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PayPal has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 8200 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 3th position out of 165 companies.


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Customer service in USAyes still do t have my noney

Dont have my money in my account!9 i do t need to write a letter just get me my money Nonono o o ono o o


Have spent too much of MY time to resolve

Regretfully ordered a product from a website on Facebook. A small steam iron arrived from someplace in China, and the product had obviously been used, even containing water in the receptacle. I made at least three attempts to contact the company directly and have now finally asked PayPal to get involved.


Case review/refunding money on paypal credit account

I made a purchase on July 10, 2023 a product "I thought was made in America", an American made product, and after I investigated the matter further, I discovered the product was made and being shipped from "communist China" (Doesn't say that on the website when ordering (deception advertisement). So I immediately cancelled the order by email, but the merchant has chosen not to cancel the order even though it was "cancelled within "24" hours" of it being ordered (see screenshot of merchant email). I have a right under American Consumer laws to cancel a order if it is canceled within 24 hours before shipping. I Have sent several emails to that affect to no avail. They have sent a tracking number saying the order has been shipped even though I requested the order be cancelled over 12 days ago. (see screenshots). I filed a dispute with paypay credit (case # PP-R-QBV-48968****), 12 days ago asking the order to be cancelled and refund my money to my paypal credit account to no avail, they sent me a tracking number this morning, but I still do not want the order. I cancelled the order over 12 days ago. Paypal credit refuses to close the case and refund my money which is my right as an American Consumer, according to the FTC, CFPB and FRCA.


I’m a pissed costumer

Why cant I make changes on my profile, and who authorized the use of very personal questions in order to proceed, only to be disconnected?


These guys permanently limited my account without notice or reason

I have been having issues with my PayPal since I opened the account. I called customer service several times and asked why the app wasnt working or why payments wouldnt go through. I was told the issues would be resolved and they never were. I stopped using PayPal for weeks but when I went to log in my account was permanently restricted, freezing my funds and linked accounts for 6 months? And they did not follow their own stated policy of notifying a customer of suspension or reason. They told me PayPal does what it wants


URGENT: PayPal account restoration

To whom it may concern, My name is Patryk Komór and Im a long-time PayPal user who has never violated the Acceptable Use Policy. Despite this, I received the horrible shock of a "We've placed permanent restrictions on your account." email and message after entering my account. At the advice of counsel, Im sending you a polite message with details and information so that this policy mistake can be corrected and that my account can be restored to full functionality. I primarily use my PayPal for accepting payment sometimes and receiving or sending money to my friends. In addition, my PayPal was verified and connected to a bank account where I receive occasional income. Everything I do on PayPal is completely legitimate. My reference id: PP-L-415178****39 Here are several examples of recent transactions: 12.07.2023: 18 PLN sent to PKO Bank Polski 12.07.2023: 18 PLN received from Flying Cat 12.07.2023: 8 PLN sent to PKO Bank Polski 12.07.2023: 8 PLN received from Samuel Kinzel 12.07.2023: 16 PLN sent to PKO Bank Polski 12.07.2023: 16 PLN received from Dominik Witt None of these violate the AUP. To be honest, I have no idea what could have triggered this mistake. I reviewed it in close detail. I looked on r/PayPal and other forums and I am not the only person who has had this problem - many users have been wrongly suspended for no apparent policy violation, especially within the past several days. I worry that it will shake the public's faith in PayPal as a reliable service, especially if users take their complaints to the appropriate business oversight authorities. I plan to file complaints if my account is not restored within the expected 72 hours window. Please forward this on to the correct internal department that handles PayPal accounts. I look forward to hearing back from you once my case is reviewed and the limitation is reconsidered. Sincerely, Patryk Komór PS Attached screenshots shows my problem and that support is completely useless writing and using automated responses.


I need my funds

I received money from family in the states unfortunately my account is banned permanently allow me to have the money


Resolved: To get excessive fees refunded.

