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Park West Gallery has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 210 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 1th position out of 55 companies.


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29469 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, Michigan, 48034, USA

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I made a call but it was handled very well and my issue was resolved. Thank you for reaching out.

I just needed to connect with the card company to pay my bill. The person at Park West was very helpful.


Awaiting 6 months for my Micheal Goddard statue I bought on BOP cruise in jsn

still awaiting my Godard statue I bought 6 months ago on a VIP CRUISE In Jan 2023 I have calld customer service several times and they are still checking


Damaged shipment

Hello. My art work was damaged upon arrival it looks like the Martianglass came unglued it is completelysideways as seen in the picture & video. Also the black Liner around the picture on the glass has *** in it.


I'm trying to track down some artwork that was delivered to my phone

Art work was delivered to my address on several occasions during my work hours. How do I get this situation resolved?


Order screwed up Fedx never tried to deliver

Everything got all mixed up from starting on the ship to customer service on the phone. I did not find out everything about buying paintings. My father in law bought 2 paintings for him selfie and one that he had my 12 year old pick what painting to get for my wife and my selfie as a present for our anniversary. That happened on the morning of the last dpresent for our anniversary. That happened on the morning of the last day full day the salesmen was in on the surprise and was supposed to tell us that the Kincaid painting that we wanted was sold so we weren't able to get it so he was supposed to write up another one as per tender and then we also ordered an actual painting that was separate that we were supposed to get FedEx came to deliver the wrong painting so we sent it back the next day. They were supposed to bring the right painting the next day but FedEx never showed up even though they put that we denied the delivery they never showed up the next day I saw online it they put we denied the second delivery they never showed up. They just automatically put that we did the same thing as the day before but no one showed up to deliver the dead tree the second delivery they never showed up. They just automatically put that we did the same thing as the day before but no one showed up to deliver the dead tree. Howard Ashton on tracking We denied the package the day before, but we never even saw them the second day when they were supposed to have delivered the dead tree . No show even though on the tracking it shows that we said we sent back


Pissed off customer

I have reached out to Parkwest on numerous occasions Ive got a record of 13 phone calls three emails spoke to supervisors not one return phone call I have spent thousands of dollars with Parkwest. Their customer service sucks. I will never purchase from them again theres other reputable companies


Awful customer service. Will never buy from park west again. They are scammers

I have contacted legal. They do not honor refund policies or return calls. We tried canceling after waiting 25 weeks but never received a response


No deliveries for purched items about 12 weeks ago

Original review Mar 15, 2023
Time after time I called CS and getting same answer. Art work being framed. One time not even framed after almost 12 weeks. Ready to go public with lousy PWG service not resolved yet as of 3/15/23. too many promises and nothing happened


Have not received my Art piece

Have a Lebo art work that has taken for ever and a picasso art ! That has been paid off for month and no one knows the delivery status? UNSAT


Very Unhappy Ex-Customer

Purchased artwork on a lay-a-way program, initial payment was $2240.78. I was initially told I could change this if I needed to, called client service, but it was different story. The next month on the first, my account was debited $1506.15. Went back and forth for over 6 months to get my terms and my payment method changed. I decided to cancel the contract, so you would think the debits would stop. NO. They continued to debit even after the canceled contract. Now Park West Gallery is holding $5253.52 of my funds. This is not a reputable company.



Ordered a piece while on a cruise back in July 2022 and delivery should take 10 - 12 weeks.. Still have not received it and just called their customer service. They stated for me to call back in a few weeks and cannot give me an answer as to why I have not received what I paid for. Horrible customer service.


I still need the authentication and the appraisal for the petter max I bought in 2019 onboard a cruise . I’ve lost it and I’m trying to sell the picture and I really need it. Thank you

I have not received the authentication and appraisal for which I asked . Thank you I need that information so I can sell the serigraph.


Horrible Customer Service!

Bought a piece of art, they said it would take up to 12 weeks. At week #16 I contacted them. They said they would look into it. 2 more weeks. They claimed someone "accidentally" checked a wrong box that said not to ship my artwork. WTF? Arrived a few weeks later. Art was very obviously damaged under the Plexiglas - but they framed and shipped it anyway. Took photos and sent them in. A few more weeks. They said I could return it but the artist was out of the country and it would be a few more weeks to get a replacement. They offered a credit, a different piece, or full refund. I chose full refund. A few more weeks. Contacted them again and they said it was submitted. Next day I received an email saying the money was refunded to my credit card - but not the whole amount! Contacted them again and they are "looking into it". It has now been almost a year since the initial purchase.


Missing art work

I have been trying to find out where my art work is for a week now. It was supposed to be delivered on Monday and now it is Friday and no one can tell me where it is. Customer service makes promises with no follow up. Considering that their facility is 15 minutes from my home Im trying to figure out how this is possible. Waiting for a week because I have to sign for it. I am beyond mad .


Long Unexplained Shipping Delays

The Park West invoice specifically states, "Allow up to 12 weeks for delivery." I am now into week 14 and no delivery. They have my money, and I am waiting for my art. They gave me a big, "I'm sorry," but no remedy in sight. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager, but no callback.

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