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PGT Custom Windows and Doors has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 50 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 19th position out of 170 companies.


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PGT Custom Windows and Doors Reviews


New windows order time

5 months still waiting for 2 windows customer service no help. I'll never purchase anything from pgt again and will not recommend.


I have been trying to get a window thats under warranty replaced a seal broke sent in the requested paper work and pictures

I have two windows that the seals broke and fogged up called them in early April and sent them the paper work and pictures. Never heard from them so I checked on July 5th and stated case is closed as of June 21st they never received the paper work or picture, I resent the paper work and pictures to Ashley Mullins on July 6th and asked her to verify never received a response.



Asking to be included in latest rebate offer. My windows and door were in stalled on 5/22/2023. They were ordered on 4/17/2023.


Leaking sliders

We have had PGT come out after having 3 sets of ocean front storm slider doors installed. The system they use allows water to come into the track and bubble which it cant keep up with. Weve had a 20K rug ruined and as I write this my bedroom rug is soaked. On top of that I cant tolerate the whistling and air coming thru door which is at a constant living on the ocean. We replaced 40 year old sliders only to install sliders that are less protection.



Customer service is terrible. Totally unacceptable for consumers. Just for that will never purchase any products from them again.



Being a window contractor for over 35 years. I have never had to deal with such disregard for servicing product. They just don't care! I will never purchase another window or sliding glass door. If I have a customer that wants PGT I'll pass on taking the job! They have made attempts to service hmmmmm remade the door panel three times and its been the WRONG panel!!! Complete incompetence DON'T BUY PGT!!!DON


Provide Warehouse Services

My name is Steven Roundtree of Emphire Solutions and I will like to provide you with warehouse personnel. Please contact me at: 786-512-****


One of the PGT custom window exploded without any kind of impact.

Yesterday, one of our front windows exploded causing a loud boom. Luckily no one was near the window. It exploded outward. This was the exterior annealed glass that exploded. The windows were installed in 2013 by HBS, Inc. in Vero Beach, Florida. Has this happened to any other customers?


Customer Service is the Worse!

We continue to wait after 6 months, for replacement sliders as the original sliders were defective when installed. They were ordered on 2/17/21, installed on 8/19/21, inspected 8/31/21. The same day they were inspected we put in a claim as all the sliders were defective. No matter how many times we contact the Field Service Technician, who agreed they were defective, we get different estimated delivery dates and still no delivery. We were even told that 3 out of the 6 doors had been delivered, that was two months ago. PGT Windows doesn't even answer when I contacted them via message on their website, which states they will typically answer within a day. It's been 2 weeks! They want to sell you the windows and doors but they don't want to provide servicer. I wonder how many contracts have been completed while we wait.


Terrible Terrible Terrible

Our builder ordered our windows in April of 2021.We had a date in September and then 2 dates in November and then 3 dates in December.It is January 11th 2022 and we still DO NOT have the windows.Our home was supposed to be completed by Thanksgiving 2021 so now it looks like we may get the home if they are indeed delivered next week after Easter. We lost the entire season and are stuck in Michigan 4 degree weather.Stay away from these folks!


Delivered crack hurricane windows from PGT and NO REPAIR

delivered crack hurricane window and after 4 month did not repair it-still waiting for company to come


I cannot get my cracked window replaced after eight months

I ordered new PGT windows from All Weather Protective that were installed in May 2020. In October 2020 one of the windows cracked and I called All Weather for a replacement. PGT attempted to replace the cracked window the first of November 2020 but the wrong window size was ordered, it was too small by several inches. So today, after eight months, many emails and even being told by PGT the window had been replaced, All Weather attempted to replace the window and it is too BIG! I still have a cracked window since October.


Fogged and moldy glass.

As a custom builder I know what a impact window is supposed to do. These had serious glass de-laminating soon after install. they replaced several sashes.All was well. Now after 12 years some of the sashes are showing signs of mold growth on the vinyl laminated panes and a couple with air bubbles. I've sent 2 email inquiries with complete details - NO answer.


Who runs this company ?

6 months to get windows? Back orders left and right. Cant get answers from anyone. This is unbelievable, my customers are calling me screaming because of the delays and back orders . Your company is losing millions a month. Going to buy different manufacturers


Resolved: What I thought was a minor repair turned into worse problem

Updated by user Mar 31, 2021

Resolved to my complete satisfaction..

Original review Mar 01, 2021
Purchased 11 PGT windows in March 2020, installed May 2020. In October 2020, contacted the distributor/installer about the seal around the exterior glass peeling away. Pictures were taken and sent to PGT. January 2021, PGT Field Service Tech came and advised he would take care of the problem. Silly me, I left for an appointment. Upon return found I now have bronze windows with 1/2 inch of white showing on the frame. Was advised by PGT Service Dept this morning, the service tech said just put the window screens in and you won't be able to see the white. Was also advised I should call the distributor.


Warranty service

In August 2013 I contracted with Carrollwood Windows &;; Doors to have 7 windows and a 12-foot sliding glass door replaced in my condo. Replacements are the 2200 series as described in the PGT press release dated 1/4/10. In March 2020 I noticed that the Super Spacer, as described in the press release, has moved about 2 inches up from the bottom of the frame allowing moisture to accumulate between the 2 glass panes. Because the press release describes a lifetime warranty on the frame, insulating glass. components, and hardware, I contacted Carrollwood Windows to request warranty service on 3/2/20. They responded on 3/5/20 indicating although a gold star PGT dealer they do not perform service work and that I should contact PGT consumer affairs. PGT gave me the names and numbers of two companies to contact for warranty service. I tried the one in Kissimmee, FL first since it is closest to my home. The young woman I spoke with seemed disinterested indicating they would not have time to respond until July, which I said would be fine. She then told me they were not available to provide my service and hung up the phone. I think she was having a bad day, probably overwhelmed with warranty requests. The second company was Continental Glass in Orlando. Their office gave me the email address for their employee that provides warranty service. On 3/9/20 I sent him an email and then called him on 3/11/20 to explain what window needed service. He indicated the line item on the packing list would be needed to order a replacement. I happened to have the packing list from the original paperwork I received during installation which I scanned and sent to him. Told him it was line item 5, 36x53 vinyl 2200 series double hung. On 3/12/20 he called and indicated he could order the replacement but I would need to find someone to install it. I understood he was going to order and notify me when it would be available. Guess what, I havent heard anything since and it has been almost a year. I do still have the emails and other paperwork, but dont expect the advertised life time warranty will be honored. A suggestion for anyone reading this message, look for alternatives to PGT that actually do stand behind their product.

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