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One Source Talent has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 360 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 1th position out of 72 companies.


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Trying to c if in could model some clothes for a job

Johnson, I spoke to you on Friday. The citation you spoke of is # 210**** issued 03/31/2007 by University Park Police Badge # 461 for Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle. In 2007 University Park had their local court in Monee. Any disposition or information needed regarding this case needs to be obtained through University Park Police 708-534-**** or Will County Circuit Court 815-727-****. Thank you, Elise (Monee Records) From: Gregory Johnson <;;;;gjijjoh@***.com> Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2021 5:32 AM To: Monee Police Subject: This is just a little of what I been going thew since they took me from my dream from high school playing with the basketball trying to make it to the league. Now I'm in the community college can't seem to a diploma with me having a car cause of the way they don't want to handle things.


I got scam

One Source Talent took $1035 from me and promised to help me with jobs in modeling, so do acting and ended with nothing. however, once I realized they weren't doing nothing for me I stop the monthly payments and never got a call. therefore, if I would have count the monthly payments, it'd be more than just $1035. it's a scam. the way they presented everything, it seemed so serious and of course, it's all scam. I need help! How can I file a report so I can get my money back from this scammer. I feel for these people that believes in for some good outcomes but it's all trash. Please, anybody that knows where I could do a report so I could get a refund, let me know. thanks


Scam and scam

4 years ago I paid 900 dollars for setup fee plus 30 monthy foe my daughter to attend 3 times a month I paid that 30 dollars monthy for almost one year until I got tired of them scam They havent called her one time .everytime ai called they said theres nothing available.


Nine9 The UnAgency

I had a phone interview today with Dana Patterson. I scheduled it for 11am and she was late in by a few minutes in giving me a call. It all started okay she asked me a few basic questions. Dana asked for a few of my pictures which I submitted in advanced, not sure if they lost my initial pictures. She then put me on hold to review the 2 photos i sent. After my wait she gave me the good news that I am what they are looking for. It all seemed good at first and my expectations were to meet her in person or at least visit their establishment. She upfront asked me for my credit card information so that my information will be up for castings. I mentioned to her that I needed to sit down with my father to discuss the opportunity. She then threw things in my face along the lines of oh i thought you said you were ready to move forward today. OF COURSE anyone will be ready to pursue their dreams, but you cant expect for someone to give credit card information over the phone. I found it extremely unprofessional. Her reaction to my response was what really shocked me. She stated that she has other people to call and pretty much had no time for me if i wasn't ready to make a decision on the spot. I would NOT recommend Nine9 The UnAgency to any of my friends and family. In my opinion it sounds like a SCAM.



This place is a joke. It's almost like walking into a timehsare presentation. The minions butter you up and talk about *you* then they bring the main man in. I had so many number thrown at me it wasn't funny. I have been modeling for 20 some odd years and NONE of my photos were good enough for them. They wanted me to use their photographer, which was $500. Then they wanted me to pay another $500 for comp cards, and then yet another $500 for a "membership and service fee". When I told them I didn't have that kind of money they proceeded to lower the price $150 at a time. Huge waste of time and gas. If this place calls you hang up immediately!


One Source Talent - Review in Professional Services category from Bronx, New York

Hello,my name is Chardonnay just last week,I was granted,an appointment call back.i,need to know is this a scam,because I do not want to put out my hard earn money for,a modeling talent unagency,I know absolutely nothing about.i,have read so many scary reviews that,I just don't even want to waste my time going back.i,have been taking for,a ride Devore & just a little bit more aware & cautious this time around.Someone out there please,let me know,if this is a fraudulent scam,and NINE9 is out to beat people out of their money.


One Source Talent - Nine9 Review from Miami Beach, Florida

The nine9 Unagency is a scam. Even 'Taylor' from customer service who is replying to all these post is not real. Want to know how the really work and if they can be the trusted? Read the LA times news article on them and how nine9 , who changed their name from one source talent, really operates. As an experienced professional with over 15 year in entertainment, this is True fraud to models and actors. Expensive $500 fee. They claim to be a school and then a casting company. NOT!


One Source Talent - Talent Agency Service Review from Addison, Texas

DO NOT FALL FOR THESE IGNORANT PEOPLE! I have done my research, called other companies and talked to corporate. They all lie to you and try to say that these reviews are by people who are mad and didnt follow the right procedures and what not, but they are DEFINITELY a scam. The lady told me that they were the people who put Leah Jeffries (Jamals daughter) in Empire... That was a lie. The agency who put her on was Production Plus. They try and justify as to why they ask for money upfront by calling themselves "the unagency", but that's not professional. That's not how the industy works. I have modeled for Kim Dawson and Campbell, this is not how it works. I wouldnt risk it if i were you. And the few positive reviews on here are probably made up from the people who work here. They have to keep it going somehow. Obviously they are money hungry people who will do whatever it takes to keep their *** business up and running. Educate yourself on business and how to do it. This isnt a business, no where near it.


Demand a Refund - Nine9 Cannot be trusted

IF you are thinking of joining one source aka Nine 9 unagency for modeling or acting, DO NOT DO IT!. They charge you $495 plus a monthly fee of $40. They promise the world but do basically nothing a model or actor can't do on their own. THEN they have you pay for a photoshoot a couple weeks after which is another $500. They get sued all the time, just read about it in the newspaper! Demand your money back if you paid! If they are not a scam, why do they demand you pay not and then not give a refund. Horrible and I don't know how they can do this to people!


