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OneClickGeeks has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 33 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 11th position out of 279 companies.


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These bastards took half of my life savings. I wouldn't put this on my worst enemy.I hope google looks into this.


If I could give it a zero I would

Scammed...Complete bogus do not get it, they charged me 799.99 and got virus's on my computer they absolutely suck


One Click Geeks

Same Thing Happen With Me They Charge From Me $350 And They Use Payment Terminal Name Of Nerd Tech Solutions



All the sxxit they're doing makes me sick scamming people out of their money. Stop clicking on links, stop letting people remotely connect to your devices, stop filling out forms on the internet. Emails, texts and websites can be deceiving. Amazon owns Alexa, call the company directly before sending money to anyone over the internet. They're scamming people claiming to be border patrol, IRS and different fake companies. They make websites and emails look legit. Watch for spelling and grammar. Check the email address by right clicking on it from a computer. This will give you the header info. They send out fake google, bank and yt emails also. Never your information to anyone, passwords included. Your bank is not going to ask you for your password or otp upon verification. Please people stop falling for these scams. Setup 2 factor authentication for all accounts. Don't save your passwords on your pc. Be smarter, it's your money and accounts that you're giving away. They're even spoofing bank phone numbers and emails. Always call the company yourself to verify. Watch for zelle scams, set settings on bank account alerts to $0 so anything spent over that, you'll receive a notification for.



They call repeatedly sometimes 5 times in 1/2 hour! They are not a company I would ever recommend in fact STAY AWAY!


The set up: one click geeks...finally leading to the sting.

This company does a set up ... and then comes in with a sting. Signed up with the company Nov 2021. Everything seems to be going well. About a month ago, discussion of a firewall/password protector, etc. (just as others on here have reported). I bought for $450 for three year coverage. then yesterday, a call saying that the IP protection company's server crashed and because they can no longer provide the service they are required to refund the money. That's when things started getting really squirrelly. I did a lot of stupid things which culminated in them showing me that they had drained my checking and savings accounts. They said they would give the money back if I would go buy gift cards and send to them. I finally refused and hung up. Of course, what they were showing me was a screen shot with zero in the balances, but I didn't know it at the time. They still had control of my computer through my cell phone. (I know. I did a lot of stupid things to get to that point, but it happened. OK?) So, anyway, One Click Geeks apparently did this smooth set up over time, culminating in this call. Here's my real question and PLEASE somebody tell me how to remove anything that has to do with one click geeks from my computer. This includes ".bat" files and links to their support site. Thank you. It's very easy to get sucked into this as other commenters have attested. Now I want to clear my computer of this travesty and move on. Help me, please. thanks


Pressure to purchase

Erica said that they saw people trying to get into our network and we needed to purchase their software so that they can protect our computers. When I mentioned all the bad reviews in the last 2 months she said that they don't matter and that we need to purchase the software. I hung up.


Complete scam.

Use a downloadable template apnicabs icon on your desktop. That will tell them who they are dealing with.


You all are a scam for more money - I would rather eat the loss than have you able to access my computer

I rcvd multiple calls regarding the security on my computer. I was bullied and threatened of what would happen if I did not pay outrageous additional fees for protection.


More intrusion with them than without

Pressured sale then put the service on my PC and demanded payment. I didn't want the salesperson to be debited, so, I paid. But since having the service, my ID has been stolen and multiple credit accounts opened in my name or my husband. Then they call back and say there are alerts stating my network is compromised. Of course, it'll cost more money to clean it up. I declined and now looking for a better VPN security service to protect us.


Calling me to let me know my identity is comprised and I was told that the money I paid would prevent that problem. Now they are telling me it is my server and they want $300 to fix it.

I am going to find a company more reliable and honest. I do not know if I am being lied to or not. The tech is showing me all kinds of things on the screen, but for a all I know he could be typing that in, to scare me into paying more money. I will be calling Life Lock and asking about Norton.


Legitimate firm!

We were solicited by Single Point Solutions which used some dodgy language asserting a connection with Apple (denied by Apple) and claimed its staff would clean our machine and help with any problem. Single Point Solutions and One Click Geeks seem to be co-locate. Single Point Solutions representative Sarah James rudely demanded we drop our credit card complaint. They have not returned our $249.99.


They are always calling and asking for more money.

I'm beginning to think they are the ones messing up my computer just so they can get more money from me.


No contact; nothing has changed as far as my computer performance; service was to stop others from getting into my passwords; accounts; email.

I did send return email to you stating OCG's were going to refund all costs.). To date, I have not found this refund in any of my banking or cc statements, I am going to send all of my information, along with the email from this company, to the business fraudulent activities for the State of Michigan in Lansing. As it stands, OCG's has removed all traces i.e. phone numbers/ contacts that they had installed on my computer. This is far from over. I demand my funds be returned without further contacts. any incident


Scam awareness

Anyone needing help regarding this Scam Company Please check out Trilogy Media on YouTube. They have started an investigation into this Scam Company. ONE CLICK GEEKS has been in conjunction with other companies that are using Tech support & Amazon Alexa support Scam. One click geeks & Bostoy are involved in fraud. I urge Anyone who has information to reach out to Trilogy Media and see if they can help or take your information to add to their investigation. They are journalists who look into Scams and Fraud. I Hope this helps someone! Cheers!


Arlo support scam

Similar thing happened to me. I had problems with setting up Arlo Doorbell. I was on the online chat then they said online that someone would call me. I got call from what I thought was Arlo support but ended talking to a person from One Click Geeks. I let them have access to my Windows computer which is not my primary computer thank goodness. They said I had Spyeye installed on computer. I let them talk me into purchasing a 1 year service which included 1yr of Webroot software. Long story short after this occurred I shutdown my windows computer I am going to perform a Clean Install. I will contact One Click Geeks and cancel my subscription. I'm also going to contact Arlo about there customer support diverting people to outside web support. Sounds like someone is getting a kickback or forwarding people.

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