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2.2/5 - based on 655 reviews

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Oreilly Auto Parts has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 655 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 10th position out of 513 companies.


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233 South Patterson Avenue, Springfield, Missouri, 65802-2298, United States

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Long time rewards member no rewards going to napa spent half hour on phone with no results ask employee 3 times if all parts are there they was not after driving 75 miles one way not happy going to napa from now on keep your rewards that I have never recieved



I lost my job for nothing and nobody is doing anything about it that is crazy to me guys are allowing a manager to treat the employees like crap


Battery warranty

My battery died within warranty, but didnt have proper records of purchase. I thought I was gonna be out of another battery.. But they still Honored the warranty regardless.. So kudos to ORiely


Customer service

They have the worst customer service and I know why because theyre home office has the shitiest service as well Dickinson North Dakota is the worst the *** hole Fargo then South west Little Rock I use to think they were the worst nope the moved up a little not much but they are filthy and rude North Dakota I rude and nasty. I spend 5k a month there not anymore I wont spend another penny there. Hello Napa here I come



Can't get parts ordered correctly with me having part number,I was told it would be here today went to pick up told it want be here until tomorrow sure glade this is not ado or die situation



Yes Ive been sending a lot of money here recently they tell me youll have been sending me points to mccarp64@***.com or 850-284-****


Customer service poor at staff

Curbside bad customer service stuff, refuse to bring online orders, wanted me to go in side to get order, so what good is curbside and ordering on lines


Selling me the wrong tranny fluids.

Called your store, your employee ran my vehicle info, went to the shelf himself got the fluids and had them there at counter when my e.ployee went to get them. ... The transmission is a 4r100 tranny for 7.3 l doesel weight over 8000 lbs. Meaning the mercon5 it calls and needs to be able to work properly and last longer rhan 3 weeks. Its also the first suggestion on your screen when your employees check it... they pulled me dex6. Which would work for toyota or gm and other small 4x4 trucks. However i have a ford 250 powerstroke with a 3000 lb bed on it that i use for work daily i need to file a.claim. my transmissio. Was 3800.00 to have it rebuilt. The wrong fluid has voided my warranty from the shop. As well as the tranny is already overheating and the fluid is not meant to have a hauling load under it day in and out. The fact that i went to the store and your employee asked the manager to call me back himself to discuss this. And the man did not return my call. I live 90 miles from town and have now waisted over 20 gallons of diesel to be told there is nothing they can do without the manager. I need my truck fixed and my money back. Now today. I also need a gift card to replace and change all my filters and my gaskets. I am disgusted at the nerve of those people he is the one who took the info given and got the wrong stuff that is his fault not mjne. And i am also unable to work till we clear this up


Very bad customer care/service

Employee training and service The employee were very rude disrespectful and belligerent Zero understanding after multiple attempts Then a guy that I was not even speaking with got in my face


Return issue

Bought a couple code readers. Kept one wanted to return the other was told its returnable because its an electronic part. No where in the return policy or receipt is that stated. I do service work and we buy a lot of parts from OReilly but after this issue never again. Had the original package and receipt and it was purchased on a credit card.


South College Ave., Fort Collins, CO

My recent experience left me not wanting to shop at OReillys ever again. I recently went in to get a part for my GMC and was told they didnt have it and I have to pay shipping on top of the part cost. I could easily go to one and a half blocks down the street and buy this part but I had a coupon so I decided I would buy it and save the time. I was told the part would be in Friday the 17th. The part did not come in Friday the 17th. When I originally approached the store to buy the part there were two employees holding the doors open and they said excuse us for the smell. The person at the counter said they had just finished painting the refrigerator in the back room. The store smelled very bad and I had to get out of there as quick as I could because the fumes were making me feel high. The time that I went in before this to buy oil, the guy at the counter was talking to some girl about some personal stuff, and ignored me for a few minutes while I sat at the counter, waiting to buy the oil. Previously, I was sold the wrong starter for a jeep at this location and had to install it and remove it to return it. I thought you should know, because of these experiences I will not be shopping at OReillys anymore. I would advise that you hire some more professional help at the OReillys in S. College Ave., if you want to secure the customers you have.


