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Outlook has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 10 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 274th position out of 1129 companies.


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Outlook Reviews


All users of the OUTLOOK ANDROID APP can VOTE!!

View my suggestion & VOTE!! at: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/8c47d0ad-7b6e-ed11-a81b-000d3ae32cd0 Ignore Conversation & Not Junk Buttons: IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION FOR THE ANDROID OUTLOOK APP: These 2 BUTTONS: Ignore Conversation & Not Junk need to be improved in order to entirely eliminate Spam. SIMPLY PUT: Ignore Conversation should ALWAYS move the SAME SENDER of unwanted Spam directly to the Deleted Folder; if I select Ignore Conversation after checking off 10 Spam emails I never requested, the senders and all emails from them should go DIRECTLY to the Deleted Folder as a rule just by clicking Ignore Conversation. Also, the same w/ Not Junk. If I click a message in Spam from a sender I WANTED to contact me, then say it's Not Junk, it should ALWAYS as a rule just by using this Button, go to My Inbox instead. IS THAT SIMPLE ENOUGH 4 U??!! THIS REPEAT SPAM B.S. MUST END!!! OR I'LL PUT EVERYTHING IN MY GMAIL & IGNORE OUTLOOK AS A HOAX THAT CAN'T CONTROL MESSAGING!!!


Recover an account

My email has been hacked, and I can't even access my account because somehow they change my password. I've been trying to recover my email for weeks, but It's been impossible because there's no costumer service or someone to really help besides automate messages. No phone numbers to call nor email to get in contact with. What a disappointment


Email stoped receiving emails

To verify my identity you want to send me an email. The reason for my needing help is I can't receive emails. How about a verbal responce via telephone ?


I want to talk to someone

My email issues it keeps making me change my password now it wont recognize it after I charged it. It asked it they could email to a different email account that isnt mine. Something at Yahoo!


Outlook and ms team not working

Outlook application is not working and also ms teams not working . I have open outlook in webmail. Please solve this issue


I want to speak to a live person not an automated or online

I need to reset my password and the phone number listed to send a code doesn't take text messages only voicemail. So when I select I don't have any of these it sends me to a recovery form. We I put my info in it says I don't have enough information to get into my email. I'm so upset that it's all online. I can't even talk to a live person on the phone. Not very good business on Microsoft.


I lost access to my inbox

Yesterday, as usual i try to get into my inbox and I couldn't. I receive a message that someone else would use my account and then they give me a form to fill, what I did. They ask me to wait till 24 hours to get an answer. It's been one hour that I try to open it and it still doesn't work. Please help me to get it work because I use it since 2007. My name is Sylvio Fabien and my e-mail address is presented like this: sylviofabien@***.com.... Best regards


Help with recovering the blocked emailbox

I don't know what happened when I logged in my hotmail emailbox about 1-2 weeks ago but then soon was told the mailbox was blocked until I can provide sufficient information to prove that I am the owner. It has been a long time I haven't encountered such problem, and I have used the mailbox for more than 20 years, for which I never think about remembering any specific information about the emailbox or my emails. I hope to call you to explain the issue but cannot find any hotline. When I found this channel, I immediately wrote the letter and hope you could reach me to allow me explain. I need some information in the mailbox for urgent use. PLS help.


Forgot password and can't access

I cannot reset my password for my outlook account and the phone number that tied to that email I don't have that number no more so I'm trying to reset my password how can I go about doing so


Not working!!!!

Again I am not receiving my emails since the 19 of August and today is the 24 of August 2021 .Thanks please repair the problem.

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