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Patriot Health Alliance has a 4.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 400 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 8th position out of 315 companies.


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Patriot Health Alliance Reviews


Question re blender

Hello. I bought a power blender for my daughter. She loves it but now it wont charge! When plugged in it just continually flashes 88! Any ideas? Thank you for any help I can get! Donna Doss Order confirmation # 284****


Broken sidekick generator

Have heard back from Patriots. Working to resolve problem. Will pick up broken one and send new one. Thanks


Order delivery??

Order with shipment confirmation was not received. Whats the delay and where is the order!!! Order #294**** For Portland Oregon. Advise No one answers from your company.


Deseo un color por cada producto. Me enviaron todos de color negro.

Comore cuatro powerhealt y el único problema que encontré es que me los enviaron de un sol9 color (negro) y yo quería uno de cada color. Lo siento y gracias por su comprencion.



twice the blender exploded on me. The second time was 24 hours after using it and leaving it on the kitchen sink, it suddenly blew up with the lid flying across the room and the plastic container, 1/4 full spewing its contents all over the wall


Broken blender

The Patriot Power Blender just quit working Ive had it for about 4 months it wont charge up and run I paid 40 plus tax I have called 4-5 times No one ever answers the phone and they just have this ridiculous country music playing in the background thats so annoying and then they say oh well will call you back just quit pound and leave your number and they never call you back !!! supposed to be at 365 day guarantee money back no questions asked and they just never even pick up the phone its ridiculous and why do they call it patriot boy I dont want to be associated with that kind of patriot!



After they had my information and credit card # then my cost doubled with no recourse. It went from a one time payment of $99.00 to two payments of $99.00 with no way to cancel .


To ease the mind of anyone who is wanting to order today.

No, I have not experienced any increased anxiety. If anything, I am calmer because I know I'm keeping to my commitment to my health. I bought my husband the 5 pack special for Christmas. We both take it, I alternate it with a probiotic and prebiotic drink I have been using up. My husband takes it more often. And he told me today that he believes he is feeling stronger and has lost weight, which he wanted to do. The berry isn't actually "delicious", it's manageable when I use 1/2 Tropical 50 Orange juice, and 1/2 water. But it is necessary, because I can't possibly eat all the fruits and veggies that I'm supposed to. I just don't like very many vegetables and I don't like to cook them every night. So for that I love it! I didn't have any billing or delivery issues. I actually called Customer Service yesterday to check on a package deal item I bought. I had to hold longer than I wanted to, but finally the recording gave me the option of # for the call back which I appreciated. After about 4 hours I got the call back, which again, I was glad to then ask my question. I wonder about the people who reviewed and had bad experiences. I did notice some are selling it on Amazon, and there are a few other websites that say they sell the Patriot Power Greens. I wonder if the people that had issues were dealing with the actual website, Also, seems most of them were 2017 and 2018, maybe the company was too young then to staff up properly then.


Customer Receipt

Please send an itemized copy of my (ORDER #12718 Sales Order: 228904****440_91) for my purchase. Patriot Power Blender. What are the color options?


I am very happy with this company and their product!

I have been a very happy customer since 2017. I like the fact that the ingredients are organic. Other similar, well advertised products are not organic, and not as complete in their balance of ingredients.


Overcharged and product not delivered

Their on-line add made an offer to try the product for $49.95. I decided to give it a try. No product was sent to me. I received only a plastic container in which to mix the product. My credit card was billed by them for $149.00. I have disputed the charge with the bank (including sending them a copy of the ad), Chase, yet 4 months later the charge still has not removed from my account.


Beware of this company - Scam

I gave them info for my credit to pay for shipping of a product that was supposed to be free. I have been charged $47 for the past 3 months. Customer rep could not be reached. Please research the company. The Name 'Patriot" is so misused in this case.


Ordered 3 cans and recieved 9 and charged.

I ordered 3 cans online and recieved 9 and charged for 9,did not want 9 and do not want to pay for 9 only 3.


Pain dropped from 10 to 0-1 in a week

Osteoporosis in both knees and a shoulder injury for 4 years now and pain level has dropped to 0-1. I get a great nights sleep, have no need for anti acid tablets when I eat spicy foods, no longer use pain pills and energy level has started to go up. I take one scoop of Greens in morning and one in evening. I also have started taking Joint and Muscle Freedom. This company is a Godsend to me. I was living in despair for so long. I have taken the greens for just over a week and the Joint capsules for 5 days now. My thanks to this great Company.


What GREAT Customer Service

I don't know about those claiming to have had a bad experience, but that certainly was NOT the case with me. I ordered a LOT of product, up to $400 worth, thinking that it was better to get the discount up front rather than try to pay more buying a lesser amount. Unfortunately after taking it for several weeks, I came to realize that the taste just wasn't to my liking and I had stopped taking the product. Remembering their policy of 100% Money Back Guarantee...I sent them an email. Truthfully I was hoping they had an alternate flavor that would be more appealing. They offered to send me a sample to try out, and I did just that. However, it too was not to my liking and so I advised them, and asked for information on how to send it all back. They were not only understanding but were very helpful and wihout any questions refunded me to WHOLE amount! I am pretty sure you cannot get better customer service anywhere. It wasn't a good match for me, and they understood and gave me ALL my money back. No hassles at ALL! Thank you Partiot Health Alliance for exemplifying great customer service and standing behind your product. I will be keeping an eye on you, and hopefully if there are some new products in the future, I will find a way to support you and what you stand for. Sincerely, J. Owens

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