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Pergo has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 61 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 11th position out of 211 companies.


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Iic rating

Im trying to find out the sound proof rating on the pergo outlast + laminate flooring? I believe its a IIC rating.


Does not last

in stalled a little over a year ago in living room and bed rooms started pulling apart and swelling within the first few months. It has progressively gotten worst and is chipping up. It looked good at first but not anymore going to have to redo it all over again. I bought 62 boxes but only can find the receipt for the 41 I special ordered.


Top coating-shine has deteriorated each year despite only using recommended cleaning solution

Updated by user Apr 05, 2022
I've called the company and they offered no solutions. They could not even recommend a particular cleaning applicator.

They had not other information about cleaning the floor other than vinegar or ammonia with distilled water. Shame on them.

Original review Apr 05, 2022
I have Pergo XP laminate about 8 years now. At first it had a nice sheen and I could clean it easily, nothing would be left behind and it would shine. Over the years, it gets harder and harder to nearly impossible to clean the flooring. The sheen has faded and after I clean it, it shows smudges, streaks, and looks as if it was never cleaned. I use a microfiber applicator. I use the recommended white vinegar-distilled water solution. Our flooring is not in full sun. We use a soft roller floor vacuum or Swiffer floor duster. We do not wear shoes in the house. Neither do guests. I have called them asking what type of applicator to use and they don't have a preference. After all these decades they have not developed a special cleaner or wax. I recently asked about Mohawk's Essentials floor cleaner and they did not recommend it. I have gotten on my hands and knees and wiped the floor down with the soft side of a hand towel and once it dries it looks like it was never cleaned. The floor shows spots, smudges, and doesn't look clean no matter how many times I clean it. It's as if the coating has worn down and now it's down to the porous area. It doesn't make sense to me to use vinegar and water when I read that you can remove paint with a vinegar solution. I once tried the ammonia solution Pergo recommends and it was a disaster. I was told by Pergo that the top layer is plastic. Well, it must be a very thin coating because this floor has become porous and it's dulling. I am extremely disappointed. I paid for Home Depot install. It wasn't cheap even with a 10% discount. I got the XP for the better quality and it didn't hold up to its name. I just made a call to HD customer service to see what can be done. I'm at the point that if nothing is done, I will slop on a coating of polyurethane as with hardwood on some leftover pieces and see what happens. Otherwise I will be tearing this up and laying down something more durable. Not sure what since things seem to be made cheaply. This is a lesson learned. Don't buy this stuff (laminate) no matter what they tell you. It does not last even if you buy the high end stuff. I'm sorry now I didn't pay extra for hardwood. At least I could control the sheen it would be better quality. I would not recommend Pergo laminate. I don't think any laminate is worth getting. Go with something you can clean with more options than only vinegar or ammonia with distilled water. If any of you hear of a new class action lawsuit, please post it here. It looks like there was one decades ago which leaves out most of us.


All my floors are going bad. Only had them for two years

They are just peeling and coming apart. Looks like a football team played on them. They are coming up from the corners and have big rips in the flooring as well as small


Need to purchase weatherdale pine but it's been discontinued

I have purchased 17 boxes of pergo XP weatherdale pine from home Depot over the last couple of years. I finally have enough money to buy the last 22 boxes or so and I just find out it's discontinued. Can you find me any boxes of weatherdale pine in an outlet or somewhere in a back office warehouse?? something? somewhere? Other choice would be, is there a color that is similar that's almost the same color that I can maybe mix in with the weatherdale pine. Would I be able to possibly return all my boxes of weatherdale pine to get something that's in stock. I don't even think I have kept any of the receipts. Please email me back and let me know my options thank you, Diana Duane



This was sold as a premium product thru Home Depot which turns out not to be true. After installing about 1200 feet of this in a living room, family room, kitchen. 1/2 bath, dining room and hallway it has seperated in some areas. It is not a easy installation as they advertise. I installed this myself with the assistance of a flooring pro so I am confident the install is correct as verified by flooring installers who have looked at it. In addition Pergo customer service will not discuss it as they say I have to deal with Home Depot. I wish I had seen the negative reviews before I purchased the product or I would have purchased another brand. The warranty printed on the package is worthless.



Lowe's is not sure of the specifications for installing the Heirloom estate Oak- Pergo Duracraft. I live on a slab it is 5 yrs old. Does it need a moisture barrier ? Please tell me what to do.Lowes does seem to know what to do.


Resolved: Does not lock

Updated by user Aug 14, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Exchanged for a newer manufacturer date, and worked fine. Floor made in 5/2021 was defective..

Original review Aug 14, 2021
I have done 4 rooms in my house with Pergo and no problems. Bought 9 cases to do a small bedroom making sure it was the same floor I bought one year earlier. However, we could never get the floor to engage or lock. We go a refund for flooring made 5/2021. Bought new made 07/2021, same kind, and worked like a charm.Try to


Technical advice for radiant floors

I called for technical guidance on Friday 5 PM Eastern standard time, unsure what time they close but there was no answer so I left a message and Im waiting response. Trying to determine if their flooring is approved and warranted over Radiant Floors and also if theres a difference between the flooring with underlayment already built-in versus the one that doesnt require underlayment. It has been impossible to find contact information for them directly, I hope that if I purchased a product any customer service support or warranty claims wont be even worse.


After sales complaint

Flooring has lost shine and has faded in less than a year least expected of a quality product made in Malaysia Pergo is bought on trust and reputation and is also expensive to floor tiles which are maintenance free. So least expected this from an international product



Im opening a office in Greencastle Pennsylvania and I use all your flooring and all my new houses in flips Woodlake to get some displays for my office in samples and literature


Patchy discoloration

We installed over 900 square feet of Outlast and after 2 months there is a weird hazing in 3 places on the floor. We only use a bissell power fresh steam mop with a microfiber pad and have been told the spots are from improper use of a steam cleaner. The care instructions say to use a residential steamer with a microfiber pad. We had Pergo down before this and had the floor for 20 years. We took it up and replaced it as it lost its shine. I expected this Pergo to be similar in quality and durability as the old product, but it clearly is not. The warranty is a joke. We clearly have a defective product and Mohawk is not interested in fixing the issue.


Not an easy install

Boards would not stay together. By the time I finished next row two previous boards had popped out of alignment. It is taking too much time to install an 8' x 8' room by having to continuously redo previous rows. Will never ever use or recommend this product to anyone.


Bad service

Pergo floor installed by Lowes is defective. Pergo sent their own investigator. Then they dropped of the face of the earth. I have a defective floor, which is also unfinished. I have a house to sell that is sitting waiting. Neither Lowes or Pergo is giving any help to this issue.


Floor disclored

Need a discoloration kit sent to me floor only a year old spot discorled turned white film


Replacement Flooring

I put down Pergo Max Newland Oak in my parents house approximately 4 years ago. Some of the flooring is starting to get worn and scratched. I need to purchase another box to replace a few planks. I can not find it available at Lowes where I originally purchased it.

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