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Pella has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 379 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 1th position out of 170 companies.


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I tried to purchase more pella windows and was shocked

tried to purchase more pella casement windows and was shocked . first, the price was outrageously high and the terms were unconscionable the company wanted me to waive any rights to file a lawsuit in the event there was a defect in the windows i am not going tofind another company to buy windows from that is not anti consumer kigive up my constitutional rights for pella or any other company that wants a lot of my money find another company to buy windows from that is not anti consumer I will not give up my constitutional rights for pella or any other company that wants a lot of my money


1 Year and the job still isn't done!

Pella Windows and Doors may boast about the quality of their products and the expertise of their installers, but their project coordination and communication leave much to be desired. While their windows and doors may be top-notch, their ability to manage a project is anything but. The project coordination was an absolute disaster. When problems arose during the installation, Pella's communication was utterly unhelpful. It was like pulling teeth to get a straight answer or any semblance of accountability. The frustration reached its peak when we tried to reach out to their customer service department. Our complaints fell on deaf ears, and we were left feeling like nothing more than an inconvenience. While their products may be of decent quality, Pella's inability to effectively manage a project and communicate with customers tarnishes any positive aspect of their company. Pella Windows and Doors have failed to live up to their promises, and we will never make the mistake of dealing with them again.


Finf my order

My window was shipped June 28 to arrive at the warehouse on June 30 to arrange for pickup. Today is July 21 and no one can tell me where my window is.


Need to get help with getting part for storm door

Door latch not working, cant get in touch with anyone. I will never get pella again. I cant believe how hard it is to get someone.


Hourly labor price

We are having a couple of warranty items fixed on our Pella sliding glass door. It costed us $90 for them to do a VIRTUAL inspection. That $90 does not go toward the repair cost. The replacement parts are covered, so they're "free". The installation will cost us $195/hour, and they told us this requires 2 technicians. SO, our "under warranty" repair job is costing us $555.50. That is absolutely ridiculous!!


Bad service

Needed a replacement latch assembly for my storm door. Phoned the local dealer and the office lady said hey would have to order it. The next day, I drove across town with the old latch to make sure we ordered the right part. On arrival, I was told they would have to make a serviced call and refused to order the part. Of course, the unneeded service call would quadruple the cost of the repair. This made my trip across town a wild goose trip for nothing.



Please cancel a service man coming to our home. Mccambridge 4935 castaway lane Hoffman Estates ill 60010


Bad build quality

Original review Apr 10, 2023
I bought 9 replacement windows (4 being mullioned double windows). I made it the 5th window before I finally saw one with the screw holes drilled properly. The first 4 were all drilled straight through both layers of vinyl. The fifth one, only the two in the bottom half of the window were drilled correctly through the top layer with the bottom layer in tact to hold the screw in place. I still have yet to come across one where the horizontal muntins (I believe is the correct term) weren't cut about 1/8th inch too long. We paid extra for the auto closing locks as well. They don't work for crap on double hung windows, so save your money. Pella also installed them like they whoever was doing it was blind, drunk, or both. So far half of them hit the notched out vinyl on one side or the other. Then the locking mechanisms... one came with the plastic cover broken as soon as we unwrapped it that I still have to submit a warranty claim for. But almost none of them are even centered enough to work properly. I know, you're thinking "Just shift them over, the screw holes are slotted for exactly this reason." Yeah... If they had put literally any effort into centering the screws in the slots so they could be shifted. Every single one of them have the screws on opposite sides preventing any adjustment. Luckily, I'll probably be selling the house in the next few months so I won't have to deal with these windows too long. But this is the first, and most likely last, time I'll ever buy a Pella window. I've never spent so much on trash in my life. We even opted for the 250 "Mid-grade" series to try and avoid these problems on the lower grade series. At this point, I assume if we would've gotten the lower grade windows... We probably wouldn't been shipped all the pieces 'with assembly required', which honestly probably would have given me a better product than what I received. 0/10 - garbage. I didn't take pictures of the mounting holes. But here are a couple of the locks and the muntins.


Horrible experience

Do not buy from Pella Windows and Doors they have yet to properly install our doors. We ordered them last June!!! The doors arrived at the warehouse in October. The *** installation is a joke. Started the end of November. Continued in December. They then demanded full payment without completion. They promised to be here January 31. They still havent come. They arent wind or waterproof! So we have a brand new home being ruined by pella.


Third request for touch up paint. It should have come with this !

Still waiting on touch up paint for the expensive new French door. Third request. I did receive the new handle to replace the broken one.


Costumer services

June 2022 ordered a storm door from lowes picked it up when order came in July 2022. Installed Aug 2022. Jan 13,2023 I opened my inside front door and the storm door glass broke went on my head and down my back. My husband and I went to lowes they said need to call Pella finally got them to replace the glass,. Someone from Pella called said it was ordered and they would bring it and put it in when the order came. What a joke Pella is they get your money and they are done never ever again will I buy Pella they do not back there products up at all


After the warranty we were quoted by Pella to repair in window sash $2,000.00 after explaining the repair man quoted 2 windows not 1, no apology. After further investigation found the part was $10.00

The part was $10.00 not $850.00 as quoted. All by certified Pella reps. Pella purposefully tried to take advantage of us by lying!


No response to trying to contact them!

Did not answer when I tried to contact them to reschedule an appointment. It should not be this difficult to get help.


Poor customer service

A window shattered in August 2022. I contacted Pella and they said they had no one able to come to my house to look at the window. After many calls I was instructed incorrectly on how to find the serial number. Once I was able to get the correct number the order went in. The install was to be on 11/29. That was through the office assignment. On 11/29 the installer called and there was a defect in the window. A new one was ordered. I am now looking at a date of 1/13/23. This is unacceptable. I dont feel I should have to wait this long for a window nor have to pay for this insult.


They do not stand behind their products

Updated by user Nov 02, 2022
Have pursued it with BBB. Pella still feels like it is ok windows are rotting because warranty is up,however I feel this is unacceptable. I asked BBB to persue further.

Original review Oct 01, 2022
Built my house in 1993 used Aluminum clad Pella windows, aluminum on outside wood on inside water is leaking from outside in rotting my windows from either the top check rail or the stile. Due to age,Pella says too bad they are too old 10 out of 20 of my windows are rotted. Since when is a window too old. Just because the window is 30 years old doesn't mean it is acceptable for water to leak in through the check rail. A window will become less energy efficient with age, but not rot inside the house. I would not recommend anyone spending that kind of money on their windows, when there are others that have lifetime window warranties and they are not $3000 a window. Pella wouldn't even offer compensation or replacement of defective components, since they don't make the window anymore.

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