and I ended up making not only 1 but 2 purchases. If anyone has given up on Piercing Pagoda, go see Kaylee Sellers in Dothan, Alabama at Wiregrass Commons Mall! I will still never shop at another location, but when I am in town in Dothan, I will definitely be checking in at that location as long as I see Kaylee Sellers working. I do suggest she gets help at her location, but even working alone, she absolutely won my business back and I will continue to visit as long as I see her taking care of the business. Your company is extremely lucky to have her under your employment. I hope she gets recognized for her amazing job.


Concerns About Store Manager

To whom it may concern, Hello, my name is Rebecca Smith, and I am writing to you as a former Signet Jewelers employee at Piercing Pagoda 490 in Auburn, MA. (Employee # 107****). I am coming forward with this information to share my story and to also pass along the message for my fellow coworkers who I had the pleasure of working with at my time in Auburn. I was a Key Sales Associate for Pagoda for almost 5 years and 1 year being an Assistant Store Manager. I very much enjoyed my time in the company and working with such amazing people and getting to know so many customers over the years. However, I left the company due to the new Store Manager Katie Sicotte. If it werent for her I would still be working there and would have seen myself growing in the company. When the switch was made and she became my new manager, I had no problem at first. She was nice, easy to talk to, and made it known that she was there for us and wanted to make a good team. I didnt get to work with her as much due to the pandemic. However, when we returned to work, things started to change. She had appointed Shaye Van Vleck as the Assistant Manager but said to me if it didnt work out she would love for me to be her Assistant, in which I agreed to because I had stopped working at my other job but I was under the impression Shaye knew about this. Later on, the girls found out and so did Shaye, that in fact none of this was communicated so I felt uneasy about it and it wasnt fair to Shaye. Katie would then talk badly about Shaye to me and feel she wasnt fit to be an Assistant instead of talking to Shaye about it. If Shaye would make a mistake or feel nervous, Katie would talk down on her and not push her to grow and be the Manager she can be. Katie would also start talking badly to me about my coworkers, things she didnt like about them and things she didnt agree with. Again, instead of being a manager and addressing these concerns directly, she would speak to me about it and put me in a weird position. I started to ignore it and just tried to avoid it and eventually she caught on. I had a conversation with the girls, Brianna, Shaye, Jada and Jaslyn and they shed a lot of light onto the situation and how they felt. I guess they were all being treated differently by her, and could also hear side comments under Katies breath, which we all found very unprofessional. There was a time where one night some of the girls forgot to sweep and take out the trash and instead of addressing that we did that to us, she wrote it on a sticky note and put it at the register so that we could see it. I also would notice whenever someone higher up would come along, Katies whole persona would change. She would put on this show that shes doing good and making a difference when in actuality she wasnt doing anything for the store. Katie would make broken promises, with raises and promotions, keys etc. For me, for the longest time she kept dragging on was that she would make me full time and get me a raise when I knew that would be difficult as she already had two full time employees. I even asked to have a possible transfer to a higher volume store and she would dismiss it and talk badly about that store or the manager in it. Katie would also drag along Brianna and her raises, and the girls getting their keys (Jada and Jaslyn). They have been with the company for almost a year and still to this day dont have keys and arent trained to open or close by themselves. Katie would blame it on COVID-19 or say they werent fully trained but would never train them herself. The training was always done by me or the other girls. Katie never taught them anything, it was like they were stopping them from growing which is unfortunate because they have a lot of potential. For being with the company as long as I have, I have never heard of someone waiting months for keys and to be able to close or open on their own. I got my keys within a week along with all of the other people I have worked with. Katie also leaves everything for us to do. For the most part, Shaye was trained as an assistant because of me, not Katie. I taught her most of the things because Katie would make some sort of excuse and prolong the training. Myself, Shaye, and Brianna were the ones to train Jada and Jaslyn because Katie wouldn't. As for planograms and other tasks, she would also leave that all to us, then complain it was done wrong and not tell us how she wanted it. Katie would also not promote growth, like she never would try to get us to sell credit cards or work on esas. She never pushed us to better which I see anyway because she doesnt herself. There were countless times when I wouldnt hear her offer warranties, the credit card, or the lease. She would let potential customers walk away. I was trained to greet everyone within seconds of them coming to the booth and to always offer payment options and warranties. Katie was the reason why we never did better. Our numbers were there but we could have definitely done a lot more if she tried herself. Katie also did not hire any seasonal sales associates. So, when it came to the holidays, we were understaffed and didnt get to perform our very best. I had told Katie I honestly felt we were understaffed and under prepared. I told her, given its Auburn and how its normally slow, when it comes to Christmas and holidays, we are extremely busy. On Black Friday, we were so understaffed to the point we definitely lost a lot of customers because there was not enough of us, not to mention that day I didnt even get the chance to take a break. In addition to that, we did not prepare for the holidays in many other ways. We not only didnt have seasonal associates, but we also didnt have a store meeting or one on one meetings to discuss how to go about the holiday season. Given COVID-19, I understand the store meeting probably couldnt have happened, but Katie could have met with each of us individually to prepare us. COVID-19 during the holidays was not only a new thing but we were a whole new team and didnt know how we would work together during the holiday. So, I believe a meeting would have brought us closer and to know what to expect to get through the holiday season. We had brought it to Katies attention that we wanted this but she would make excuses every time and blame COVID-19 but again one on one