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Pep Boys has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1500 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 3th position out of 513 companies.


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Incompetent engine repair service

I had my truck towed to a Pep boys shop because it overheated and cut off. The reported that it needed a replacement hose and fresh coolent. That was $500.00. I started the truck and it was running very badly. I went back into the shop. The checked it with a diagnosis scanner. Then I was told that it needed a tune up. That should have been done at the same time as they replaced the hose. The had to schedule the tune up for the following morning. The next afternoon I arrived while going to work. I and was told that they had not gotten the job done. Wednesday morning I had a message on my mobile that they had found a small leak in the intake manifold and would need to order a new one. I work every day and am taking Lyfts to and from work. It costs fifty dollars each way. But I have to be at work. A week ago I spoke with the manager and he said that the part would be here in a couple of days. Monday arrived. No manifold. Wednesday got here and they sent a message stating that they could patch the manifold until the new one arrives. I asked why they didn't suggest that a week ago. They said that it would be ready in around an hour. I arrived at the shop an hour later the took the truck from the parking lot back into the garage. I was told that they were checking to make sure the seal was good. Over an hour later they pulled the truck to the front door. I jumped in and cranked it up. It wasn't running any better and definitely wasn't drivable. The engine shut down right there. They then informed me that was of the cylinders was dead and the engine would have to be replaced. It didn't just go bad since it was pulled from the garage to the front door. They couldn't explain why a five hundred dollar hose was put on a bad engine or why it also needed a tune up. They then told me that the new manifold they ordered wouldn't help. But they informed me that I wouldn't be charged for the tune up.avoid Pep Boys. I haven't received much interest from their customer service yet. I told the manager that I would not use them again. He said cool. I told the counter guy that I would leave bad feedback for this shop. He said that he didn't care.find a good shade tree mechanic.


My Vechicle

This is going to be the 5th time in a month that I have too take my car to Pep Boys in Biloxi Mississippi. I just got it out of the shop 3 weeks ago and I am still having the same issue that I had when I first took it in. My car is stalling out. I have paid Pep Boys over 1300.00 dollars to fix my vechicle and it is not fixed. Not to mention having to take Uber to and from work. I want my vechicle fixed and I will not pay for it. It is going to have to be towed because it is stalling out. This is ridiculous. I feel like I have been taken advantage of because I am a women. Mechanics think women are stupid. I can assure you I am not. I have receipts to prove how much I have paid this company to fix my vechicle. Any help you can give me on this would be appreciated. Thank you



I went to pep boys in December of 2022 to get an oil change, only to find out the tech that did the oil change didn't put the plug in correct and all my oil leaked out. My car detected there was no oil in the motor and shut off. After refilling the motor with oil, of course all the oil was leaked out by that morning. I went back to the location and the manager apologized and fixed it giving me 2 free oil changes. I went to another pep boys location and the granted the free oil change, only this time they loose my center cap to my right tire when I arrived with all my center caps prior to the oil change. I called as soon as I saw this and spoke with the manager to find a solution. The manager grated to replace the center cap taking responsibility of the damage. Somehow I am unable to receive my center cap still since the part has been on back order for now going on 2 months. At this point I don't want apologies, I want my car fixed!! Till current date I still don't have my center cap and continue to get the run around. Horrible experience and I will not be using pep boys services anymore or recommend their work to anyone. Issue is still unresolved and might not know when this would be fixed. Looks like I have to take a loss on this and replace the part myself!


Rip offs

poor service. They Rip off customs. Lie about what your car needs. Said my tires were worn out. And had a tread of 7. Yhe new they gave me was an 8... disgusting service.


Overpriced. Took way too long and poor customer service

Technician actually wrecked my truck and not fixing it by lowballing the value of my truck. I will NEVER do business with Pep Boys again


Disrespectful Manager very rude and nasty

Myself as well as my warranty experienced the results of a very nasty and rude disrepectful manager on Broad river Road here in Columbia SC The manager Donald is a very disrespecting person towards all customers Im surprised hes not fired


Unprofessional missed information before payment

Unprofessional missed information felt disappointed and disrespected had a lot of service done at that location



I have a complaint problem There does not seem to be a phone number existing for your rewards program. I have tried for days contacting different places and nobody knows the phone number. All the phone numbers online do not answer they just ring unt


