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OnStar has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 316 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 13th position out of 1094 companies.


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Locked out of our car

The driver arrived and in just a few minutes we were able to get in our car. Interesting to watch how he got in, Joey Pines was very careful not to lay his tools on the cars. PS I'm not a pissed customer


On star has some wonderful customer service support

My wallet disappeared so I had to call the financial institutions and get new cards , they were mailed out 10days ago and i still havent recieved them so I have let all my institutions know Ill be late on payments due to lost cards .so out of respect


I need my car unlocked

I locked my keys in the car and my dog is inside. 100 degrees please unlock my car vin # 3gcukrec1jg379199


My concern was not handled properly . GOT A RUN AROUND.

First Off: I am not a subscriber to On Star. Recently purchased a car that unfortunately has On Star installed at the manufacturer of the vehicle. The problem I encountered is every time I start my car up I get a recorded message. " YOUR VEHICLE IS IN ON STAR DEMONSTRATION MODE" PLEASE PRESS THE BLUE ONSTAR BUTTON.I can not remove it but according to what I found on Internet all I had to do was call ON STAR and they would delete it from my vehicle. Made the call 1ST Representative "I WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT FOR YOU IMMEDIATELY SIR" LET ME PUT YOU ON HOLD " Gets back on the line. OOPS I will transfer you to the tech department they will delete it for you.. After going through an entire sequence of PRESS THIS BOTTON < OPEN AND CLOSE YOUR DOOR AND LET ME KNOW IF GREEN LIGHT IS ON STEADY OR BLINKING." Another waste of my time. This person told me he had to turn me over to a higher tech authority ( Must Be God Himself )as However it would be 5 to 7 days before they would call me. Company is a joke and I suspect if i signed up for their subscription they would have removed it immediately ..


Very annoyed

On Star is the WORST. I needed a tire change because mine was completely flat. They said they would be there in 10 mins. No one came I was on the side of the road stranded and I had an hour drive home. They charged me for someone to come out there I cancelled the service. They took my money and won't give me a refund.


On 6-18-23 I had to have my 2020 Buick Encore towed to Auto Nation Buick Park Meadows

I had to rent a rental car for 2 days while my Buick was in the shop. I was told by the On-Star representative that I could call Customer Service to be reimbursed for the rental car charge. I was very disappointed that I could never talk with a customer service representative to complete that task!


Keys locked in truc k. Service leaped tro months ago. They wold not let us sign back up and pay to have your company electonicly unlock doots

Locked keys in car Service laps one month ago They would not electronically unlock door at any price Had to call AAA


Billing problem

I discontinued service months ago but I am still being charged called multiple times got refunded but am still being charged



I was told my payment wasn't processed. When I checked you said it was a mistake my payment was paid in full. No problem Thanks so much!


Seekin help to unlock car.

I was curtly informed that the lease car did not have a subscription for unlock services??? Very dissatisfied.


Evidently on star is outdated on my vehicle

Dave with onstar said my vehicle can no no longer access on star I Would appreciate any company I can answer or call though my vehicle while driving I bought this vehicle because it bears all my needs. I thought on star as well Please help me 712 318-**** I drive for a living with disabilities and would appreciate emergency help if needed


Network shutdown

I am writing to demand that GM provide consumers of 2015 and older MY vehicles a way to upgrade their vehicular telecommunications devices so that they will run on 4G or 5G networks to continue their complete functionality. I am a grad student and use my Cruze daily, and not uncommonly in places away from home or other safe places. The ability to check the status of my vehicle and control the current locked/unlocked status of the vehicle from my phone is paramount to my ownership of the vehicle. It also is cause for safety concern since it no longer works. Considering that GM gave Canadian consumers a way to upgrade years ago, I find it only fair that US consumers get equal treatment. This is overall bad news for GM as other manufacturers are seeking ways to amend this issue. If this is not corrected or even considered, I will be purchasing my next vehicle elsewhere.


OnStar plan

Need to activate on Star service for my 2002 Cadillac Eldorado Can't talk to real person, very *** response, guess that they don't need any more New accounts.


I am trying to reactivate my On Star I called. They told me they push the button twice I did, and it just keeps ringing. I tried it before and it keeps hanging up on me.

I cannot get anyone to answer the On Star to reconnect to Ted. I keep doing it and it keeps disconnecting me saying that they cannot do it. I need help from somebody if somebody could please contact me at 315-591-****.


End service d

Traded car in I got a new car which has OnStar on it already for several months I expect to reinstate my service when my months are ove

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