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OpenAI has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 19 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 20th position out of 279 companies.


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Wrong history under my account in ChatGPT

When I log in, I have the wrong history of chats. I cleared it and renewed my password and again it connects me to the wrong history. I cannot get anybody on the phone or online to help me at OpenAI. Even the number seems wrong.


Get an actual person to answer what seems to be my unique question

Spent over a hour on problem. Tried through website, set up account, tried various possibilities for getting info needed. Still havent been able to reach a functional human with whom to interact (even if a response proves disappointing)


Blockage of my Chat-gp Account

Sir, my account has blocked Suddenly. I don't know the reason of this. Please reactivate my account.


Blocked Account

I can't access my account. It says it's been blocked is there any reason why? I've never had this issue before.


Emergency help needed to unsubscribe GPT4

Hello support team, Last month, I subscribed to Chat GPT4. I used my educational email address to purchase, Which is nahid35-1889@*** Now I am not able to get access to my educational email address. It was disabled or deleted. But the problem is that GPT4 charged me again for a new subscription for the new month. But the problem is that I cannot access GPT4. How do I cancel my subscription? I need immediate help to solve this issue. Thanks, Nahid kawsar Nisat


I need to cancel my subscription

I cant get into my account to cancel my subscription! You have already taken 99 dollars from me!!! I am able to get into aiwriter without having to pay money, so what is the difference?!! Please cancel my subscription immediately, and I would like a refund please, Im not going to pay 99 dollars on a program that I cannot use!!!


Billing issues - credit card declined

Hi OpenAi, My name is Milan and I work for the company Better Collective. I work as an IT Support Technician. Hope all is well from your end. We have an issue with purchasing a subscription for ChatGPT+ Our card is getting declined all the time, we did check the card to confirm that it's working, and it is. For some reason, I do not work anymore with ChatGPT. Can we get feedback on this one? Here are the last 4 digits of the card (6205)


No service

No one got back to me there is no one live to talk I have had the same issues for months and there is no customer service. I was a paid member up until today and they will continue to loose members if they don't find a way to contact their customers.


It sux

I need help someone is trying to scam me with open ai and no one believes me i know it sounds crazy please help asap


Help someone is trying to scam me.

I need help someone is trying to scam me with open ai and no one believes me i know it sounds crazy please help asap It is a long story but I was poisoned and almost died.i have been ran over by a car yesterday and I think my ribs are broken and I have sold a house and they are trying to rob me with it.and holograms as well


Cannot log in to my paid account

I have a paid account. It use to work. Now I cannot login. I used this paid account for several days with no issues. It has not worked for almost a week. It tells me... "Check your preferred one-time password application for a code."... I don't have a one-time password application, much less a preferred one. I don't get a code by either text or email. Have tried logging in using different methods... not sure what else to do.



Zero customer service. Opaque process of charging for services then arbitrarily deciding if the customer "qualifies" for the newest offerings


I cannot use Chatgpt

Updated by user May 16, 2023
I turned in a ticket a week ago and still have not had any help with what I'm guessing is a simple setting that is messed up. Something that I am sure is a 2 min fix if I knew where to look / what to change yet a week later I still cannot use Chatgpt.

Original review May 16, 2023
"Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at" is all I have gotten for over a week I sent in a ticket and have not gotten any kind of response in the 24 hrs the first message I got on the ticket said then it changed to a week and again any kind of response. I love the product but if I can't use it ...


Using Musenet, and updates since 2019?

I am a composer and I am interested in using MuseNet to create new music based on my own musical style, using MIDI files of my own compositions as a custom dataset. In 2019 I was in touch with an engineer working on MuseNet, who was very helpful and added some of my MIDI files to the dataset. I have been unable to reach them since then. I am very interested in continuing this project, and wondered whether she, or someone else at OpenAI, might be able to be in communication with me about it. If it's possible to continue what she started, that would be wonderful. If it's not possible, I would like to ensure that my MIDI data intellectual property is removed from the OpenAI system - but again, that would be only if there is no way to continue. Also, I am curious whether MuseNet has continued to be developed since 2019? Is there a newer version with GPT-4-equivalent model? Or are there alternatives you'd suggest? Thank you very much for your help.


GPT-4 issue

Hello, subscribed yesterday for GPT-4. Can not get any answers for simple questions that GPT-3.5 answers immediately. Getting all times the same error message: Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at Yakov Katsman yakovkatsman@***.com 617-462-****


Scam billing practices and no way to reach them

Billed me 10x for an account I never had. I can't reach them and the chat is a joke on the website. Bad news stay awat

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