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Overnight Prints has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 67 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 16th position out of 763 companies.


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7582 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #487,, Las Vegas, Nevada, 92614, United States

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My order

I received my business cards with only the logo, no name, number or email included as when I okayed the image. I basically received blank cards without any of my information. I have uploaded images 3 times now and still waiting to hear that I'll be receiving a refund.



Placed and order for delicery on the 17th. They sent partial order and stated the order is complete which came in 2 days later. Been trying to contact them and they finally said that the 2 items are being produced and should be out shortly. They was no phone number to contact them and the chat was pathetic! They Stated: We have recent updates on it, since we requested to expedite your order, it should be completed and shipped out very soon. I Stated: you know very soon doesnt tell me crap. i was told everything was to be delivered on 17th of April. The one shipment comes on the 20 with the above items missing. no one could give me an aswer - just very SOON??? give me a time this will be ready Agent profile image Right now to be honest I cannot promise a certain time, but since I requested for expedition I am very positive it should be shipped very soon ME: hello??? no Them: Agent profile image Your order is in the final steps, and it should be completed and shipped out very soon.


Product printing is pink

I have ordered several times from here. In the past I was satisfied. But this time the product is over exposed and saturated with red color. They printed my cards with same photo months ago on another card. I was extremely happy. This time the color is horrendous!!! Customer service is the worst!!! All I wanted is for them to reprint. They want me to take a photo of a 100 business cards and send them to them. I send them the 1000 that are pink and washed out. They have no human customer service person. All I get is stupid emails with *** replys. All I want is my cards printed correctly and RE shipped!!!


Bad service, took my money and never sent me anything

I ordered cards, never delivered. Customer service number is out of order. this is a ghost company. Fraud. Contacted via email, they will get back to me. Never did.


I paid overnight shipping costs of $60 on a $30 product that did not get to me in time

I paid extra to get my package in time for an event I wanted to market at. The event is tomorrow and the product is showing it is still in production. When I emailed the company they told me the best they could do is refund time the difference between overnight shipping and standard shipping once I confirm my package was received. Poor customer service poor service. No operating phone number either



I ordered business cards overnight. It's 5 days later and still they say "in production". Their customer service number doesn't work. Their chat person said they would do their best to have the cards arrive. I will just ask for my money back. They are really bad. Not sure how they're still in business?


Original issue started on 10/30. when I get the carda I will update the review.

I am waiting for the promised product to be mailed on !/25 before I upgrade my review. This issue has been outstanding since 10/30.and after filing the 2nd pissed-off customer complaint, the problem was resolved. I feel if I could have spoken with a representative, I could have resolved this months ago.


Terrible experience. Would not order through them again.

I paid for expedited shipping due to multiple events that require business cards. Not only did I not receive the cards in time (2 weeks late), the cards are all different sizes. Quality control is not their strong suit either. Do not waste your time or money with this company.


Change business cards

I want the same business cards Ive ordered several times but want to change the names on the card. I tried to edit myself with no luck


Terrible service and quality

Ordered 4500 Business cards for 3 of my team members. They were supposed to be completed and delivered on May 12th. I received them on May 26th. Definitely not overnight. While the finish of the cards is not terrible, there is a red line on the edge of every single card. One box of cards was shipped without being secured, so it opened inside the larger box, and there are destroyed cards all over the inside. They also wouldn't cancel my order after I figured out they weren't going to get to me in time. They said it was already in production.



I ordered business cards next day on Feb 27th with a delivery date of March 2nd. Today is 3/15/2022 and I still have not received my order. They will not refund me or tell me when I'm going to receive my order. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE


Pathetic quality and the worst customer service

I placed an order for three sets of cards for the companies we own. These were nothing fancy and actually were stock images Overnight prints had available. My first red flag should have been that they charged separate shipping ($7.99 ea) on each order and would not combine. Then, when the cards arrived one set was so unevenly trimmed (the image was skewed on the card) they look like a drunk used (scissors) to make them, the second set the background color was approved as a tan, they arrived Yellow! Then, when I brought these to the attention of Overnight Prints, they respond with "the cards as shipped are within printing tolerance". Are you kidding me? These represent the company and are horrible! Trust me, you do not want to use this printer at any price or any reason. Google the address, (2929 Magazine st., Louisville Ky) the building has most of the windows broken out, and it's in a rundown slum. No wonder they don't care what the customers' presentation looks like, they don't care about their own! Overall, a really pathetic excuse for a professional printer selling garbage.


Messed up order

Updated by user Jan 07, 2022
got no where

Original review Jan 07, 2022
sumitted an order and paid their fee to have it checked before made and they didnt do it or the issue would have been seen cause on the design there was no issue i could see everthing i sumitted photos like they wanted and their response was they will give me 5$ credit bite me im stuck with 1000 business cards that are worthless and if i pay a fee to have something check maybe you should do that not just run it and tell me oh well


Never received business cards

I ordered business cards on 11/09/21, was promised by 11/22/21, today is 12/10/21, haven't received yet, called no answer after extremely long hold. When people say, if something is too good to be true, it probably is, this is one of those things. I am going to dispute transaction with my credit card company. It's too bad people have to stoop so low to scam people! YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!!


Ridiculously unsatisfied

Ordered cards from overnight prints with a lead time of 2.5 weeks. did not receive my cards in time for event (3 weeks after order) Customer service has me on hold for more than 2 hours on 2 occasions with no answer. Online "chat" was also too busy to reply. Finally got ahold of customer service and attempted to cancel the order after 4.5 weeks, was told they could not cancel. am now waiting for the cards to arrive for them to refund me the fee i paid for expedited shipping. this company has no business being in business


Terrible product delivered Late

Updated by user Sep 13, 2021
Customer service is radio silent after offering to reprint with no explanation on how they will correct the issues.

Original review Sep 13, 2021
The printing quality is absolutely atrocious. The information is not consistently centered across the cards, and most of them are very right justified and not centered. The registration of the color is blurry, and the saturation of the ink is horrible. All the text is fuzzy. As a design firm the quality of your product is absolutely worthless to me, and on top of all that, paid for rush delivery for Monday, and they did not arrive till Wed. Too late for me to use. them when I needed them.

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