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Overhead Door has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 84 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 14th position out of 170 companies.


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Shane Hyatt is helpful, has in-depth product knowledge and helped. If I was a new customer, I suggest Shane.


Repair of garage door.

My Step-Daughter backed into and damaged my garage door. My wife's car was in the garage and we could not open the door. I called Overhead Door. They told me they would have a technician ay my home next day. I received a call from Dayle next morning. He told me he would arrive between 11 AM and 1 PM. At around 11:30 AM he arrived. I was convinced the door could not be repaired and I would need to spend for a new door. We are a retired couple, living on retirement income. Dayle told me he could repair my garage door but we would still see small dents on the outside of the door. Dayle completed the repairs in under an hour. Door opens and closes very well with little noise. It seals well at the bottom. Dents outside are visible but minimal. Dayle completed his work in a very timely, professional manner. With a working garage door this gives me time to get an estimate from Overhead door and start saving for a new door somewhere in the future. We could not use my Step-Daughters or our insurance because of the impact this would have on my Step-Daughters insurance premium. Could even cause her to lose insurance. I have said a lot, but bottom line, I appreciate the work Dayle did and I appreciate Overhead Door providing such a competent employee to do the work. Emmett Wayne Dennis 11-16-22


Ghosting my simple request

I have previously installed OH Doors in my home, went with composite doors, which are VERY heavy. I have gone through 4 opener components called trolleys due to poor spring to door weight balancing upon install... now the springs have failed. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS THE WEIGHT and these guys are ghosting me and are either indifferent to their customer or incompetent.


Poor Service - Poor Value

I Was promised a tune up. Paid $165. They sprayed a few rollers and left. Stay clear of this company.


Told me I didn't buy from them

I had trouble with door they said I didnt buy it from them I know who I called an who installed. There saying they will look at it for a hundred bucks guy said they havent installed a door on this street since 07 even said he would look an call back he didnt I called him an hour later he said oh yeA my manager says we havent installed a door on that street since 2007 he said must be someone else selling overhead door s.


Adjusting the force

Spring was broken. Found it was a Wayne Dalton product. Most people asking a conversion to regular spring for >$450. Look like the use of a bad product "Wayne Daton" by Overhead. Should't be broken in 4 years with less use and surprise no warranty for this part is bad.



Overhead door has horrible customer service. I have a three year old garage door that has a broken spring and they are telling me it is out of warranty. I paid to have an oversized door and clearly standard springs were installed.


Customer satisfaction

I am writing to say I had great service from Doug on 12/2 at my residence. Very professional Sincerely Gary D. Bullock


Order canceled after waiting 8 months.

After waiting eight months for garage doors my order was canceled. The sales person said either the owner or my contractor must have canceled the order. I am the owner and I did not cancel the order. My contractor did not cancel the order and after Overhead Door of Springfield investigated I was told the phone records shows that we did not contact the on or near the date the doors were canceled. When contractor was contacted after the matter was investigated he was told that the order was canceled and if we wanted to start the process over it could take up to 2 years and we would have to pay the current price which is double what the original contract was for. I was a loyal customer and have purchased doors from them at 2 other homes.


New door order canceled after waiting almost 8 months.

I built a new garage. My contractor ordered doors almost 8 months ago. When contractor called to follow up on our order he was told the order was canceled by the owner or contractor he was not sure. I am the owner and did not cancel the order, my contractor did not cancel the order. I call and talked to find out how you were going to make this right. My contractor got a call back saying the order was canceled and if we wanted to place another order it could take up to two years and I would have to pay the current price which is double what the original contract was for. I guess that is why my order was canceled. I was a loyal customer and have purchased doors on two other homes. I can't believe this is how you treat your customers. Why would I cancel my order after waiting eight months knowing that prices have doubled? Now I have a beautiful new garage with no doors and have to start over because Overhead Door of Springfield screwed a previously loyal customer!


Very satisfied with service provided to repair my garage door.

Technician Sean spent the necessary time and to replace parts and tested operation of garage door. Demonstrated knowledge of problem quick for fast repair decision. Good customer relation.


Cost and shoddy work

My garage door would not open and so I called Overhead garage Door company. Not knowing these seemed to be independent little service companies the first one put in a new rollers. still broke and second man came and put know opener and wired it and handed me two garage door openers. still did not work and 3rd man pounded on the track etc. to better align the rollers moving on the track. I saved the invoices in a file in Yahoo for $2200.00 and now today I have discovered they are asking for a yearly fee to somehow see my invoices. Duh, I should have printed them out. My garage door used to let me lift the wood door for 36 years and now I have never been able to lift the door and today a black rubber cable broke. I find out from the neighbor I could have had all new door and parts for $1400. from Precision. 3 men, 3 contractors, and an overage charge of $800.00. Watch your pocketbook.


Poor Service

I ordered parts from overheaddoorpartsonline.com and they do not offer any way to track order. Called the 800 number and the person seemed to care less. They have shipped USPS so I will not know when the parts will come. I can not use my garage door until the parts come.


Ripped off - did not deliver on time

Paid 9.62 in shipping and handling for a remote control that weighed less than 1 lb. was supposed to be a 2 day delivery and ended up being a 5 DAY delivery!!!


Bad Service

I called overhead door because my door would not go up well to begin with the door was level. They spent over an hour un-leveling the door saying that will fix the problem i kept telling them I want it level which it touched the floor before, now they blame the floor, wall header etc, it was level just hard to open, spring winds, than almost an hour and a half later they say oh it could take 3 hours for us to redo what they did, the door and make it level to begin with, I made it clear I want the door level, i am going to dispute with my credit card company as this is poor service they also said it will take longer because it was only one person, that is a joke they knew the size of the door to begin with so why only send one person. Do not ever use these people.


Unable to get assistance via telephone

we have lost the connection to the Overhead Door anywhere system, I called the 800 number on Wednesday and a recording stated that due to the overwhelming volume of calls the wait time would be 2 hours or I could press 1 and someone would call me back, I pressed 1 and nobody called on Wednesday, same experience on Thursday and today when I called the recording said that there had been a problem with system backup but loggingl in and out of the account should restore the connection. I have tried that and no success, also pressed 1 for the 3rd day in a row and still no call back. Huge failure taking place, have to wonder whether they are going out of business or just don't care about their customers.

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