meetings are a thing. Another issue we had was problems with the other store (280) down the hall. This was all due to miscommunications. We would have problems with sending customers down or needing transfers etc. Katie had come up with a plan with us that she would bring both stores together in a group chat and be able to handle problems smoother and to communicate better. Also to just text someone and see if the other end of us had a product for a customer. But again Katie never followed through with that. Anything we would suggest, she would turn down and dismiss, it was like she didnt want to grow from any situation. In regards to breaks, Katie would tell us that we were allowed to work during our breaks and get paid for it but every other manager I had prior said that that wasnt true. We had to take breaks regardless and we wouldnt get paid through them. So with her telling us this we believed her and then would notice discrepancies in our paychecks. Katie also brought in religion into a conversation one time. The girls and I were discussing Christmas and how excited we were. Yet, somehow Katie turned it into a conversation about how God isnt real, which is offensive and unprofessional because Jada is religious and that hurt her feelings. Even Jada mentioned that should have been kept to herself. Katie would constantly talk badly about other store managers. Mainly, Jasmine 280 down the hall and Deb in Natick, MA, a former Auburn Store Manager. She told us we learned everything wrong from them. She would get upset if we would mention how we miss our old managers and just talk about the good times. Katie would always have to have a negative input. She would also talk down about our District Manager Kristi Sergi which I thought highly of. Katie would also put a lot of blame towards Kristi if Katie didnt have an answer. When we had to shut down due to someone coming down with COVID-19, she could never give us a concrete answer about the protocol or if we were going to be paid. She would just constantly say she was on the phone with Kristi but never gave us an answer. I contacted Kristi myself to get the truth. Katie would also leave the store multiple times per day, to be on her phone, go to other stores and chat to managers about us. Katie would also leave early multiple times during a week and not clock out. Also while being in the store, the majority of the time, Katie would just be on her phone. During the winter when we had a snow storm and it was pretty bad out, Katie made all of us go in while she stayed at home, given she lived further away (that is something she signed up for). In my opinion, a manager should go in and let their employees stay home. In fact, that is something Jasmine (280 Store manager in Auburn, MA) used to do for me when she was my manager. She would go in and call employees to not come in because it wasnt safe. Katie would also buy us food and then make us feel bad about it later on, as if it was a bribe. She would mumble under her breath and say how we didnt appreciate her, but at the end of the day we never asked her to do those things. There were times where we felt like we had to say yes to food because shed ask us so many times. Katie would also get involved in all of our conversations, she had to be right next to us. But mind you if we were close to one of the other girls shed say separate and stay six feet away but that never applied to her when she had to be right next to us. I would be having a conversation with one of the girls and everytime Katie had to bud in. She also would hound us throughout the day asking if we were okay if we just didnt talk. It was constant. When we closed because of COVID-19, we were all put on leave of absence and Katie had said it was fixed. But it wasnt, I had seen an email from HR saying we could not return to work until we emailed HR that we werent showing symptoms and that we had a negative COVID-19 test. So again, I reached out to HR to confirm this and they said I shouldnt have been in the store and that my hours were not being clocked because I hadnt had the proper clearance to return to work. When I gave my two week notice, she shared this information with the fellow store manager, Christina, across the hall at F.Y.E. This was reported back to me because the store manager was my old boss, and I learned Katie had talked about me again behind my back, saying the following, Rebecca was stupid to do this, especially during a pandemic, she thinks she knows everything. This is extremely unprofessional and downright hurtful. There was a time where we had contacted Kristi on our personal phones. But, Kristi then called the store which alarmed Katie as to why she was calling and we told her we wanted to talk to her. She was immediately upset about that. This is one reason why I never went to anyone with all of this prior to me leaving. Katie did not make working there easy and she was not the type of manager you could go to about problems especially if it was regarding her. Katie would also mention how a new store was opening up and that Kristi was going to give it to her. She would mention this every once in a while but never gave us when it was opening and if she was actually getting the store. I actually had applied to that store once I quit and then I was removed from the system two weeks later, after Katie said I would stay in the system. This leads me to believe I was sabotaged in some way. Unfortunately, something she is still currently doing is talking badly about the girls to other employers in the mall instead of again addressing issues to them. I am also not the only employee who quit because of Katie. Jada has also quit because of her and others want to leave too if something isnt done. This company is going to lose out on really great employees and future ones if this isnt looked into and just continues. I myself was a valuable employee, I had always met my quota and produced the numbers and went beyond what was expected of me. I have stayed in contact with the girls, and they are all reporting that things are still going the same way, if not worse. I think its about time that something gets done and someone looks into Katie. Its not right for anyone to deal with this. Sadly, these are just SOME of the reasons I have left. I could not put up with it anymore. For my mental health I had to quit without a backup plan because it was getting that bad. Katie created a toxic working environment and its only going to get worse if something isnt done about it. If you dont want to take any of this and listen to me because I dont work there anymore, please, please reach out to the girls individually and let them tell you their side. I know they should be the ones to come to you but when I was there, I felt trapped and like I couldnt so I wanted to shed light on the situation and to help them and hope that this is a step in doing so. Thank you for time, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Rebecca Smith


