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1.4/5 - based on 13 reviews

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Original Paint By Diamond has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 13 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 7th position out of 55 companies.


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100 Church Street, Manhattan, New York, 10007, United States

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Original Paint By Diamond Reviews


Not receiving product or communication

Ordered over a month ago and no contact beyond confirmation of order and payment made. They do not respond to emails except for an automated response, so no product, no information and no product.avoid this website and do not order from them


Order not received

I placed an order for 2 paintings on 8 November 2021. It was confirmed & had been in transit since 11 November 2021. To date I have still not received a reply to Emails or messages sent on their website. Im a pensioner & cannot afford to lose the money paid for these paintings. The one was a birthday present for my sister & the other for our church. There is nothing worse than not getting any feedback! They are quick to take the payment though. Not sure If this is a scam or what and receive Emails with discount codes everyday. No update on my order though. I definitely would not recommend this company. Marilyn Smith


I didn’t receive my ORDER!!!!!

My order number is 70785 .. its from July and I didnt receive it yet!!! Im Very disappointed .. you sent me an email saying that the stuff are shipped with a tracking number (VR43087****YP) But whenever i enters the tracking number to know where my parcel is it appears (unknown) !!!! I emailed the 17TRACK they say they didnt receive any package?


Trouble shoot a problem with adherence of beads

The beads keep popping off after being on for awhile. Would like guideness on spray to put over to prevent this from happening and correction the problem now.


Never received order

Updated by user Jul 22, 2020
Continuing to contact the company, never get any answer on phone or by email. I have reported them to the BBB and they didn't get a response either. Don't buy from this place, it is a scam.

Original review Jun 18, 2020
This is a terrible company, not even sure they are legit. They only send auto reply e-mails and have a recording answer the phone.


6 weeks still have not received my order

Ordered a paint by diamond kit 5/1/2020. It is now June 14th still no order. Tried to call and cant get thru. Visa card ending 4438. Cyndi Sawyer 210-251-****


I haven't received my order

DI placed a order on April 18 never got it I have sent lots of emails and never got a response Im at the point where Im gonna contact the better business association about this matter this is very unprofessional and unacceptable I do expect some kind of response and a refund


Never got my order

Updated by user Jul 07, 2020
Update - Update I got one of two of my orders, just like that out of the blue!Still missing the second order tho, will not rest till I have it all then I can wash my hands of this company!!Erica Potts

Updated by user Jul 02, 2020
Well since writing the first post I have had zero contact by Original Paint by Diamond Company. I have tried once again to contact them thru email and no response on their part.

The order was paid thru paypal account and I've reached out to them to dispute the payments made at the time of the order back in April.

I highly doubt I will see my $79 but it is worth a try to me! Never in a million years would I recommend the so-called business to anyone I talk to!

Original review Jun 02, 2020
I placed an order on first part of April 2020, it is now June 2nd and my emails requesting status are being ignored. I requested a cancellation right away since everything shut down, was told "We are Processing Your Order" can't cancel at this time! Such BS as this looks like a US based business with the NY address and the business profile with the American girls saying they started the business. Last week I received a "Please rate your transaction and company" Haahaaa what a joke, I told'm they Suck... I haven't received my order that is $ 79.96.00 Prepaid. Think I got Scammed by these deadbeats!! Have never received any kind of shipping information which tells me they never actually shipped anything - but sure took my money. I want a refund period!!!!


Did not receive

Deceit and the worst company to deal with! They will advertise as if they are located in the USA with quick shipping. Truthfully, they are shipping from China and will take weeks to get items. If you file a claim, they will issue a tracking number and send you bogus items to win the 'not received' claim. Honestly, that whole interaction was a terrible business strategy. They could have closed this problem with a full refund, but alas, they would rather drag this out and keep the money. I wish Google would not allow them to advertise on their platform because this all feels like a scam.



I placed my order a month ago. The reason I placed the order is because this from USA. I still have not received my order. Even taking into account the virus situation, my daughter received her order from another company a lot faster, and that was not from USA. Extremely disappointed. They are quick to take the payment before even shipping the order. Now I can't seem to get anyone to get a refund.


Haven’t received my parcel from well over a month ago

Never got my parcel and my emails get ignored


Never again

I ordered 4 Diamond Painting kits on 1/13/19, another on 1/20/19 and last one on 1/27/19, thinking I would get them in time for my daughter’s March 20th birthday. The “advertised address was New York! Daughters birthday came and went, got no response at the email or phone number listed. Finally on March 30th I got a response - which included a request to let them know what I thought of their response. Ha! They didn’t like what I said! I finally got the products in April! Needless to say they were shipped from China.

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