Haven't resolved my issue yet

So last week I went to the Orielly's on the north side of my city and initially wanted to have my battery tested. When we got to the counter the lady told us that if we wanted the battery we tested we would have to wait for over an hour as the store was pretty busy. So I asked if we went ahead and purchased the battery and it wasn't what we needed could we just return it and get our old one back and she responded affirmatively. We went back later that day and it was still busy, so the manager told us to return the next day and we would be able to do the exchange. We went back the next day and spoke to the main manager and were informed that our battery was no longer at the store so a return could not be performed. I was upset by this so I called customer service that day. I was told someone would call me back and no one has. It has been about a week now and I still need an alternator for my vehicle. I understand miscommunications happen but that is not my fault. I would like a discount on an alternator as I still need one for my vehicle. Thank you for taking the time in reading this and hopefully we both can come to a resolution that satisfies us both.


Bad experience with two employees

Closing is 8:00) I arrived at 7:56 and one of the employees said that if the lights go off dont get scared.. so I said that means its free) the other employee said that I had 2-3 minutes and I had to be leaving. Or Id be charged with breaking and entering) I am highly pissed off. And am never going to OReillys again .. I have been a long time customer .. but this store and the nearby store has new employees and they are terrible .. Note I had been back and forth between the two stores all day. And came back to find something else that was only gonna take a minute


Close doors befor store should of closed

So I am a Doordash driver and had to take a break to come get some oil for my car and while I was there I was trying to find. A paint color for touch up. Now there was 2 employees. The gentleman that was helping us was wonderful. We were trying to figure out what color was matching for my Mazda 6 The young man was very helpful to let us know where we can possibly find the color for the touch up. My son and myself were coming in-and-out of the store trying to figure this out. Now meantime the gal that was there? Was just standing off to the side doing nothing, so be it the stores wasnt busy but needless to say the last time I went out to the store. There was 10 minutes before the store closed. And. My son and I were just barly to our car when we noticed that the gal came over and locked the doors Well we figured. Maybe we were mistaken cause there was still 7 min and she was just coming over to the door looking around so we We're hurrying over to the door to get in there so we can get out because we knew the store was going to be closing at 9. And sure enough the doors were locked now. She knew my son and I were coming back in Cause she was standing there off on the side and could hear the whole conversation of what was going on. Meantime as my son and I walk back to my Car another gentleman walks up and hes trying to get into the store and you can hear him say what the heck, The store is closed, It's not even 9 so as you can tell we're not the only one who's very disappointed with this situation. I needed oil because it was on empty and so now. I have to drive down the road about a mile with no oil in my car which can cause some serious damage. I belive that I may have some sort of Leake and No I didn't know about this befor hand I could just smell some burnt smell and can hear a clucking noise.


Disrespect from employee

I went to O'Reilly's auburndale Florida store 4648 got some bearings ordered some extra parts that where due in later. When I got home I noticed the bearings wouldn't fit I called the store back to see if they had the parts if not go ahead and order them I told the employee Brandon the situation and his remarks were why are you guys and the Jeep wrangler people always coming here and order parts and sensors for Jeeps. I basically told him off hung up the phone went back up there called him out in front The other employees and customers of the store got all my parts returned cancel the order and never got an apology from anybody. The reason I went to O'Reilly's AUTO PARTS to order PARTS for my Jeep Wrangler and McDonald's is because they sell HAMBURGERS not AUTO PARTS somebody should explain that to your employees he offended me and a big Jeep community in Central Florida. There's at least half a dozen Jeep clubs in this area plus Polk county sheriff Grady judge has an annual jeeping with judge jamboree with several hundreds of Jeeps on a private ranch. I'm spreading the word to boycott that store and and I'm going to try to get a Jeep night set up with several Jeep clubs in the parking lot of that strip mall where your store is and my Jeep will be front and center. Hope you all have a wonderful day.



No problem just a simple thank you. Unfortunately, these types of emails never get a response. I at least hope it gets passed along to the corporate office. Thank you to the employees at your Red Bank, TN store # 1176. Keir Hutchison went way out of his way to help me find a headlight for my Mazda Miata. No one has ever treated me with that much respect and interest. I have always used this store due to the invaluable personal service I receive. Thank you for finding the time to congratulate these employees on customer service done right. It's not the norm these days. Employee Lucas was also very helpful.

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