Your story 173 didn’t do all the free check I ask for. I came In for ABS break light on, I have a bmw 320i 2014. They said nothing wrong. I need breaks on 4 wheels. The could kill me

Your store 173 could have gotten me killed!!! Out of country till January 3 , what management from Florida pet-boys to call me


They never did the work right at store 173

They should have never did the nod if they couldnt compete it, they never did any of the free checks twice after I asked them too, after paying you $600 I still have to get my car fixed. I call 3 times, and the store 173 keeps closing the case. An no one in customer care ever call me back



Went to Pep Boys found out my battery was low from my Ford dealership. I had purchased my last two batteries at your Pep Boys store in Las Cruces. No information on me and buying my battery there. No longer have your parts store there and couldnt help me unless I had a receipt. Gave me at one800 number to call and they were no help.


View your cameras, your employee broke the cover under my hood of my car

Original review Nov 18, 2022
Your employee pulled my car to the garage after about 15 minutes he called me to the car and said the cover that covers the engine was broke. When he raised up the hood, so I asked to view the camera because my car was not broke the day before I had my oil checked by my neighbor thats how I found out I need an oil change ,and I was standing right there when my neighbor was done checking and that cover was not broke. Your employee broke the cover under my hood, and I asked to view the cameras, and was denied.


Overcharged on billing

Hello I had my brakes done at PEPBOYS in Hollywood in Nov 2021 sorry I tried contacting Consumer Affairs first . The business locations is actually closed now But they charged me 2,000 for brakes . The breaks were still squeaking and I only used the car since then to move it for street cleaning . I went to pursue getting a oil change and the brakes were so loose as if not anything was done.


Price gouzing

Updated by user Nov 23, 2022
PB never even bothered to contact me.

Original review Oct 24, 2022
$1015 for brakes pad and rotor replacement? $500 for oil pan and gasket replacement. --this all at pepboys Fairless Hills well ignorance is bliss --found that these are robbery prices-- Later found the dealer would be happy to do brakes for 900 and another service station quoted 800 As for pan, it is a case of textbook price gouzing


Scam period

Original review Sep 12, 2022
Had Pep Boys install a new battery, did not do it correctly and within a couple of weeks auto would not start. Had to get a jump. Took into Pep Boys to make sure did not have bad battery and charging system was working. They said all ok, however, needed a new connection on battery terminal as it was corroded. OK, so order it. A couple of weeks later still was not it, however, they charged me for part and charged double for installation. Still no part, but they insist on payment. FACT is the battery connection was just loose and since tightened down, zero issues. I called and told them to cancel the order, as of my call they had still not received. STILL are demanding payment, some 3 months later.


My brakes aren't working right again again this is becoming a real problem

My complaint is about my breaks this is the second message I am leaving I've already wrote one to another pep boys corporate office you might see two in your emails I'm calling because we have had my brakes fixed a few times because the first time I did it I spent over $700 to fix the brakes after about a week of driving the car the whole break caliber fell out of my car while driving kind of busy road it could have been very bad I couldn't stop the car hard at all not even hardly it wouldn't stop so then we took it back they said they fixed it again the ABS light kept coming on it also kept stopping on me it also would roll and he wouldn't stop very good so we took it back again we still have the same problem with it stopping the ABS light still coming on this time they said they put in something so they could see if maybe it was leaking somewhere but they couldn't find a leap so he stuck something in it I guess they could see later on once the light comes back on the light has been coming on this week on off on off but not staying on it came on yesterday it went off yesterday when I pulled into park it came on for a second the light went back off when I left out a couple hours earlier to get back into my car to go to work the car turned on everything was fine but I could not shift out of park it would not allow me and the ABS light flashed again no I don't know if the two have anything to do together or right now I need my car fixed I need it taken care of the way they said they were and when I called the office or my car's been fixed they told me it's going to cost a lot and I might have to go to a different pep boys I want the one who did the did the work to finish the work now my car is locked up on me I don't know what you want me to do but I need this resolved as soon as possible this is the pissed customer report right LOL I can't move I need my car fixed now I need it picked up from where I live all the way to them yes I'm far from them but we've been doing it this whole time because of what happened so I need them to work on my car and to be honest with you I don't even really want them to touch it because every time they do something else goes wrong now my car won't move it won't shut down and off I know there's further steps I could take with this but I need to talk to you guys first thank you again this is Jennifer Stafford with a yellow Nissan exterior 2002 phone number 702-619-****

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