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Pictures On Gold has a 2.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 234 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 17th position out of 657 companies.


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Paid extra for engraving my sons initials on a St Christopher medal which was a graduation gift. Received the medal with a scratch running through the length of one of his initials.

do In addition, the "engraving" isn't engraving AT ALL it is ETCHING. Also, the medal is super thin and super light weight. It is only suited for a very fine chain. The kind which would worn by women. It was listed as "Medals for men" on the website. Currently trying to return it. What a NIGHTMARE!!



Never revived my item they refuse to give me my money back no body should order from this *** *** place


The quality and workmanship is absolutely horrible

Original review Sep 29, 2022
I ordered my son a class ri ng or so I thought I did. The ring is extremely thin and it does not state on the website that it is Hollow under the stone and held by 4 tiny prongs. The the artwork on the sides was nothing like it was stated it looked like big silver blobs. I tried to talk to them about the issues and they could fix it all for another $200.00. Umm. No thank you.. it should have been right before sending it out.


Product not as advertised.

Original review Jun 09, 2022
I ordered a sterling men's bracelet with curb chain and was surprised to receive something that was not at all as described or depicted in the images. The ad for the product shows an image with a curb chain that was close to the same width of the advertised "1/2" x 1.5" plate. The plate is only 5/16" tall but it is 1.5" wide. There is a note lower in the description that states the bracelet is 6 mm tall which is false advertising in my opinion because a 1/2" is 14mm and that is clearly stated above. It's a sneaky way to fool the unsuspecting customer because there are no returns on engraved products. The curb chain is not at all as described or indicated in the image it is a skinny chain 1/2 the width of the undersized name plate. The only thing that I was happy about was the deep engraving. I will leave more reviews elsewhere to warn a larger audience because this was far too much to pay for a bracelet that is half the weight of my existing bracelet for the same price. I tossed this one in with my scrap silver collection and will have my older one engraved again. Avoid this company and look for a honest company that provides what they advertise.


What was i purchased and what was delivered were not the same thing

I called and spoke to Johanna, a manager by the name of Bella and a lead of management by the name of Florence. They all repeated the same thing and were not willing to help. DON'T buy from this company



DO NOT PURCHASE!!! The price was really good, too good to be true obviously. I should have researched reviews! Within a day my coating from my ring came off and turned my finger green! Refund? Yes, BUT they take 30% for re-melting fee when they lied about the material!


Very Disappointed

I ordered a class ring in sterling via one of their secondary sites ( to celebrate getting my Masters. When I received it I was a bit disappointed in the quality but figured you get what you pay for and as long as you didn't look at it super closely, you couldn't see the smudged mascot and poor antiquing job, not to mention they made it in the wrong size. Then the stone lasted less than a year of inconsistent wear before falling off (I work a desk job so it wasn't under an undue amount of strain). So workmanship and quality are already fairly low rated for me. I reached out to the company about getting it repaired since it had been less than a year and they said sure send it back at your expense and we'll fix it. Only after they already had it did they bother to mention there would be a $50 fee associated with fixing it, wish I would've know prior to paying to mail it to them. I decided against since it had only actually been worn a few months, I didn't want to get in the cycle of having to repair it constantly. I saved up and went somewhere else instead. Save your money and don't buy here, the quality isn't worth it.


Bait and switch

Be very careful of this company order a first Communion rosary bracelet was sent a different bracelet they say the first communion bracelet is no longer available and cannot be made however they have 30 of them on Amazon for a much higher price do not trust this company who they do not sell what they advertise


Don’t use this company. Terrible workmanship, terrible quality

We bought a class ring for our son and have had to send it back 3 times due to the poor quality and product defects. Do not use them. Difficult to work with and wont refund our money so we can buy a ring from another reputable company. Our son is so disappointed. $800 lesson. So sad.


Poor quality product and customer service

The ring was delivered and when inspected you immediately you could see defects in the casting or maybe they are 3D printed. The top portion of the ring under the jewel was hollow and open, not described in the description of the ring. The material looks to be of low quality with blemishes. I ask for a refund and they charge 25% refund fee.....regardless of the issue or problem. They are very poor and awful customer service people. They got your are the sucker.


