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Payu India has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1700 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 10th position out of 165 companies.


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+91 804 284 2323

9th Floor, Bestech Business Tower, Sohna Road, Sector - 48, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002, India

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My payment is not refund

My payment is not refunded in my bank account yet solve my problem please as soon as possible thank you


Not delivery my order and debited cash online ac

I online shoping boat aavante bar 3200 at date 16 jun 2023.but not delivery this asset and cash is a online debited my ac.what's is reason.


Resolved: Online payment

Updated by user Jul 31, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 31, 2023
Dear sir, This is to notify that I am shantilata biswal. Your company to loan apply. But loan not approved. So that I give to processing fee 5000.and than give to payment 25799.plz sir return my money. Plz help me. Loan is not money is refunded. Plz help.


Issue not resolved

I have paid an amount of Rs 71804.93 to Manipal University Jaipur on 25 Jul 23 at 1425 hrs as Mess Fee ..The amount has been deducted from my account but the payment has not been credited to Manipal University Jaipur... So please refund my amount...Thanks and Regards- Shaveta


I didnt receive amount that i paid for fast tag

I didnt receive 500 rupees that i recharged for fast tag,please refund my amount,kindly see this matter


Goods undelivered but debited

I m Ravi, Mobile number 934511**** Transaction no: 177********. Payment debited 485/- on 10/7 thry hdfc bank net banking and today 29/7, still product not delivered...


Email is correct

I need to track my order rupees 358. If you cant deliver please send me the refund. I was ordered a product from a add and completed the payment of 358.but cant to tracking my order.I think they are cheating. Im added the order details given below.please check it and give me a positive result. Im only need the product if you cant give me please send me to the refund.


Not received product

म क मधयम स ऑनलइन शपग क थ पर पय एक धखधड लग क ऑनलइन शपग क जरए पय एकसपरट कपन ह ज लग क लट रह ह पय क जल म फस गय कय एक धखधड कपन ह जसन बहत लग क पगल बनय ह me pagu se अपन पस वपस लन चहत ह


Where my Order please find the track

Ican trace my order or order I'd can say wrong I'd in emi app of digital sp please clear the issue and merchant can trace my order quickly then call the customer to say the order confirmly so please help the customer of payu


Not received confirmation

पय एक धखधड कपन यह लक क मधयम स लग स पस लट रह ह कपय इस लक स कई भ आरडर कर मन एक आरडर कय थ और तन मर सथ धख कय ह रक क जरए पहल मन पस टरसफर कए पर मझ मर आरडर नह मल यह आरडर ससत मत बन नकलत ह तथ लग क पगल बनत ह तथ इसम कफ अधक लग क अपन शकर बनय ह कपय इस लक क बद कय जए और मझ वपस कय जए इसक ऊपर ज बद उठय ह एड मय अमउट मय अकउट यथ



ದನಕ 13.07.2023 ರ ಸಮಯ ಬಳಗಗ 8.50 am ನಮಮಕಪನ ಜಹರತ ನಡ ಬಟ ವರ ಲಸ ಹಡ ಸಟ ನನ ಬಕ ಮಡರತತನ ...ಹಗ ಹಣವನನ ಸಪರಣವಗ ಮಗಡವಗ ಪವತರತತನ ಹಗ ಅದನನ ನಮಗ ತಲಪಸಲ ಸಮರ ಮರರದ ನಲಕ ದನಗಳ ಅವದಯ ಸಮಯವನನ ತಗದಕಡದದ ಸರಯಷಟ...ಆದರ ಇಲಲಯವರಗ ಯವದ ವಸತವನನ ಆಗಲ ಅಥವ ಹಣವನನ ಹದರಗಸರವದಲಲ...ಇದರದ ನಮಮ ಕಪನಯ ಮಲ ನಬಕ ಕಳದ ಹಗದದ...ನಮಮ ಕಪನಯ ಮಲ ಸಕತ ಕರಮ ಕಗಳಳಲ ಯಕ ದರನನ ನಡಬರದ...? ಎಬ ಪರಶನಗ ನಮಮ ಉತತರವನನ ನಳ ಬಳಗಗ ತಳಸತಕಕದದ...ಇಲಲವದಲಲ ನರವಗ ಪಲಸ ದರನನ ನಡಲಗವದ ಎದ ಎಚಚರಕಯನನ ನಡತತ...ನಮಮ ಸಕತ ಉತತರಕಕಗ ಕಯತತರತತವ... ನಮಮ


Wrong number

I tried calling you people and raised a ticket several times, i have amde a transaction on 12th july 30800 but the beneficiary has not received the amount yet, i have raised aticket did not get any response from your end or neither i am able to call you people, every customer support number us not in use or wrong number. Refund my amount or I'll file a complaint against you people


My product is not arrived

Not arrived my product Bluetooth headset before 2 weeks more order this product but not arrived this


My refund process is delayed, again and again

Fraudulent company Pay u company' I have paid rupees 567/82 No refund avoid pay u company avoid cyber crime company'imeime


I paid money


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