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Check on refund for returned parts

I called twice most times you said they're going to return my call once they did I missed it the second time they didn't bother they're saying there is no order number some such order number now and the tracking number is no longer existing so I don't know what they got going on there but they're sure bad news


I want a refund or my parts

I have been buying thing online since the 1990s with relative ease and simplicity. Even in the eerily years there may be a glitch here and there. Although, I have never complains and never written a review. UNTILL NOW!!! My experience with Parts Geeks has been an absolute disaster in ways that one could not imagine. All I can say is this company appears to be a total cluster from every perspective. I will never ever recommend this company to anyone.


Hello: my name is David Gomez I'm inquiring about...

Hello: my name is David Gomez I'm inquiring about 3-returns dated around June 30 I sent the parts back info say they were received on 7/04/2023 I have yet receive my credit here are the #7808 06** **52 #7808 06** **37 #7808 06** **27 can someone please check the status


The worst experience I have ever had oneline the WORST

I ordered parts. Not all were shipped. The packing slip said that they were ALL shipped. In place of the brake-pads I literally got a BOX OF CRAYONS!!! In place of the rotors I got HUGE PACKING AIR BUBBLES!!! NOW!!! They are giving me the run a round!!! This is absurd!!! It's been 12 days and all I get is contradictions...


My refund was not receive

Not satisfied never received my refund. Would like to talk with a person to make sure the refund is completed within the time said in refund policy


Paid for a SET of calipers and only received one.

Original review Aug 17, 2023
I ordered a SET of calipers for my 2003 Toyota Echo but only received one. Order #18-996 7****. I have tried 4x now to contact them at their customer service number, each time requesting a call back and have yet to receive one! I had to have the missing caliper; therefore, I had to buy another one from another company. I want my money back!


Unable to return item.. Cannot reach anyone by phone.

Poor customer service. They make returns impossible and you cannot reach a person . Tracking number wont submit and without it I wont get my refund and they get the part back.


False advertisement and poor quality product

A cheap catalytic converter that was restricting my exhaust because it is smaller than original it showed and claimed straight bolt on looking much like my original came in two parts my immision test was coming up and I needed to installed hoping that my down stream would show somewhere around 0.45 to 0.5 which my old one did not do not storing enough oxygen for it to work as supposed to, now my old cat was the original anf larger not restricting the exhaust and its fuel trims were around negative 3 to 5 on both long and short trim and being that it was a dorman product and not a walker which I just had returned without even installing because it was just garbage so when I received the dorman from parts geek i was in need of completing my immision test took a chance put the two part cat together and installed it started the car and bam my fuel trims shot up to the limit of negative 29 noticed my coolent fan came on more than usual and my downstream showing around .7 volts which because of now running rich because of the slight exhaust restriction but my catalyst monitor eventually cleared but not by much, now they claim your given a year warranty but I know this cat will not last a year because of the restriction and running way to rich, but I did pass my immision test and ask the mechanic what he thought of how high the fuel trims were and he said youl be needing a new one the next time in two years as scheduled parts geek said it passed so whats the problem and that i haf installed it and the fact it was falsley advertised doesn't mean anything


Find a side mirror for a ford F 250 truck

I had been looking for a mirror and all the ones I could find were not the right one. I finally called parts geek. He looked it up and got one just like I needed. I was super relieved and very happy Call them firstbsolutelya


Poor Customer Service

I can not understand why they charge the consumer to mail the part back, and they do not refund taxes on the parts you ordered. I had to wait 24 to 48 hours for an RMA# to mail the part back. This is beyond the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. I was on hold for one hour and twenty minutes, and they never answered. I finally get a call back at 7:42 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the representative was beyond unprofessional and had no lack of compassion. It was an outsourced call center and the gentleman was very rude and hard to understand! It's sad how the consumer is ALWAYS getting the run around. I will never order parts from this rude company again! I will also call the BBB & inform everyone one I can about this!


I purchased two axle assembly for my S550 Mercedes benz . The order can june 16 2023. After the mechanic took out my old axle he realized the new axel was a mistake.

After the mechanic realized the two axel was the wrong axel. I had to go to advance and order the driver correct axel so I wouldn't be charge for my vehicle setup in his shop. The next I wrapped up the 2 axel in the same box the came in. When I recieved the return label. I took it to the FedEx and mailed. I also wrote a written letter explaining it was to items in the box. I also wrote down the part numbers and placed the letter inside the box. No partgeek is saying I never forward but only one. So I am being robbed for 97. Dollars I believe. I do business with company. I never try to steal from you people as you are doing to me. I am not gonna stop fighting for my refunds. This is a shame and partgeek is bad news. I still have purchase a couple of items while this taking place. I am going to social media with this one.


They don’t issue refunds as promoted

I returned some exhaust pipes because they sent me the wrong product and they never refunded my money! Noone is addressing the situation!


Bill showed free shipping but charged $2.00

Bill showed free shipping but charged $2.00 The $2:00 is not meaningful but it the principle I expect a full refund


To find a solution to incorrect part.

The parts were a good price but I ordered a window regulator for my rear right/ passenger window. The part was incorrect and when I called back to order the correct part. I explained that I order the right rear window and received the wrong part. The customer representative ordered me the incorrect part again. It was the same exact part number that I just told the representative that was incorrect. Now I have to do the return process AGAIN while another amount of money is taking from account and I still dont have the correct part. I tried to call back again and left my number for the return call and havent received a call yet. Ive left my number 2 times now without a return call back


They called & hung up

Didnt get to resolve my issue. No answer. And long wait times on the phone. Issue regarding my package.

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