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2.2/5 - based on 458 reviews

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Origami Owl has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 458 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 9th position out of 657 companies.


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450 N 54th St., Chandler, Arizona, 85226, United States

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Origami Owl Reviews


Ordered wrong thing

I have ordered a living locket in gold Twice! I did not get the back to the Locket so it is of no use to me. Tried twice to talk with someone about this and received no help at all!


I have ordered a subscription it wasn’t delivered and you can’t speak with anyone ! This is sooooo frustrating in a world like we are in that customer service is the first to go

I want to speak to someone about my order that didnt arrive to me! Alls I get is a voice message stating yall have decided not to answer the phone and now I have to email to get a response! Im so very frustrated Im considering cancelling the orders for future if this continues!


Wrong order

I ordered a necklace with the floating tree with birthstones 2 for may, 1 for November and 1 for December but I'm getting 1 for January


I need to find out where My order is because I didn't get a tracking number

they wont help me find my or Refund my money And it was an important order Im disappointed and dissatisfied


You allowed someone to use a credit card that did not belong to them to buy $1200.00 worth of merchandise.You should check ID's before purchases. Now my account is $1200.00 negative.

These transactions took place June 29, 2021.Need to do better when it comes to debit and Credit card use. Especially when the card belongs to someone else. The bank will be contacting you about these transactions.


I receive wrong items in my order that I don't order

I supposed to receive in my order 4 silver girl charms and instead I receive 4 gold rings


Living locket ring

Disclioration of gem on my living locket. Only one gem.



I would like to join your team to be a designer but I live in the UK.I was trying to purchase the kits but it’s just for designers in America.I hope that there’s a way that I can join the team to be a designer. thanks


Jewelry quality

It turns black and poor quality , never buying again . Had the watches necklaces and they all faded quickly. Very expensive jewelry , fashion jewelry last longer


Faulty item

I have origami owl necklace with two things that hold charms on it and this one ring I can close pictures of the glass piece popped out of the back I like came unglued or something I don't know how but nowall my charms have fallen out


W2 form information

Needed a W2 form. Customer service was quick and friendly and took care of my need immediately.


Nice stuff

I am a former rep of Origami Owl from 2013. Im looking at my 1099 from that year and see a Non-Employee Compensation amount for $4975.00. I dont recall ever receiving a money from Origami Owl. Can you please explain what this amount is referring to? Thank you, Susan Bitnias



This company works out of the Philippines and makes people work at lesser than pennies a day. They treat their employees very poorly. The company is only used to hide the background movement of heavy finance coverings. "laundering" money. They had 100s of shell accounts and this company is nothing more than just that. Its a cover for illigal activity and should be looked into. They promote achievements in live and growing with love and blah blah blah yet they live in a house in Malibu and scare individuals into working for them and once again not paying or giving any finiance backing except the products to do the work it self which also is cheaper than the products you see in the vending machines


Just Junk

I sold Origami Owl for about a year. It's really cheap junk that they sell for way too much. I have quite a bit of stock and just went to go through it thinking I'd sell some of it. Well, it truly is junk. Ideal all tarnished and looks like cheap flea market junk box stuff. The picture doesn't show all of my tarnished stock or the severity of the tarnish. Don't waste your money on Origami Owl. You can get the same or similar stuff much less expensive at discount stores or on Amazon. And certainly do not become a representative. Once they have you selling, you rarely can get through to customer support again!


Origami jewelry is Cheap

Beautiful jewelry/designs but sadly, bad quality and over priced. Will not be purchasing anything from them again.


Poor Quality; bad customer service

My purchases I made with this company initially were meant to be gifts and personal purchases. My very first item tarnished badly and I couldn't get in touch with my original sales lady/designer. The company wouldn't help me and told me I had to go through her. She no longer participates with Origami Owl. I called again to try to get them to understand their cheaply made products are not worthy of wearing and look horrible and were not worth the money I spent. See for yourself in the picture attached. All metal or metal like material is wearing off and turning black. Cheap gold and sliver paint is flaking up. Basically the stuff is trash and they don't care about replacement. I spoke with Andrea Wilson today and at first she told me she would credit my account for the items I sent pictures of. They don't sell some of these items anymore. I took the time to send pictures of each of the 8 items. She wrote me back an email with a measly offer of $50! To replace these items will cost $170 based on their website prices. Save your money, its carnival trash! Souvenier store *** Low quality and low customer service.

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