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OptumRx has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 845 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 4th position out of 351 companies.


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MN101-E013, 11000 Optum Circle, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 55344, United States

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Optum now sends costumer calls to Indian.

I had a question about 90 days supply medication. Woman who helped me accent was so thick I could enot understand her and it sounded like she was in a disco club in the background. She was rude cause I couldn't understand her. Did not answer my question and was no help with getting me to anyone else.Find another



Original review Jul 13, 2023
they force you to take the auto mailing.. they want the insurance company to pay for it.. the executive pharmacy is an outright liar you will get any justice there is no justice through optumrx... they are the most despicable business in business..


They were AWFUL!! So bad that the employee complaints made our hospital dump them after just a year.

Needed 'prior authorization' for meds I've been on for years, lied to repeatedly on the phone by customer service people, many delays getting my meds, causing physical problems, had to have TWO checkups a year with my MD to get refills, etc., etc., etc. They make money by denying Rx for people who need them. Their formulary is crap.


Worse pharmacy ever!

Absolutely no customer service. Their website is just for decorations. Can't order from website at all. Trouble with insurance? They forget about you! Need to applied discount? Forget that! They are happy if you pay out of pocket, then WTF is insurance for? Is therea negative stars? This pharmacy need negative stars. It's the worse.


They constantly cancel prescriptions

Original review May 17, 2023
I have been forced into socialism medications. This joke of a pharmacy is constantly cancelling prescriptions or are out of stock. I have been demanding to be set free from this terrible place.


How they handled a problem

a rx was filled i didn't want and they are accepting return and refunding me. agent very good and professional


Can not resolve an ongoing issue

Transferred my prescriptions from CVS to Optumrx in January, 2023. Its been all downhill since then. Received an unordered script for Rosuvastatin in March, 2023. Returned script as per your instructions. I could not order/receive the script when it was needed because I was told it was too early to order. Several phone calls were made to Optumrx with each phone call ending in an assurance from the representative that the problem was resolved and the Rx would be mailed to me. It never happened and I am still waiting for the Rx. Additioinally two other scripts (Synthroid and Famotidine) are unknowingly on hold.


Optum RX is out of control - can't waste 30-45 minutes calling

Optum RX sent 2 prescriptions that were not requested. I notified Optum RX and reportedly they were to send a return mailer. Three weeks went by and not mailer. Called again and a second mailer was sent. Prescriptions were returned and receipt by Optum RX verified with a supervisor. Two weeks later I continue to get emails requesting that I return the two prescriptions after I asked for them to stop when I verified Optum RX had received the returns. I'm writing this review because it will only take 5 minutes. If I call Optum RX again I will have wasted 30 to 45 minutes of my life that I can't get back. Optum RX needs to get their act together. No body knows anything and the "processes" DON"T WORK!


Can't get anything right!

Original review Mar 14, 2023
Called Optum to expedite the shipping on my 3mos Chronic illness meds as I was going out of town in 2 weeks. They assured me that I would receive it in 5 days. I never got any notification on the status and it got hectic for me so I missed checking on it. When I finally called them a few days before my trip, they had not even shipped my meds. They assured me again that they will mail it to the new address as I was going to be there for a while. Well, a couple of weeks later (not expedited) I get a notification that my meds were at the USPS office, so I go to 3 nearby locations and none of them can find it. So I call Optum to find out where they sent the meds to and guess what they sent it to the old address! I had to call my Dr to send a new Rx to the Walgreens nearby! Yesterday, called Optum to send my Rx refill to a different pharmacy as they no longer carry it, well, no surprise its still not done! I don't know why UHC uses them, I would prefer CVS Caremark or at least a choice in another Pharmacy, so I do not have to continuously deal with incompetent people!


Reorder by

People in Mexico have a hard time getting through with toll free numbers. Why can't they have a regular area code. Does not cost them any more money one way or the other. Customer service remember.


OptumRx Service Associates - Incompetence

As this is my first time ordering prescriptions with OptumRx, I called to tell them which ones I needed. Multiple issues arose: 1. The person didn't know how to set up the account nor check to see if my prescriptions flowed. I was told to have the doctor resend them. I was sitting beside the doctor when the prescriptions were sent. I had to call again to see if the 2nd person could see them. 2. I provided the list of prescriptions that needed to be refilled. Two were not needed. Today I received the two prescriptions that I did not need. 3. For each of these two prescriptions, I received 3 different quotes on the co-pay amount. These are very high co-pays. 4. I'm billed wrongly. 5. Now I have to go through the process of returning them and getting a billing credit. Are there any customer service advocates at OptumRx that know anything, understand English and can follow through on actions that need to be taken?


