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Pick N Pull has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 55 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 74th position out of 513 companies.


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(866) 520-9750

10850 Gold Center Dr., Ste. 325,, Rancho Cordova, California, 95670, United States

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My vehicle

Hello, I'm attempting to get in contact with the manager so i may retain my vehicle. My insurance company would like to pick it up. It's a black bmw that was just towed. I've tried many times and have been on hold but no response.


Email issues

Hi, I no longer have access to my email or phone number & don't have access to my toolkit rewards points. Can you please help me out? Thanks!


Rewards points

I'm having problems reaching your corporate office I've been calling for a week now trying to get someone to help me with my account all you keep doing is sending me emails can you have someone call me at 214-650-**** Timothy Moore thank you


I need somebody help me because I buy a lot of tires and they don't put my email right

I need some help because I buy many tires for you guys and I never got in my wash looks like I have a two different emails and I need somebody to fix it the right email torrescu71@***.com


Racist Cashier

I recently went to the picknpull on Truman road in Kansas City mo as I was taking a break by the fence Maria came out and accused me of stealing parts it was like 98 degrees out and I was hot and taking a break by the fence drinking a bottle of water every time Ive have gone back I felt like she would single me out because Im a white male and she is a Hispanic women today I was there and she came out to the parking lot and gave me a dirty look because I moved from the sunny side of the parking lot to a shady side of the parking lot she also would not let me in but did let in a group of Hispanic male at the same time and that is text book racial profiling I thinks she need to be fired for being a racist I have done nothing wrong and I dont even know her i dont think I will go back there if she continues to work there and I will also let all my friends and family know that picknpull endorses racist as employees


Edmonton store corrupt

They are selling and stripping popular engines before goes to yard. Management is allowing certain individuals to remove parts before goes to yard


Rewards points my sales reciept says I got 1500 points

Why do I not get my points I got over 1500 points and I get nothing for the points and I try to get a hold of some one and get no where with it please call me when you get a minute Don 587-335-****


They changed me for 2 mask and didn't tell me they wrung them up as bottled water and was rude and very disrespectful I am pissed

Charged for water that I didn't get and got me for 2 masks that they didn't even have a price on them


No charged me for 2 mask and rang them up as a water bottle

So I walk in they tell me and my husband we need a mask we go back out to get it they stop us and say we have a mask well they give us 2 mask and then they ring them up as bottled water and didn't tell us they were charging us for them and they changed dollar a mask so there was two of us and on top they didn't say anything until we said somthing and they were very disrespectful to us.


Return policy is confusing

I'm a single woman who made a impulsive buy that it is a disaster. I didn't realize the problems I can't fix an have a 2010 gmc terrin its engine just went out. I will pay paperwork process to pay back 2000 dollars so I can get a dependable car.. I made a bad choice I came back yesterday 3 hours after I got it but it was 545 an couldn't get a hold of anyone in corporate. Please help .. Thanks.LoriDont i


Resolved: No tuve mi crédito por regresar unas partes y vía pido 150 dólares

Updated by user Mar 29, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Mar 29, 2021
Ayer domingo compré unas partes K no me sirvieron y hoy lunes las regrese y no m regresaron mi dinero ni crédito en la tienda Les pregunté que porke solo m refregresaron 7 dólares y m dijeron k era lo k s regresaba


They denied me entrance with my service dog & asked for my license wish is against the law. The employee that did that was do rude & disrespectful.

A complete, I have a therapy dog, and I was asked for my licence was denied entrance is against the law what they did


No cash on returns

Pick N Pull refused to credit my credit card for parts purchased 3 days earlier then returned. I had the receipt but they only offer an in store credit which is of no benefit to me. This is just plain wrong.


They are over priced

Pick n pull is under inventory and over priced.


Dont. Let anything happen last minute

20 min before pick N Pull was to close i blew a tire..i was short on funds so i whipped into their store or yard to purchase a tire. I was told i could not grab one because they weew closed by 4 people behind the counter..i explained it was 20 minutes before closing ans i was told again they were closed..guess pick n pull makes so much money that tgey didnt need my $25.00. Wish imy business was that rich.i have takem screen shots and pic to prove time of day. I went in came out yelled at my husband about it..and then sat a min when it dawned on me to take them.but you can clearly see o still had plenty of time before actual lock up


Selling car

The offered price of my car was unbelievably lower than expected!

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