Discriminated against at one of your stores.

I visited one of your stores today to get my daughters ear pierced. The employee was concerned about the way I was wearing my mask. Told me it was corporate policy I wear it a certain way. I explained I had a medical excuse and could not wear it that way per my Dr. she told me she would not service me. 1 you do not have it listed anywhere that a mask must be worn a certain way only that one should be worn and 2 the way she wanted it worn the other employee working with her was wearing the same way I had mine. So I am confused why customers must follow this even when they have a medical excuse but a fellow employee does not. The fact that she discriminated against me and ruined what should of been a great first ear piercing experience for my daughter is totally unexceptionable!! A complete a total discrimination by your employee!


Couldn't exchange broken gold even though I had the warranty

I purchased numerous pieces of real gold jewelry, 3 of those pieces have bent or broken so I went to exchange them since it has only been 2 months into my 12 month warranty. I was told by the associate that she did not know how to do a exchange and was told to come back next week, well I cant come back next week. The store was so messy and the associate was dirty and sloppy. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.


Poor Customer Service

I visited the Piercing Pagoda in the Tippecanoe Mall recently to see about getting some jewelry. The woman who was working, Im assuming was the manager, randomly brought up a completely unrelated company and trash talked them the entire time. I wasnt even speaking to her about the service she was going on about. Very unprofessional. And I did not end up purchasing anything. Theres nothing more unsettling than going to a place with the intentions of purchasing something and then being completely turned off because they cant focus on their own products and services.

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