Called to revise time schedule for several of the scrips

For some reason (quite possibly a result of "chemo brain" and advance aging -- I'm on the "cusp" of 80 !"), I have gotten ahead on the timing of at least two scripts, so I wanted to place a hold on those until another month rolls by. It was very easy to do that!


Withholding my diabetic meds

On refill #3, they now want a pre-auth. It was for 90 days. This is the last refill of the script. Does that even make sense? They are dangerous in their practice. They put lives at risk. Investigate them. Or is it OK with corporate greed


Continued Med Denials - Prior Author is is. Gambit for Control

Spent at least 8 hours on the phone with Optum - ridiculous! Unable to get my diabetic medication (who denies that!) and now the stupid mail order program they FORCED me into - has now denied the medication I have been on for OVER 30 years. Why - because apparently the uneducated buffoon who signed me up did not put this on auto refills and they now need to "reach out to my doctor" they never even informed me of anything - NOT ONE THING. One gal told me it was not medication on my approved list - uh, not like this is January 1...been taking these medications for a while...what should be $25 for my diabetic meds is now a whopping $477! So *** PISSED OFF AT THIS ENTIRE SITUATION. Last time they "reached out to my doctor" nothing got sent or faxed and not a single phone call was made by them. I just want them to be gone. I work for the LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD. Going to ask to drop this garbage. Why is this even allowed to happen?


Completely incompetent customer service

Updated by user Dec 05, 2022
Updated December 5, 2022 - They continued to ignore my complaints, until a few days ago when they called to let me know that the prescription I've been waiting months for isn't even covered. Why do they only cover certain prescriptions, and why did it take them months...

Original review Nov 05, 2022
We've had nothing but problems ever since we had to switch from Express Scripts to Optum Rx. They call constantly, always in the morning before I'm even awake. They've called me at least five times in the last week. The messages they leave rarely include any actual information, forcing me to call them back and wait on hold until a dazed and confused employee speaking indecipherable English finally picks up and pretends to try to help me. Usually they call to tell me that one of my meds is out of stock, despite my having told them repeatedly that it isn't urgently needed and I'll wait until it becomes available. That medication has been out of stock for months, and they have no idea when it will become available (maybe never, who knows?), so they just call periodically to wake me up and make sure I know they still don't have it, just like they didn't have it yesterday, last week, or last month. If they have no plans to restock it, I wish they'd just say that and stop wasting my time. Another time, they left a message about a prescription transfer I had initiated on their website, saying that they had called my doctor for approval, and asking me to contact the doctor on their behalf, so they can get back to their busy schedules of leaving people on hold or destroying the English language. The easy transfers they promise apparently do not actually exist. Despite my calling them back every time, they just keep calling over and over for the same reasons. And In spite of the fact that I just had to call them again today, I fully expect to receive another call tomorrow, just so they can repeat the things they've already repeated. Also, be wary of the survey they ask you to complete at the end of the call. If the representative you speak with can tell that you aren't happy, the survey won't show up. Often, simply indicating that you're willing to take the survey is enough to get your call dropped before you even speak to anyone. Also, the last two times I've had to call them, I've told them that the email they have on file for me isn't my email address, nor is it an email address I've ever had. I have no doubt that the next time I have to call, I'll have to tell them, yet again, that they are using a nonexistent email address that I never gave them. I wish this place would just go out of business, the way they deserve, and then maybe all of the insurance companies would use a reputable mail order pharmacy, instead of this pathetic bargain-basement substitute.


DO NOT SAVE THE 10.00 a year they advertise IT ISN'T WORTH THE AGGRAVATION

What can you say about a company like OPTIMRX that promises you great savings and then only saves you pennies? DO NOT USE THEM What can you say about a company like OptimRX that hires un-knowledgeable people to answer their phones? DO NOT USE THEM What can you say about a company like OptimRX that switches your drugs so that THEY can get a cheaper price without passing off that savings to you? DO NOT USE THEM What can you say about a company like OptimRX that will NOT take you off their marketing call list when requested multiple times? DO NOT USE THEM. What can you say about a company like OptimRX that when given a survey on the phone will not accept anything other than a 10 and sends you to a response stating they did not hear your response even when you are using a keypad? DO NOT USE THEM What can you say about a company like OptimRX that when there is a recall on your medication will just stop sending you anything and expect YOU to figure something out? DO NOT USE THEM. What can you say about a company like OptimRX that when they are not making a "sale" hangs up on you? DO NOT USE OptimRX. This company does NOT CARE about anything but their bottom line. There is no "savings" being passed on, there is on customer care. There is no health in anything they do. RUN don't walk ... away from this company.

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