Just received a call from them

I just received a call from them about my son's application. I have never heard of them and never sent an application. My son does have 3 other agencies that "represent" him. He's only 3 years old, so none of the agencies make us sign any agreements with them. We also have never paid any fees. They have all created comp cards for free. They keep his pictures/comp card online and their clients have access to choose the models they want. They set up auditions for free. One of them has a fantastic photographer that they use, but you're not required to use him. You can submit your own pictures or use your own photographer. My son has had 3 different paid jobs through these legitimate agencies in the last 3 months. They keep their fees from what my son is paid and then send us a check. Do not waste your money with any company that asks for money up front!! And then monthly fees too?? It was the Detroit/Troy location that left a message for me.


Review in Professional Services category from North Bergen, New Jersey

You sound like you are working for Nine9. People who have been working in this industry all know you don't pay an agency anything up front. And you heartless people always take advantage of people who are new to this industry and fool them with your so called professioness and you are trying to help beginners, of course you only target on beginners and young kids since they are so innocent and full of passion for their dreams. What goes around, comes around. You will pay for what you did to people. And here are some advices for beginners, real agencies don't charge you anything until they help you get a job and they take percentage form the money you make. You do need professional photos for your career and you usually need to update your photos if your looking changes. And you can choose whichever photographer to take your photos instead of the photographer those phony agencies asign to you( they get commission every time they send clients to photographers). For job advice, a lot of beginners do background jobs to support their life and also you will be surrounded by actors from who you can hear a lot of advices. In the end, I would say, always try to improve your skills, you need to be good at what you do, always be prepared and keep trying for your dream.


Review in Professional Services category from New York, New York

I am preparing to sue Nine9. Anybody with me? 3 days ago I paid nine9 the Unagency $495 a setup fee and $40 for a monthly service fee. Right after the day when I was on a shooting set, I talked to other actors about this, they immediately told me this is scam. They have been actors for many years and they obviously know this business much better than I do. I just started doing acting and that's why I got scammed so easily. I felt so mad after I found out Nine9 is really just a fake agency who targets mostly on kids and of course anyone else they think they can make money of. They only want money and don't care at all if we are trying really hard to peruse our dreams. They were already sued before. I also blame myself that I didn't get to know them better before I went into their office. They are hurting people and I think for whoever got hurt by them should gather together and protect ourselves. If you want to get in touch with me, here is my contact 347 827 **** zhonglan86@***.com


Run far away from Nine9 Unagency

Changed name was One source, still charges people $500 upfront to start. If so good, why change name? Why pressure people into paying now? Why charge people every month for something? Then tell us no refund? Are you serious kidding me Do you research on the people who are doing this. Look at their reviews on Yelp before you go a call. save a trip to be sold a dream fantasy. One source talent AKA nine 9 and they are still the same people. Look them up and see what they really do to actors. It is not right and they will be exposed for this in the long run.


SCAM! I had the WORST experience!!!

Nine9 was once One Source Talent. Same company..... Same employees.... Same SCAM. :-( I went to one of their cattle calls a couple years ago. Showed up, watched some movie with a ton of other people, a guy named steven came in and gave a speech to everyone, and then everyone had some bs interview... atleast when i went a couple years ago the guy who was the boss new what he was tlking about and we all took him seriosly and legit.... I went again a few weeks ago and the woman who was apparently the new boss in charge was a joke. Had no idea how the industry worked in LA or anythingg. But i knew i had 10 biz days to refund if i paid the $150 over the phone the next day so i paid and came back for another appointment within my 10 day refund. This appointment she tried selling me on photoshoots that cost $900... HA! YEAH RIGHT! I told the girl that i couldn't afford a photoshoot and she told me to make phonecalls while she stepped out the office.. Pushy much? Little did she know that I could hear loud-and-clear the whole conversation she was having with another employee in the office next door... I guess it was a new employee because she was explaining pay and commission...... THEY GET 10% ON EVERYTHING THEY SELL YOU1!!!!! she was saying how she gets $90 commission if i were to pay up for the $895 photoshoot she was trying to sell me on. And she said "if worse comes to worse, I'll sell him the least expensive photoshoot $295 and get $30 commission for it. but I think he can afford the $900, he's a nurse and his dad is a professor at UCLA, so i know he can get the money'' Please stay away from these people!! their just taking advantage of peoples' dreams. so sad!


One Source Talent (Now Nine 9 Unagency) is a Scam

Thank You for all the bad reviews. I put my name and number from an ad on facebook. On Black Friday I got the call for interview and say they want to meet me. The phone call actually woke me up. Once I got my head straight I got very suspicious and decided to look them up. I saw so many bad reviews and how they scam people including parents of children. My interview was today and I never showed up. I didn't bother to cancel and waste my time with them. I am have doing background acting for 3 years and gone on multiply auditions I never ever had to pay a casting director or an agency any money, They pay you. There is Actors Access, Backstage, and Casting Network you sign up to and get legitimate jobs from. I could get head shots for $100 only instead of paying $500 for phoney photos. Stay Away from them including children too. I guess this one adds another bad review on them.


One Source talent is now nine9 modeling and acting

one source talent is now nine9 modeling and acting! still charge people, same company. 99 models charges money. i would not trust and run, same old company. nine9 models is just a new name for old company. they want you credit card now, everything weird. if one source was so good why change name to nine9 to confuse people. do homework on these people. they tell you what you want to hear, tell you to come into office, and call for phone appointment. when you apply to one source talent nine 9 than call you. seems odd. wanted daughter to come in, never again.

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