Updated by user Jul 08, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Told the agent that personal $ was sent to my business account, and I was charged $180 in fees. And simply returning the $ wouldn’t get me my $180 back.Agent was able to make a “one time” exception and refund the fees.

Original review Jul 08, 2023
Customer service for my problem was great! Its weird how the service stinks, but customer service is good. The agent was pleasant, had the power to make a one-time refund of ridiculous fees, and stayed on with me to be sure the refund had come through. The problem is with >seller fees not being refunded when a payment is.< The other problem is having to >dig up the info< that I could set up a personal account for friends and family payments< so I wasnt effed out of more of my money. The reason. I loathe PP is 100% with whoever at PP is deciding to eff over users on fees. My ratings DONT reflect the quality of PP customer service, they reflect the quality of PP everything else. Advice to future customers? 1. If you dont have PP, and you dont need it, dont get PayPal. Ever. Find a different way to send and receive payments with buyer protection.(Zelle doesnt have buyer protection, BTW.) 2. When you have to talk to a customer service rep, ffs be polite. They are people like you working a job where most of their day is people being mad at them. I promise that 9.5 out of 10 times, being polite will get what you need. When it doesnt, its not the agents fault, its the company not giving them the ability to resolve issues. Remember, big companies want consumers angry at first line employees because it keeps attention away from them, the people actually picking our pockets. 3. I recommend Square for sales. The app is very good.


Hard to get in contact with to resolve case

Money has been taken out of my account automatically since October. I just noticed it last night. Company is a scam being run out of cyprus. I sent email demanding a refund today, but I want to alert PayPal. Getting a resolution without speaking with someone is not satisfying.


Resolved: Account Inquiry

Updated by user Jun 27, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jun 27, 2023
How can you just block a customer from accessing or received money cos you suspect he or she is a scumer am very disappointed with PayPal cos it's my fast time to do transaction with PayPal but am 100% disappointed


Resolved: Urgent fixing of my PayPal and deliver on pending payment

Updated by user Jun 23, 2023

Fixing my PayPal account and getting on pending payments delivere.

Updated by user Jun 23, 2023
I’m a talented psychic reader and spiritual helper doing reading, cleansing, healing and enlightening a lot of people about their spiritual energy

Original review Jun 23, 2023
Some of the money that some of my friends and family sent to me on pending and the remaining money as Im try to convert it to bitcoin and send it to my wallet theres an error pls fix it quickly I need my money urgently all my families is complaining they want to send me money


I won a dispute

I had some money sent from a friend into PayPal because thats what he uses Ive had it for years never used it ,then I messed up and did use it now Im battling with these *** for weeks over a dispute I won , they havent paid it all back in full ,they sit in a office laughing and taunting me over a hundred $100 , then say oh its in the back office blah blah blah,,they think its funny messing with people s money its a joke ,still waiting and calling and dont message them they take 4 weeks to respond I sent 30 messages not one answer !!! Horrible company snd customer service is horrible!!!


Resolved: Games money

Updated by user Jun 01, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jun 01, 2023
I was supposed to get 1500usd from the 6 of march an still now Thief a liar and me pay money from my account to receive it an me still can't get it thief and lied an me need me *** money back


Payment issue

Dears , Please note that I paid amount for IIA application with total amount of 54.878 JOD, but the IIA institute ensures that they did not received the payment on the other hand the bank said the amount was transferred correctly to Paypal! Please advise where is my money? And why is this happening? I was trying to contact you though customer help center many times and the agent ensured that the amount is with paypal until IIA accepts the payment! Please i need someone professional to assist me with my case ! Im so upset Regards Nour


Rejected dispute

I am being told money is being sent in my account I am not receiving my money for games i won & told was paid


Return & Refund

I have received a refund from shine but by accident. I have returned it back to shine without the weather like is it I have tried to contact you but they refuse to confirm they have received it.

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