They took my money and never delivered a product

This was the worst experience I have ever had purchasing a product. I still have not received the product, and they have my money. I ordered a locket and chain that Pictures On Gold guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. It was not. The tracking number for my order stated, 1. Your item has not shipped. 2. It is being shipped by another carrier, please contact us for details. So, I called and the lady on the phone said it will arrive at my post office on December 26. They gave me a new tracking number. It was not at my Milford, MI post office on December 26. According to this tracking number, it was in New Jersey where is sat for 3 more days. Then Detroit, then Milford. After those tracking updates, it said it was delivered on December 30, at 1:32 PM to my mailbox. I watched the mail truck pull away and then I went to my LOCKED cluster mailbox. There is no mail at all. I go back to my house and check my porch to see if it was delivered there before the postal worker went to the mailboxes. I check all around my house and its not there. I check my USPS Informed Delivery Service email and see that it says zero packages/mail were delivered that day. I contacted Pictures on Gold again, and they told me that it was delivered. I said no it wasn't and the USPS service shows no package/mail being delivered. I forward them this email and show that it says zero mail, and they continue to say it was and then said to keep checking over the next few days. I said well you guaranteed it for Christmas, and they said, the stupidest thing ever: Our guarantee is based on the USPS guarantee, and I explain thats not how guarantees work. So I wait and still no package or envelope. By this time I checked with the post office and I put a message on my subdivision Facebook page and still no one has seen this mysterious package/envelope. I checked the Pictures on Gold website, and it says my package was not shipped until 1/1/21. I email and ask, How could it be delivered on December 30 if it wasnt even shipped until January 1? Florence from Pictures on Gold emails and says, It was an error and it was indeed shipped on December 20. However, I go back and look at the tracking history, and it says that a shipping label was not created until December 21 so once again it cannot be shipped on the date they said. At this point they keep insisting that it must be stolen, and I need to fill out a police report. I explained that it could not have been stolen because it says it was delivered to a mailbox which is locked and obviously not tampered with unless it was the postal worker which I highly doubt. I ask them to explain what the packaging looks like (box or envelope) so I can put it in my police report that they insist that I file. Instead of giving me the information, Florence emails me and says they're waiting on my police report. Once again I say I am waiting to hear what the package looks like, so I can provide accurate info in the report that they insist I file (Was it shipped in a box or an envelope?). Two days later she emails me with that info. I fill out the police report and feel very guilty that I am probably wasting a police officers time because the mailbox was not tampered with in anyway, so it does not appear to be theft but perhaps they never sent it or it was delivered to the wrong location. I supply Florence from Pictures on Gold with the reference number and say that the police will give me an incident number after they review the report. A police officer calls me the next day with the incident number and says that this company probably gave me a phony tracking number. I tell the officer that I do not know what is going on, and all I know is that I have never seen the actual product that I ordered, have no proof it was created, or that it was delivered. If it iwas delivered to the locked mailbox and stolen, the mailbox would be tampered with, and I still am waiting. It has been over a month, and it was guaranteed to be delivered within five days. The last message from them says I will have to pay the four dollars to have a printed police report because they will not just use police report number even though that is all they need.They have numerous complaints on the Better Business Bureau for taking money and not delivering products. Their reply is simply that it is the post offices fault and not their fault.


Poor quality

When I set my order up I placed the pictures how I wanted them to give the artist a visual. When I received the locket the one picture was extremely small. There were tons of space that could have been used to make the picture larger. When I called there was only 2 options either repurchase the locket and get a refund on the other locket after they received it. the other option was to do an exchange. Its Christmas time and the locket was for my girlfriend. So I had to show her the gift early and didn't get the reaction that I wanted because it looked like a rushed job. They offered no incentive. It's an inconvenience to me now I have to wait longer for something that I paid for. I am highly upset because I could have gone to things remembered, and I wouldn't have had this issue.


Wanted to surprise young grand daughter with locket of her mother who passed away recently. Picure was not centered, cut off shoulders and left lots of empty space. Can hardly make out face.

This not like the quality they showed online and for $60.00 I feel like I have been taken for a cheap ride! Told them I did not like it, told them not to send me any more emails. Blocked them after the adverts in my emails. No sorry,, No apologies. Nothing! Would not suggest this to anyone.


Non reciept

This company continues to ignore my $300 purchase for a pendant. Do not use them! They want you to file a police report when they didnt put insurance on the package. Buyers beware_ go through a reputable company! Ive been dealing with them claiming to send pkg to my work..... I believe I know where I live? Go elsewhere for your memorabilia ... Im going to turn them over to my credit card to prove they even sent it and provide delivery signature confirmation.


Screwed up my order and refuses to fix it

My order was supposed to be shipped to a relative in time for her birthday, but was shipped to me instead. I contacted them immediately about this HUGE mistake, they told me to ship it to her, as it was the only way she could get it in time for her birthday. Now they are refusing to refund my order for the shipping amount. They are ignoring my emails, promising to get back to me, but NEVER do. Their customer service is horrible. What is so difficult about shipping a product to an address different from the buyer's? Companies all over the world are able to accomplish this; it's NOT THAT HARD. Figure it out, Pictures on Gold. And do something about the HORRIBLE customer service.


Waiting since April for refund

Updated by user Jul 10, 2020
Something extremely shady about this company. Sure many assume refund has been done as that us what happens right?

Return refund. Ordered in April. Could not take refunds due to COVID19 until June? It is absolutely mindnumbing dealing with this company.

Wish I had googled. Reported to the BBB also.

Original review Jul 10, 2020
Ordered a locket in April. Engraving awful on the front also dented. Finally got the OK to return in June! Returned. 27 emails. Ended up going to the bank &;;;;;;;;;;; had the charge reversed in May. Now its July 10th. E mail asking me to contact my bank I pointed out the charge was reversed again to them, they could refund immediately if I did this. Follow up e mail they saw THEY had the money, now I would have to wait mid week next week? Called & put on hold. 1st "We have refunded you" After 2nd long hold "It can take weeks". Shady unprofessional unethical company. Don't give them your business. I reported them to the BBB.

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