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Paylocity has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 285 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 25th position out of 1129 companies.


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My card was charged for $79 and $39 at 4am this morning. I did not do these transactions nor approve them.


Cannot get my paystubs and W2s from past employer

Zero help once again. My previous employer will not respond to my requests for my pay stubs and W2s and Paylocity cannot/will not assist. Seems the employees have no support or rights.



Prepaid card was discontinued. In order for it to go on my new card I have to update card on Paylocity and I cant because it says I have an account but its not working. I need my money to pay my bills please


Need W2

My log in wont work online and HR has not been helpful with W2 request. It is imperative I get a copy of my W9 before the tax deadline. My phone number is 540834**** and email address kristenlbarta@***.com


Having login problems

Trying to open the account to see if my check is it. It has been over 2 weeks and I still haven't heard anything.


On unable to get into my account to retrieve my W-2 today is the last day I have to get my W-2, and I refuse to speak to the company that I used to work for I need to speak to someone who can get into

I have done formal request for a month and a half. I have been given the runaround. I refuse to speak with anyone in my company because they send me to the same woman every time and Im not talking to her anymore. I dont work for the company anymore so obviously its not OK. They tell me that I can get into my Paylocity account and retrieve my W-2. I cant get into my Paylocity account because I know longer work for the company and the longer have the phone number associated with the account, someone needs to contact me mediately. Today is the last day and Im telling you now if I have to go till tomorrow before I speak to someone this being the third time Ive tried to contact my phone I will have my lawyers involved quicker than you can, blink, and media .


Poor Customer Service

Positive pay files don't get transferred to bank timely causing employee checks to get returned, untimely customer service, 401K calculations not working properly, shift differentials not calculating correctly...Steer


W-2 documents

My company Special Operations Security was using this company most of 2022 and a lot of employees including myself have not received our W-2 forms to do our taxes. Please help us find a way to retrieve that information. Thank you.


I give you some -4 Stars I'd like to talk to the live person but that's impossible with y'all so I'm just going to recommend nobody get velocity it sucks

I want to talk to a live person not a dumb computer if you can't give me a live person don't bother me no more I'm going to recommend the company do away with y'all I ain't got time to be typing I work



My company source office and technology is no longer with you guys since the beginning of the year I was trying to access my files from Paylocity to get my W-2 so I can do my taxes


Dissatisfied with Benefits Interface

Original review Feb 20, 2023
Our company has been with Paylocity since November, 2020. The overall HR & Payroll functions are excellent and we are happy with the pricing. In 2021, we added the Benefits interface. I've had nothing but trouble with the interface and unfortunately, the overall customer service and support has grown progressively worse. In January, I was faced with the unpleasant task of 2 days of manual data entry for 100+ employees when the system terminated all benefits for all employees. This had to do with effective dates of our benefits (we run on a July-June plan year vs. a January-December plan year. I've had to call numerous times for help in correcting the problem. The CSRs generally cannot figure out the problem and will "create a ticket for the EDI team." I've decided that there is no such thing as an EDI team as I never hear back from them. The problems remain unresolved. I have to remember to reach out again to check the status, often to be told that nothing has happened yet and they will "have to escalate."


Cant access w2

It was impossible for me to get access to my W-2s being a former employee and not having access to login


I usually get paid on Tuesday nights, it is now Wednesday and I still don’t have my check

My check is nowhere to be found, it isnt even showing the check details on the app, where is it? I usually wouldve had my check over 24 hours ago, I worked almost 15 hours of overtime last week, and my rent is due!


I need help with my w-2

My company was closed on February 2022 so I dont have any contact with my HR , to give me the W-2 the name of the company I lioness community care I tried calling her she is not replying to my calls or text messages I even call the owner of the company no response


Worst Payroll Service

Original review Feb 03, 2023
If you are looking for a Poorly ran Company Paylocity is your company Paylocity has no executive level management that is accountable to customers, customers have to deal with front line minions that have little to ZERO access to management by design Basically, Paylocity is a Boxed Software marketed to the consumer with EXTREMLY poor service. We have been in the Construction business for over 40 years and Paylocity Sales will lie there *** off to get the close then Paylocity delivers nothing but failure after failur. We moved to Exaktime and ADP


Need my W2

Updated by user Feb 26, 2023
Never heard from any1 associated

Original review Jan 26, 2023
I just need my W2 from Cherokee Town and Country Club been calling & emailing for over a week no response I worked 4 them from January through March of 2022

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